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Shavedtail's Conversion

Posted by shavedtail, 29 January 2011 · 746 views

For many years I had been a bath house regular seeking hot, raw bareback sex with select anonymous studs for hot, uninhibited sucking and fucking, top or bottom. Then I began favoring being on the bottom. I wanted to bottom more and started going to the bath house more as I was craving to get my hot shaved hole fucked and filled with hot, raw, and anonymous cum more often.

I knew now that I was a born to be fucked bottom and loved to watch horny tops pleasure their hard bare cocks in my hole as their hot nude bodies stiffen and shake and hearing them moan and yell that they were Cumming while feeling their hot, raw cum spew into my cum hungry hole was the ultimate pleasure. Sometimes I wouldn't cum while they fucked me, but just knowing that I had just sexually satisfied an anonymous horny stud's bare cock was a great pleasure for me.

I craved interracial sex with black top studs. They were and are always my first choice for a stud to get fucked by. Their erotic man scent and powerful fucking drives me wild and encourages me to give their bare, black cocks the best cock milking fuck that I could.

At the bath house the talk and questions about being neg or poz was increasing. I was getting HIV tested every month and so far was lucky enough to stay neg while continuing to fuck cocks bareback. But more and more guys at the bath house were telling me that were poz and I would pass on them until I found a neg top to fuck bareback. Many of these poz studs where very horny and great looking and how I really wanted to fuck their bare cock.

I took a break from going to the bath houses to think about bare backing and the consequences. The thought of going to safe sex were every guy that fucked me would wear a rubber on his cock repulsed me and knowing how much I loved getting fuck bareback turned me on. I knew I was addicted to bareback and it was thrilling. Sure there must have been some studs that lied about their status, but I was still neg. I did some reading on HIV and AIDS and found that most men that went to the bath houses now were poz and that the majority of black gay men in my area were poz. So I thought about my addiction to fucking cocks bareback, the excitement of fucking anonymous guys at bath houses and that I eventfully would be converted to poz by anyone. I wanted to try and have some selection as to who would breed my neg hole to poz. Finally I decided that I would only let black top studs breed me bareback to increase my chances of being seeded to poz. What a perfect way for me to be a bug chaser. I loved getting fucked bareback and I definitely preferred black top studs to fuck me. Just thinking about giving up my fertile neg hole for poz black top stud to poz seed made me hard as a rock. I would certainly let any black stud fuck me bareback without asking him his status or even bring up the subject. I just wanted a poz black stud to knock me up with his poz strains so much that I would even tell him that I was poz just so he would seed my neg hole.

Not having gone to a bath house in two weeks I was extremely horny and very excited to begin being a bug chaser. That day I began with a great douche and shower while doing a complete body shave of my all over tanned body, making sure to get my ass crack totally hairless. My hole had been tight from not being fucked and I knew that the black stud to fuck me tonight was going to get a hot, tight neg hole to breed and seed.

When I got to the bath house I rented a room. Inside I quickly got undressed and went to the shower to check out the studs walking by and so they could check me out nude, too. I had just got in the shower when I saw this tall, athletic black stud behind me watching me with his hand under his long towel stroking his cock. I was washing with the soap bar when I casually drop it. Bending over to pick up the soap bar I heard him moan. I rinsed off and turned the water off as I stepped out of the shower, my hard cock swaying as I grabbed my towel to wipe my face as he moved closer to me to slide his hand into my wet, smooth ass crack. Walking to the steam room around the corner I put my towel on a hook and went in. He followed me in as I sat down on the bench pulling knees up so my feet are on the bench. I felt his hand rubbing my leg. I reached down gently placing my Hand over the top of his hand and started guiding it between my legs; quickly his hand went over my swollen cock and balls. His fingers rubbed over my perineum/taint making me tremble and my hips sway from to side. Moving his big finger to my shaved ass crack I helped guide his hand down and when his finger found my shaved, pink puckered hole I rocked my hips up offering it to his finger. He pressed his finger into me and I moan saying "Yes." in a low tone for him to hear. I reached over and under his towel wrapping my hand around his swelling black cock. Stroking it he lifted his towel for me to see and offer it to me. I leaned over to wrap my lips around his cock while getting up on my hands and knees. I had to open wide for this studs uncut, very thick and very long black cock. Immediately began deep throating him while using one hand to stroke his extra long shaft. I was taking him deep in my mouth and down my throat making him harder as I wanted to fuck his bare, black cock. Feeling his hand on my smooth bubble butt he slid his big finger into my hot fuckhole I started rocking my hips fucking his finger. Then he leaned over to say "I have AIDS and want to breed you!” and smiled, "You want to breed me?". I was startled by the fact that the first black stud I met as a bug chaser wants to seed my neg hole. “Yes, I like to breed white boys!" I said, "Here?" "No, room 66!" "Ok, I'll be right there!" We left the steam room and I went to my room to get some lube wiping myself dry as I walked.

When I got to his room the door was left slightly open. I knocked and pushed the door open to the dim lit room saying "Hi!" as I entered. "Come in." he said, and closed the door behind me. Tossing my towel and room key on the bed I turned and looked at him while moving closer. He stood up taking off his towel and did he look great. About 6'-2", 200#, and well defined muscular and smooth with a long and very thick, uncut black stud cock with huge balls between his thick thighs. It was quite a timber of black mahogany. I took a big hit from my bottle of poppers as he took a long drink of his wine. Instantly waves lust filled my body wanting his big black cock and to be bred by it, almost like a trans I dropped to my knees taking his big black cock into my mouth. He was so thick and long even with his cockhead going down my throat I still had room to stroke his shaft with my hand. I was giving him great cocksucking and he was getting harder and more turned on grabbing my head while he fucked my mouth and trying not to gag as he did. His precum was really flowing and tasted very sweet. Yummy! He lay back on the bed as I continued to suck him. Then I moved up on top, straddling him as I rubbed his cock into my warm ass crack. I licked and sucked his nipples then moved my wet tongue to his belly button and onto licking and sucking his uncut cockhead while massaging his huge low hanging nuts. Deep throating him like a true champ again, he then tells me to lie on my back. Eagerly, I did and spreading legs wide and back giving him a great view my hot shaved hole as I was hot and anxious to get his seed planted in me. He lubed his bare cock and drizzled some onto my slick puckered hole. Putting my legs on his shoulder he guided that big black missile to my pink hole. Working his bare cockhead into me, it was very thick and stretched me but felt great. Short stroking his cock into me for some great foreskin pleasure while teasing me. I want more black cock, "Fuck me!" I yelled. "You want more of this black cock?" he says. "Yes"! I said. I'm squeezing my nipples hard and it makes me hotter and opens me up for an unrelenting ass pounding to come. Then with three thrusts the whole length of his bare cock glides into my hot, moist hole. I shuddered with pleasure and it feels great having my hole filled with bare black cock! He's fucking me with slow thrusts, but the pace soon quickens. Pulling all but his cockhead out of my hole before slamming every beautiful inch of that extra thick, bare, black shaft into me. Each time sending a pleasure rush through my fuck tunnel while inhaling strong hits of poppers. I push my hole back onto his cock with every thrust into me, while my hands grasp at his firm butt and solid legs as his legs slap against my butt. Taking more hits of poppers pushes me into a zone. Nothing matters now, we're fucking and breeding like two sex starved animals! I want his hot, raw, cum in me now, to knock up my fertile neg hole with his toxic poz seed. I'm really hot now and he's beginning to breathe hard as he fucks me like a mad man! "Cum in me!" "Breed me with your black cock!" I tell him. He kept fucking me while I reached around and massaged his huge sack of poz cum filled balls. I could feel his cock swelling inside me and his breathing was very rapid. Then he said, "Want me to breed your white boy hole?" Before I could answer, he said, "I'm poz!" "Are you?" "No, I'm neg!" I said. "You won't be for long. I saw your blood on my cock. My poz seeds will knock you up!" he said. "Knock me up! I want to be seeded to poz by a black stud!" Yeah, yeah, he yelled while driving that big bare, black cock deep in my bloody, fertile hole. "I'm pozzing you!" he yelled and felt his hot raw poz seeds spew and felt the seed burn into the open cracks of my insides and directly into my blood!

He let my legs down from his shoulders and layer on top of me while his poz cum covered cock still inside me while caught his breath. As he started to get up, I said, "Let me suck your cock?” After he pulled out of me I grabbed my butt plug and plugged my freshly bred hole so the poz seed would not run out. Then I when down on his poz cum covered cock as he laid back. Mmm, it tasted so sweet, like bananas and I could taste my hole as well.

Very hot that how I want to get pozzed
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