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Muscle Daddy Barebacks and Fists my smooth muscle butt

Posted by aBBPigInSF, 17 January 2011 · 231 views

Ok, I started shaving my body. I wanted to see the definition and see how my butt looked hairless. I wanted to attract some different men. Well, the bait worked. I posted new pics and a muscle daddy hit me up because he wanted to fuck my boy hole. He was on manhunt so I wasn't sure if he was into bareback. He said he was and also asked if I was into fingers. He also asked if I had been fisted (duh!).

I was looking forward to his visit. He came on time and I had the door open and was on the bed on all fours assuming the position. Daddy came in and I could tell he was very please. He came in and felt my muscular body all over. He loved feeling my smooth muscle butt. I got up to suck his cock and he saw my little dick. He liked that a LOT. He loves little dick bottoms and my dick is little. I sucked his Daddy cock before he told me to get on all fours. He started fingering my boy hole. He loved how tight it was. Soon, I could feel his Daddy cock press against my lips and like that he was in.

He is negative and picked me out because I was poz. He assumed (correctly) that because I was poz I would take his cock bareback. He fucked me for awhile and loosened me up. Soon, he wanted to feel his cock down my throat. I did what Daddy said because he promised me his fist. I deep throated his cock so I could get his fist. After I was done sucking Daddy's cock, he put me on all fours so I could show my hole off. He fingered me and fucked me while I got a FF porn ready.

Soon, he asked if I was ready and he started working his hand in. Within 2 minutes I had Daddy's hand in my boy hole. Daddy was impressed how quickly I could take his fist. Pretty soon he was fisting away. Then he took his hand out and started fucking me. My hole was gaping at that point. I just assumed the position on all fours and gave him my gaping hole. Daddy must have liked it because he quickly came in my hole. After he came he said I was amazing and then put on his clothes and left.