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My little dick

Posted by aBBPigInSF, 19 March 2011 · 326 views

I just posted new pics of my tiny dick. I used to be embarrassed that I had a small dick in high school. Taking a shower was painful as I watched all my friends with huge cocks or even average cocks. But mine was small, I wore a towel until the last minute.

This all changed recently when I went to Magnitude. A friend who had been fucking me all day with his huge fat cock went to the dance party with me. I wore nothing but a jock, boots and an armband. I was ready to have fun. He then ordered me to take off my jock. I took it off and he threw it far away. I was stuck right there on the dance floor with my tiny dick exposed.

I soon found that it didn't matter. in fact, some tops LOVE bottoms with tiny dicks. In their eyes it makes me even more of a bottom. My friend and I walked around and I saw a skinhead in nothing but chaps. He was smooth and muscled. His huge cock was dangling down. We locked eyes and kissed. I grabbed his cock. He didn't even touch my cock. He went right for my pussy. He fingered it for a little while as i stroked his cock. He then grabbed me by the hand and took me to the play space. I sucked his dick as he ate out my pussy. I got his dick hard and then sat down on it. I bounced up and down on his huge cock. I could hear guys in the background saying, "he is getting barebacked". I loved it. He fucked me before he came and then left. I got on all fours and assumed the position. Guy after guy came up and fucked my pussy.

I met up with my friend later and we walked around for awhile. Soon, a black guy who was walking around naked came up to us. In my mind he had a right to be naked. His big black uncut cock was 13" and fat. I was walking around with a tiny dick. It didn't make sense but at the same time felt hot. He took me over to a bed and plowed my ass. After he fucked me, there were literally five black guys that wanted a piece of white ass. I gave it up to them. After I had been royally fucked I walked around. It was liberating really. Guys like me are supposed to be ashamed of our little cocks. But here I was walking around - noticing that I was the only guy with a little dick showing off. The rest of them had huge cocks and were cocky about it.

I had a paradigm shift and said fuck it. I am going to own this. So, I started walking around, cruising guys who i thought were hot. Not once did they question if I was a top or bottom. They just bent me over and fucked me bareback.

Today, I have no problem showing off my tiny dick. I walk into the shower at the locker room. All the big dick tops are showering out in the open. I shower with them - but I am the only bottom. I have all the tops to myself. If I see a hot guy with a nice cock, I simply bend over and wash my ass. I show off my worn out pussy. If i go to a sex party, I walk around with nothing but boots, showing off my muscle ass and my little dick. I don't have to deal with bottoms at all. And I get plenty of tops. They don't ask, they just know. Instead of getting a tattoo saying "bottom" I just take off my underwear and the whole club can see that I am only a bottom. Nobody wants to get fucked by my little dick, so I even have bottoms coming up to fuck me.

Big dicked bottoms are a waste. Guys, if you have a tiny dick, show it off. Let everyone know your ass is open for business. I'm not interested in anyone that would have an interest in my dick. It is a great filter. I've met a lot of guys who want to fuck me BECAUSE I have a little dick. In their eyes, my tiny useless dick makes me even more of a bottom and turns them on. So, there you have it.