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SF Cockpit Party

Posted by aBBPigInSF, 09 August 2010 · 585 views

I knew it was going to be fun. I had dieted and prepared my hole for some heavy duty action. I was going to the Cockpit (all bareback) party the Thursday before Dore Alley Fair. I knew a lot of hot men would be in town but didn't quite expect the workout and abuse my muscle hole got.

I got there shortly after opening and stripped down to my boots and nothing else. I have a small dick. So, to keep the bottoms away I like to walk around showing it off.

The great thing about this party is that nobody asks to wear a condom. It is a bareback sex party and guys know they can shove it in without a rubber.

I started walking around and came back to the entrance when I spotted a muscle daddy in a leather harness and boots with a HUGE cock. I really wanted it but he was busy with checking in.

I saw a fuck buddy of mine who put me in a sling and fucked the hell out of me with his big cock. He really nailed my hole.

I then walked around and saw the muscle daddy who grabbed my neck and pushed me down and shoved his cock in my hole. He nailed my ass right there in front of everyone. I loved taking his cock. He instructed me to go out and get more loads if I wanted more daddy cock so I did. He was into me because I was a muscle bottom with a small dick. Go figure.

A guy took me upstairs and rode my ass and soon other guys were coming up to see what was going on. When he was finished with me he motioned over to the other guys and they took turns fucking me and shot their loads inside me.

Later, the muscle daddy found me and we started making out and he put me in a sling and pumped my hole. He then pimped me out to his partner who nailed me with his huge cock too. Then the muscle daddy came back and fucked me and gave me his load. I got royally fucked to the point where guys were talking about me putting on a show. I stayed soft the entire time. The muscle daddy thought it was so hot. He loved my little dick.

We took a break and I started walking around looking for more cock. The promoter of the party saw me and told me he wanted a piece of my ass. He had a huge uncut cock and I was more than happy to give it up. He fucked the hell out of me and I laid there with my legs open letting him nail my ass with his huge rod. Finally, he shot inside me and I could feel his warm fluid inside my hole.

I went to the back and found the muscle daddy playing with someone. He quickly turned his attention to my hole and put me in a sling. Then he nailed my torn up abused hole and long dicked me. It felt so good.

Then he decided to pimp me out and pimped me out to several guys who shot their load inside my fuck hole. I didn't have a say in who he pimped me out but he did pimp me out to guys with huge cocks. Who could say no to that?

Soon, the party was ending and everyone said their good byes. I had collected 15 loads in my ass that night and was one happy muscle bottom.