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My sex life as been a sort of one of being shy, timid and I'm an individual who is obedient and do what I'm told. My very first relationship was at fourteen and I was broken into sexual submission in which my best friend also became my dominant top and he gradually and actually quite rapidly turned me into a real bitch, his bitch if I may say say!

getting to suck cock for first time or even getting anal sex for the first time was not fun, it was painful, distasteful in fact I hated the cock in my mouth or in my ass, and I would resist so much so that I would struggle fighting him, but that is how he broke me into total submission to him. He was a school team wrestler and he wrestled me one day in front of his younger brother and sister who watched us wrestled and I would hear them cheer him on, as he eventually ripped my pants and had me butt naked. There was no doubt on my mind from that point on, he was stronger and could take me anytime he wanted! So he took me to the bathroom were I got undressed and he took my pants to his sister to repair them. He came back and told me how great a piece of ass I had and it was so very beautiful. He comforted me made me feel more relaxed and even felt a bit of affection from him. then I went home our next meetings he began to show me porn of men having sex with boys and telling me how everyone in the world does it. How we should do the same and it would be great because it was normal for all as its something every one does and the magazines showed men fucking boys on their hands and knees. So I said okay, then he had me get naked and he would too and sit on top of me and force his cock inside my mouth. I certainly gaged every time. then he would have me lay on my stomach and he would sit on top of my legs close to my ass and play with my ass feeling it, shoving his finger inside of me and eventually it was his cock inside my ass. He was stronger so I often resisted by I got this adrenaline rush from struggling but I could not over power him. I admit I began to get enjoy  this adrenaline rush feeling so much that it began to replace the dislike of the pain of getting fucked and it became pleasure.  What can I say it was then pleasure fucking for the next three years till I turned sixteen. When ever he said I want a piece of ass I would get naked get on my knees suck his cock and then get on my stomach and give him my ass to fuck. He would be forceful dominant if I refused to allow him to fuck he would force me any way. He would often make clear that I was his bitch and I was good for nothing else but to get on my knees spread my legs and give men great pleasure. Even one time after fucking his girl friend he came to fuck me and told me I had a better piece of ass then a girls and I give him lots of pleasure and that was what I was good for! For three years I became his sex bitch, and I even developed feelings for him as my man, my sex partner and I even desired him to fuck me. But at sixteen we went our separate ways.  

From  that point on I began to have sex with different men periodically not often maybe once a year or twice when ever I had a great desire to get fucked. Mostly married men, older and bigger men. It began to make me feel sensual and desired. I have often did those sex tests and they only seem to indicate that I'm more famine.  I suppose you can say I'm  a girl in a mans body. But I can also say it was something that did not come naturally but imposed on me by a male friend who forcefully raped me, forced sex on me, and I grew to like it and now loved it ever since. ( I just want to clear this statement that often his heard I was born in the wrong body! I don't agree in that in my case it was created this desire and feelings by those whom were my best friends.) When one hears the stories of most bottom males one sees that most of them all had someone who encouraged or took advantage or manipulated them to be fucked and or suck cock.  But this is neither here or there. The fact is that I'm a bottom bitch as men see me, and I do love to feel a cock inside my ass fucking me and a cock grow inside my mouth as I give him a blow job.

As time progresses I have become more desiring femininity both in feelings and physical appearances as now I like to see my body all shaved smooth so I look as famine as possible for men. Lets face it most men I get fucked by are married men, they want what their wives will not give them! a piece of ass to fuck a blowjob as I have heard women say they would never give their men a blowjob. So married men seek gay bitches like me to fuck their cocks sucked and get them to bend over or get on their knees and give them the pleasure they want without any questions asked. Lets face women can be demanding special things, don't just do it without question and certainly many would not allow them to get anal sex to fuck that tight hole. Something bitches like me are more then happy to do for these alpha males!

I have expanded my horizons, having sex with gay couple, what an experience to have a man fucking me while the other as his cock in my mouth. It feels great as I have had men tell me they are on to me and not only want to fuck me but actually kiss me and have tried to French kiss me. I have to admit its something I have not been to receptive but I have become more open to it. specially to affection feelings from men.

I have done webcam nude show, and men have loved it. I have grown to love the feeling of being hamulated verbally and physically. Have gone to bathhouses but sadly never had sex there! Only once a group of bottoms like me chased me to fuck them because I have a six inch cock. So I did but did not really get hard first because it was dark and could not see the ass I was fucking and I really wanted was to get fucked.

I have been called a faggot, whore, bitch, slut, pussy, cunt, and various other names. I have grown to accept and even like it. If I stop to think about it. Its what I am!

I'm a bitch because I am subservient to men and want their cock in me and want to be fucked by them so yes, I'm offering my body and asshole for them to fuck me and my mouth to make their cocks hard and stiff to penetrated my tight faggot hole.

I'm a whore because I have had men pay me to fuck me and I left both with a smile and happy for the cash.

I'm negative and like to be this way and as long as I can remain this way I will allow any one to fuck me who is equally clean and safe. So yes I'm picky but at the same time respectful.

I also have great desires to go beyond, to break from my timid and shy behavior, to next time I go to a bathhouse to not wrap a towel around me! I want to try walk nude and allow men to see me as I am totally nude exposed, allow them to look and check out my ass and specially that hole they want to penetrate.

One thing I dislike is fucking in the dark something men seem to like so much! I wonder why? are they shy? timid of what I think? 

I love to get fucked in bright lights or day light so we can see well what is happening. I want a man to look at my naked body! I want him to be verbal about that fuck, don't be shy and be verbally abusive, rude  of the bitch you are fucking namely me! Yes I love dirty talking and hearing you humiliate me as you fuck me.

I love to hear men talk about my piece of ass! I'm sure I want your cock as much as you want my ass! No matter the size of a cock I never refuse it.

I dream of being fucked in a bathhouse in front all men, as my top grabs my ass spread my buns wide open allowing all to see me, see my hole and see them jerking themselves off watching me, my most intimate hole. See them watching as my man fucks me in front of them all, I am moaning like the whore I am.

I would love to do a gay porn and be fucked on camera, or be filmed or photographed, I would love to be a stripper on stage, I know I will be so feeling humiliated shameful and shy and timid but so exciting to see men with their cocks hard looking at me nude.

I have had some males tell me if I have no shame? well lets see, I have a hole between my legs and even girls have the same hole too. Men love to look at that hole be it male or female. if I'm nude and I see a man is looking at me I will do something like spread my legs or even bend over so they can look and see that hole.

I want to get fucked and feel your cum running down out of my hole (cunt, pussy) what ever is your choice of words and see and feel it running down my legs after a fuck.

Hope you are not shy to tell me you like my ass? I want your cock!

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Why am I gay?

In today's world we have people who are bisexual, gay,Lesbian, or or just straight. To look at why I am gay? In some case we here things like I was born this way, or I was made this way! But let me talk about my case, was I born this way? I would say no and certainly  I did not feel gay or even think about it. In my youth I had my best friend and I suppose i could say he made me what I am today. we did everything together we shared everything together. walked together to school and played togeth
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