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Things are in motion

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Hello everyone - Hope you are well.

I am counting the days.  Yep - I bought my plane tickets.  Was not able to make any stops at the beginning or end of my travels unfortunately.  I will be in Iowa and Idaho though and will be looking to play and take cock. Early to mid March.

I am going to do my first slam in 2 1/2 years.  At least that is what I am thinking.  I will be doing less at least initially since it's been so long.  In the past I would back fill to the .20 - .25 line.  When I prepare my points this time I will back fill to .10 - .15.  It's easier to do additional slams then it is to do to much and find myself in trouble.

I know from experience what to expect, yet it seems like it is going to be brand new.  

I am meeting up with a friend for food when I first get there.  We used to pnp all the time before I moved.  I am not planning that he and I will.  I do have a hope that he might.  

Beyond that I am hoping I don't blow my diet to much.  I still have about 10-12 kilos I really need to lose.  I have become very methodical of writing everything down in an app that allows me to track my food.  Doesn't do anything else.  I just find it helpful to know what and how much I am eating.  I have found that my portions are down and I am less likely to take seconds.  I haven't cut out chocolate or ice cream etc... but I am taking a lot less.  I have this chocolate halva that is really good.  I only have one bite now and I am good.  In the past I would take 3 or 4 bites and sometimes more.  I see the results in my wight and it is having a good effect.  

That is just one part of my multi faceted life.

49 days and counting till I leave.  If you can come to Iowa or to SW Idaho during my trip let me know so we can arrange a meet up.  I would defiantly enjoy some pnp pervy fun.

Till next blog - 😀

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