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Stealing Home Part One





“And up to the plate is freshman phenom Alex “Maverick” Barnes. The 6'3” graduate from St. Mary's out of Iowa has a lot of people talking about his chances to go pro in a couple of years and you can see the worry in the pitcher's face as he takes his stance.”


I look across to the plate and smile, this idiot actually stares for a moment before he goes back to paying attention to his catcher. I know this guy's stats and he knows mine, which is why he looks like he's gonna piss himself in a few.


My name is Maverick and you might not know who I am, but trust me when I say I'm the guy you want to be.


Yeah scoff all you want but trust me, everyone wants to be me.


My dad is four time Olympic gold medal winner Howard Barnes. In the 2000 Olympics he went to Sidney and ran the board for gymnastics in a way no one has done since. He ended up on cereal boxes, energy drinks and eventually Calvin Klein ads. He ended up being voted People's sexist athlete four years running and now owns a national chain of gyms that are insanely popular because they have huge posters of him shirtless on the ads.


My mother is Kathy Sloane, super model, Maxim babe and most guys in the 2000's wet dream. She married my dad after two months of dating because honestly, she had never met a better looking guy in her life. They settled down in Iowa, bought a huge house and had lots of sex.


This is where I come in,


Hold up, let me knock this ball out of the park and send this pitcher home crying.


“And here's the pitch...Maverick swings....AND IT'S OUT OF HERE! IT'S A HOME RUN, IT'S A HOME RUN! A&M TAKES THE GAME, THE CROWD IS WILD!!”


Right, anyways.


So they had a lot of sex and my mom got pregnant with me.


Now I don't want to say I won the genetics lottery, but I will say that if I was a poker hand, I'd be a royal flush ace high baby. Both me and my little brother are fucking perfect little jocks. Blond hair, blue eyes, white teeth, good muscle tone, lean muscle, I mean everything you would ask for in an All American boy.


I went into baseball in a young age. My dad had me out on the field when I was nine, running, catching, throwing, anything that had to do with a ball I was on it. By the time I hit junior high I was on the fast track to professional ball. High school I floated by, my buddy Ace, not his real name, said I could have shot a guy in the quad and gotten away with it if the cops were sports fan.


I had five colleges fighting for me by the time I was 17, A&M had the hottest chicks when I visited the campus so an Aggie I am. Ok, am jogging into home base where the rest of the team are waiting to throw me up on their shoulders and carry me to the dugout. I have to act all awww shucks and thank god for the win, I'll get back to you soon.



Right, so where was I?


Oh yeah, I'm a stud.


So anyways, me and my brother were raised as uber jocks. Sports were a joke to us, we were easy on the eyes and everyone likes a winner. Growing up me and Troy, that's my brother, were tight. We were both addicted to our sports. I had baseball and he had swimming. My dad made sure I had everything I needed to win while my mom was Troy's biggest fan, making sure he got to every practice and every tournament.


We were both popular, had a ton of friends and generally were living the high life.


Then he turned out to be a fag and things changed.


Oh don't give me that look, what? Let me guess? You're one too? Figures, they're attracted to me like flies on sugar. Anyways, so turned out he became a fag so I dropped him like the plague. Now I am a college superstar and he...well I honestly don't care what he is.


So now I am done for the year, summer I coming and I am headed home for months of sleep, drink and sex and I can't wait. I spent my whole freshman year bailing this loser team out so I'm ready for a little me time. Lock up your daughters Iowa, Maverick is on his way home.




My brother is a complete fucking asshole.


I mean if you spent five minutes talking to him you'd understand...or not. You see, even though he is a complete fucking douchebag, he can play off being a complete angel in a way that everyone believes. Ask anyone and they will tell you he is humble and innocent, but trust me, he is anything but.


And now he is heading home for the summer and I just know it's going to be a complete shit show. He is going to sit around the house, eating all the food, sleeping all fucking day and giving me shit for being gay. Which coming from him, is a joke.


See here is the thing the famous Maverick won't tell you, I learned how to suck dick from him.


Growing up we had been pretty tight. We both were super busy with sports so even though we were popular, we didn't have a ton of time for friends much less dating. That, coupled with the fact we were both raised valuing athleticism and looks over everything else, it wasn't a shock that we found ourselves sexually attracted to each other.


Yeah, yeah, I know, brothers, yuck. But it was a thing, the older we became the better our bodies got and the better our bodies got the better looking we became to each other. He made the first move of course, he was the older brother which meant he was always in charge. We were in Dallas for one of my matches and sharing a hotel room the first time we fooled around. He climbed into my bed and started to feel me up, things got hot and the next thing you know we were sucking each other off.


Things escalated from there and all through junior high my big brother was my secret boyfriend.


When high school started he made a group of friends, got a real girlfriend and suddenly I was the fag brother. He stopped talking to me, we stopped hanging out and we never touched each other again. He started acting like a homophobic douchebag and I was outed to everyone who was within earshot, which has meant my high school experience has been a hoot.


Allow me to introduce myself, I am Troy Barnes, the gay son.


I don't mind people knowing I'm gay, I just wish I had been given the choice. Not that anyone would have guessed, like my brother, I am pretty much the prototypical jock as well. At 6'1” my blond hair was darker and my eyes were greener, but we both had the same, lean, muscled body that came from perfect genetics and a lot of fucking work. It didn't hurt that both our parents were basically super models, so basically if he hadn't have told everyone, I doubt anyone would have guessed.


But in the end it was a good thing because once everyone knew I was gay, I got met a great guy and we've been dating ever since. The problem was, Mason never met my brother, so he didn't know what was about to happen.


“Maybe you're just overreacting,” he said to me over lunch.


I gave him an eyebrow and he bust out laughing, “Come on, don't give me the eyebrow of doom. I'm just saying, maybe he's changed.”


“He hasn't,” I said finishing my drink, “He is going to make this summer hell and once he finds about you it will get worse.”


“He doesn't know about us?”


“God no! I don't talk to him unless I have to.”


“He cant be that bad,” he tried to reassure me.”


“Just wait,” I tell him, “Just wait.”




I rushed home after finals, driving all night so I could get home and start my life of leisure. I stopped off at a Circle K to fill up, grab some caffeine and to drain the lizard. It was past three am and the only person in the place was this cowboy looking dude behind the counter. He was 18 if he was a day old but he was cute in his own hick way. I asked him where the bathroom was and he took a second to look me up and down before he pointed to the back.


I gave him a quick wink and walked back to do my business. I stood at a stall and whipped my cock out, I wasn't shocked to see him walk in about a minute later. Out of ten urinals he walked up next to mine and undid his tight ass Wranglers. I let my dick hang there, letting him get a good look at my Hawkeye pride.


“Only time I can get away,” He explained, as he pulled his own dick out and began to piss.


“A lot of traffic this time of night?”


“Naw,” he said in that Oklahoma drawl, “Usually dead.”


“Nice, so...you just browsing or you planning on buying?”


He blinked twice, “Huh?”


I stepped back, “Come on hayseed, I gotta get back on the road and you wanna try for a stand up triple. So let's move it along.”


“I mean...I didn't...”


I sighed and put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him down, “Come on dude, just suck me off already.”


He seemed to resist for a moment before I slid my nine inches of jock dick past his lips.


I could feel him struggle for a few seconds but once I had him down my rod he went with it and I could feel him start to work my cock over. Always the same with fags, they fight it at first but once they get a taste, they can't help themselves.


I had both my hands in his short hair as he worshiped my dick, small moans coming from his throat as he tasted my precum on his tongue. I needed this, I fucked one of my chicks day before yesterday to blow off some tension before finals, but I hadn't had time to dump a load since. Nothing like a good, little fag to take my seed and recharge my batteries.


I heard his gagging and felt my cock pulse with excitement, I loved hearing that sound. My cock slamming the back of their throat, the sound if them struggling for air...my little brother used to make the same sound when I made him deep throat me, I mean when he'd fag out and beg to suck my cock at night.


I felt my balls start to tingle and knew I was close.


“Oh yeah punk...gonna blow down your throat.”


I heard him whimper something around my cock and he tried to pull back. I kept his head still as I thrust into him harder and harder. He was no longer able to keep up with my dick, now all he was is a place to dump my cum.


“Fuck yeah fagot....take my babies...”


I shot down his throat, and I heard him groan as his mouth flooded with my cum. I shot a few times and then let go of his head, he fell back, sperm spilling out of his mouth as he fell back onto the bathroom floor. I shot a few last times onto him as he held his hand up to block it.


I jerk my dick a few last times, draining my balls all over his face.


He looked up at me, cum dripping down his face, “Dude...” he choked...


I stuffed my cock back in and zipped up, “You're welcome man,” I said with a wink, “See ya never.”


I got into my car and drove off...feeling a thousand percent better and feeling good about giving that kid what he really wanted.


A real man's cum.


Gonna be a good summer.



Hey guys, I run on caffeine and compliments. if you want to leave either my Venmo is @jack-parker-109 Buy a cup of coffe for an American who’s down on his luck? I’m just kidding, that’s from a cartoon. But tips are always welcome, but never needed.

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Hell yes!  Another ball drawing tale from the master of ball drainers. My leaking cock and I thank you dubcon for all the stroke time we are about to receive. May we be truly grateful. 💦💦💦💦

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12 hours ago, mjkuhl said:

Love it.  Just don't give up on TOP DAWG.  I want to see how Coop gets what he deserves in spades.

No one gets let behind

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Read the first half, saving the rest for uhh when I need some material 😳

Love the arrogance of the narrator stating his pedigree like he's a prize stallion.

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Damn, Dubcon.  Your new boy, Maverick, makes Archie part one seem like a humble, affable guy.  Bet you have a much different plan for him this Summer than he had.

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