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getting pleasured




With this global situation of covid i am feeling hornyier more and more then ever before. i have been fucked since my early teens can even be said even since puberty, but i started daily sex till i was sixteen and then from time to time but at least once or twice to several times a year, only when i could get away discreetly be it from family or work.

I have been a whore since my friend made me be fucked by one of his other friends and made a point of treating me and referring to me as a fucking whore. In all this time i have endured forced rape, forced sex, fucked by two tops having cock in both holes, tied up and a dom insert toys and play with my faggot hole. photographed nude, spanked till i was in tears crying, gone home with cum running down my legs after a fuck and hearing him moan as he released his cum inside my faggot pussy hole. verbal abuse while being fucked. 

I can say in all of these moment i have had a sense of pleasure even when i was in pain, i was feeling pleasure, maybe i am a sadistic whore, In any case i enjoy it all, and I have to admit when it comes domination, forced sex, verbal abuse, and a man fucking me and leaving his seed inside of me all give me great pleasure.

when i go to meet men for sex, i have to admit i get all wet between my legs and all horny and excited. i began to feel emotionally, mentally like a girl and female attitude and perhaps even behavior, when i meet him, i am all his i am a total submissive, he opens the door invites me in, I have had sometimes they open the door and say go away whore, and don't want me, but that as been rare. most often they then close the door after i have stepped in and tell me strip nude right at the door, then check me out. i feel vulnerable, obedient to his every command, get on my knees open his pants to suck his cock looking up at him, its humiliating but yet perfect as i am his female faggot whore.

i have to admit i do like it when a man puts me in my place both physically and mentally. he is not afraid to strip, rape me naked spank me and show me who is the boss. takes control and dominates me mentally and physically taking control over my body. has he grabs me feels my body and tits as if i am nothing more than a sissy female whore to him, which in truth I am to him just that. i love it when he puts his hand between my legs and calls out let me feel your pussy whore, i moan with the pain of his penetration of my hole with his finger as he finger fucks me. then takes it out and puts it in my mouth for me to lick and suck his finger and taste my pussy, i have to admit i do love the taste of my pussy. He shoves his cock inside my pussy hole and i moan with pain of the penetration and with each stroke of his fucking and finally he lets out his moan as he releases his load inside my pussy. my ass is all wet and i leave with cum running down my legs and get home all wet both pants and panties and my ass still full of cum. I have been a whore and enjoyed and when he spanks me to enjoy the scene of seeing me crying or just having a crying bitch as he fucks me, I am all his to give him all the pleasure he wants and desires.


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