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how i want to tell men i am a bottom when visiting a bath house




The few times i have visited a bath house i have found myself struggling how to tell me i am a total submissive bottom. I have visited the bath house in Lisbon the Trombeta and also the bathhouse in Toronto SteamWorks. In both i do get guys looking over their shoulder to see me naked but then there is this question in my mind? are they tops or bottoms? what are they looking for or are they versatiles? Specially when i am a total submissive bottom, i have never really fucked a top but rather been fucked all my life since being a teenager. My last time at Steamworks i did not see many men and then had a bunch of bottoms chasing me to fuck them because my cock to them was big, Well i don't think so, rather i have only measured it to be 6" inches long.

I have seen men much bigger and thicker too. but since i could not get fucked and they were chasing me, rather annoying me to fuck them then i agreed but sadly i could not even get hard., i tend to get hard being fucked knowing  men are looking and craving my piece of ass.

Sometimes i wish there was a way to make a public and very clear statement, I am a whore, a slut, a bottom bitch. so men know by just looking at me and don't have to guess. i have to admit i am shy and even very timed, but it can probably be due to my nature as i am a very submissive bottom. but when in a bathhouse i tend to wrap a towel around me hiding my parts particularly my ass.

it would be so nice if when arriving they asked top or bottom, or even top or whore? it would make my effort so much easier and they either put a marker on me or even a stamp that stated whore, bitch or anything that would make it known to all who saw me know i was looking for cock up my ass.

Specially when i so want it not that men ask me what i want or looking for but rather just come up and take it. grab me and take me as their prize and do as they want. fuck me and leave me with their sperm inside my horny pussy hole. Sadly at the moment i am living in a part of the world that there is no bathhouse or any such leasure, but do crave a good fuck and men to enjoy my body fully without having to be asked what i want and what like but rather just grab me and put me in the positions that they want me and without asking my permission, for me its what makes me a whore and love it .



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The jock strap will mostly tell it. A chastity device is also a sign, but most people think that bitch is already owned and so don't try to get in that hole.

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the two things that work for me are 1) be shy about direct eye contact, but be a bit obvious about checking out the dicks that appeal to you as they pass by, maybe a little lip-licking, too?; 2) wear whatever covers your ass LOW -- let your towel, jock, or whatever ride low so everyone gets a glimpse at your ass as you walk around checking out men's crotches -- also another suggestion is to get pre-loaded or bred  ASAP -- I swear there's a 6th sense that you've been loaded and are hungry to submit to top cock that's like bees to nectar. Have fun regardless! 

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A few signs I’ve noted always work:

1. If you get a room, lay on your stomach with the door open. This is one of the oldest and most consistent signals you are looking to bottom.

2. Wear a jockstrap. As suggested by others on this thread, it covers your cock and says your ass is open for business.

3. Get fucked in public. Once guys see you taking it from someone, you’ll be marked as a bottom for the taking. This is usually my “go to” approach when I’m in a bathhouse. Fuck benches and slings are the easiest places to do it.


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I have always answered "jockstrap" to this question - everyone else is walking around in a towel - if you're showing off you exposed ass and it's easy to feel if your crack and hole are wet it's a dead giveaway. 

However last night I fucked this muscle bottom in his hotel.  He was ass up on the bed in a jock (his daddy partner was whoring him out and fucking his mouth when I arrived).  I was the 3rd guy to use him besides daddy. After I dumped my seed in that SLICK hole the muscle stud got up and I saw the hard cock and huge bulge his jock was holding in - I wanted him to flip and fuck me back so bad!!  So if you have a nice big hard cock trying to bust out of the jock that might not send such a clear signal lol.

So now I'm gonna ADD something to the "jockstrap" answer - wear the jock and get someone to write "cumdump" or "cum here" on your ass.  Some bathhouses have message boards up front too - you can write "cumdump in room ###" - kind of brazen if you're shy, but you should get what you're going for!!

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Tally marks in erasable marker on your ass cheeks would help to advertise your hole as 'willing, ready, and able' to take any cocks. Being in a jock and then walking around totally naked helps too. Tops/vers guys get the whole picture.

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