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    Bareback sex bug chasing poz
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    Poz, On Meds
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  1. I'm wanking to your pic damn you're so hot 💋 💧🍆

  2. thanks for your very well put and very precise argumentation in favor of being so proud to call your sex organ a pussy - its hot and sooo INVITING and surely with insight in male desire
  3. Hi am still not allowed to send messages yet. Is there any way we can chat?

  4. thanks for following me - you are so sexy

    1. CubsubNH


      So are you Sir!!!

  5. Hey so glad to see you here - you are such a very cool guy, thanks for reaching out

    1. CubsubNH


      My pleasure

      so what’s going on

  6. hey Carsten how are you doing?

  7. Just to let you know how I truly admire your amazing prolapse and man cunt - so LOOSE

  8. Just to let you know how I truly admire your amazing prolapse and man cunt - so LOOSE

    1. MuscledHorse


      Thanks!! And i'm training it to get even looser and more prolapsed. i keep it constantly used for extreme sodomy which is  helping stretch it and keep it on the road to sexually euphoric ruin. (p.s. if you're on Twitter I am JaredEriksonXXX just don't forget the "@" at the front.)

    2. CardocPOZ


      Mmmm so how loose is your aim? And your body surely must be so well trained and soo incredibly FIT and STRONG and HEALTHY - you are never all tight I guess? And thanks for twitter update;-)

    3. MuscledHorse


      Going to keep stretching it looser and looser until it breaks and can't function for any use but advanced sodomy and prolapse play. Gol is a prolapse that is a minimum of 12 inches so guys cn fist my rectum and breed me outside my body and i still feel the Pleasure.

  9. You are so dedicated and so focused and you deserve all the praise and admiration

  10. a big hug for you, bug brother.

  11. hi how you are doing fine  - love your location: Moth to the flame:-)

  12. cool thanks for following me

  13. hi very sexy profile indeed and ASS PIC!!!

  14. Yes indeed like vancrawman says: we are programmed to share and spread our DNA: condoms destroy sex completely , destroy the entire fundament of sex
  15. hi you are a very cool and sexy man indeed

    1. Ldncumpig


      Thanks man and likewise. Such a hot poz breeder

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