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    Albuquerque nm
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    I enjoyed it all since I'm off till late start with men
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    Versatile Bottom
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    since I have learned to enjoy sex with men
    I wonder why I didn't try sooner. I always have to thank my ex-wife for turning me on to it
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    I'm looking for intense sexual pleasure giving anything spontaneous fun sex public anonymous No holds barred try anything four or five times or more

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    on NKP 6sperm66lover
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  1. seems to be about the same time maybe a little longer. I enjoy having hickeys tearing on my butt cheeks.
  2. the best way to do it with raw cock raw holes are for raw cocks loads just pure raw primal fucking the way it is supposed to be done
  3. just got through reading all the comments here. perhaps we should do well like a mystery science theater 3000 type of shop mystery porn theater 3000 and make fun of it that gives you in the movies. couple buddies partying and playing Alan and I will start being like the guys on science theater 3000 if you could just get you script and then cruiser vocabulary a few more words LOL and keep the sound continuity at a level so we don't get exhausted from running the remote up and down on the remote sound level
  4. I would say the guys that write the script for the movie you need to get new screenwriters have to watch porn with the sound off cuz it's always oh fuck fuck yeah fuck me fuck me always the same thing it's almost like watching a Godzilla movie sometimes don't know if this soundtrack is very good or not but the Cox asses and everything else is great but the screenwriting Tunisia advance it a little bit LOL
  5. I definitely enjoyed an audience either sucking cock or being sucked fucked or whatever the more the merrier
  6. I agree one of the better positions and the more anonymous the better don't need to know who they are and what they look like just need to feel their cock and hopefully be a repeat customer
  7. and then if you're being fucked in a sling the tilt helps keep it in also I have found. and the guy that you haven't heard back from after being number 11 he should have come back right away LOL
  8. that is very nice looking ass and your friend has a dream tasty looking cock
  9. I enjoy sucking married cock giving you guys usually the first good blowjob they've had. especially start to pull out when you start to come just grab their balls and cock and pull them back in until they shoot their load. and tongue and lets her cock clean and lick their ass. seems like he always come back for more and I'm always willing
  10. always like to taste cock and clean it taste the juices mixed together.
  11. sounds like a good plan to me. the nastier you are the better
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