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    Gaming, music, gay sex. Not always in that order
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    From Lincoln. Looking for tops who accom or group fun. Only ever always bareback and actively seeking poz guys
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    Tops, versatile guys, trans mtf ftm either Is fine. I can’t accom but I can travel. Poz friendly

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  1. Really need a load of cum in my mouth

  2. The first guy that fucked me I have very fond memories of. Bareback and he cum in my ass just how it should be. I haven't looked back since then and have enjoyed sex with men since. Al though I am pansexual I much prefer sex with men though the female body is pretty to look at IMO
  3. Women's worn underwear, poz sex, bb sex, drinking piss, spitting in a subs mouth. swallowing cum
  4. Met a married guy a couple of times years ago. Once for sex then another just to hang out
  5. I've given several blow jobs in my car and outside in various locations and been fucked in my car
  6. My only regret is not taking loads when I was younger. Waiting so long was a mistake
  7. I love older guys. They tend to be easier to chat to and have some life experience and can hold a conversation
  8. Just ask him. Communication is always key. Maybe he'd love to be wanked or sucked too but won't initiate it himself
  9. They have a sling at the sauna I go to but I’ve never used it. Bit weary I’ll break it being a big guy lol
  10. Really want to take a poz load

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