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  1. And....... hit me up here or in bbrt if interested.
  2. Sacramento hook up

    I'm out there; still searching.
  3. Do you ever get to SF?  Would love to take your blood into me.  

  4. I'm a bottom who is searching for what most people on here are searching for. 😉 If you are interested, please hmu.
  5. Would love to help you with that Hot load of yours. Bottom here. No pnp.
  6. was trying to send you a message, but it says you can't receive messages.  Hope you can contact me on bbrt or recon. 

  7. The holidays are over, and I just didn't get the gift that I wanted this year. Anyone have an extra present under their tree that would make Spring 2017 great?
  8. It's the holidays and time for "packages" and "gifts." In SF/Oakland Area and looking to bottom.
  9. Folsom

    Any breeders coming tontown for Folsom? Hit me up. 6', 240#, 44 hairy bear
  10. Hello. Yep. I can't post either. Could I habe the email resent?
  11. Loads In Sex Clubs

    Who has a big dark room then?
  12. What sex clubs in the Bay Area are the best for getting a hot load and getting bred? Nobhill Theater? Tea Room Theater? Water Gardens? Steamworks? 44 something Natoma? any SoMa places? I think Eros ans Blow Buddies are pretty safe sex zones, and not what I'm wanting.
  13. Hey abearinsac. can't seem to get a message to you. If you are interested, I think you will need to message me.

  14. hey abearinsac, can't seem to get a message to you.
  15. 2016 is the year for me. Message me if you want to be a part of that.

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