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  1. I will be in London Tuesday through Saturday. Would love to take a special something back to the US with me. ?
  2. Neg American Bear visiting London and hoping to get bred and leave with a special gift. No pnp. Bbrt screenname has pics. I will be there the last week of March.
  3. Neg American Bear visiting London and hoping to get bred and leave with a special gift.
  4. Neg here and taking all loads because....... Will be in London the end of March Hairy bear, cub attitude. Check out my bbrt for pics. Hoping this visit will be something I am reminded of for the rest of my life. ?
  5. I'm a neg bottom visiting london briefly at the end of March and ......well.....you know. ?
  6. I doubt it. This is not the most useful hookup app.
  7. And....... hit me up here or in bbrt if interested.
  8. Earth

    Sacramento hook up

    I'm out there; still searching.
  9. I'm a bottom who is searching for what most people on here are searching for. ? If you are interested, please hmu.
  10. Would love to help you with that Hot load of yours. Bottom here. No pnp.
  11. The holidays are over, and I just didn't get the gift that I wanted this year. Anyone have an extra present under their tree that would make Spring 2017 great?
  12. It's the holidays and time for "packages" and "gifts." In SF/Oakland Area and looking to bottom.
  13. Any breeders coming tontown for Folsom? Hit me up. 6', 240#, 44 hairy bear
  14. Hello. Yep. I can't post either. Could I habe the email resent?
  15. Earth

    Loads In Sex Clubs

    Who has a big dark room then?

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