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    Bugchasing, piss play, rimming, cbt, spanking
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    Innocent on the outside, nasty pig on the inside. Very interested in converting!
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    Poz pigs

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  1. Have to say, there’s a great number of you on here that have reached out and encouraged me to explore some pretty dark desires, to which I say, thank you and keep it coming!!!

    1. PozTalkAuthor


      Oh well, this site can allow us to explore our fantasies, desires and limits thanks to the opportunity of confront with others but also allows us to discover something new about ourselves.

      Talking about you -and me-, generally I'm turned off by hurting and objectifying someone, I'd never do it in roleplay - let alone in real.

      But I have to admit it: we chatted like that during a day where I was super-stressed, I would have destroyed the world if they had let me.

      And having someone roleplaying with me asking me the worst scenes, allowed my frustration to flow out and I went home feeling more relaxed.

    2. Rawpig84


      That was a VERY intense session Sir, and I’m always happy to continue it 😉

    3. PozTalkAuthor


      look, there are a lot of keyboard warriors (sometimes even here, sadly); they vent their frustration offending others like no tomorrow.

      At least we let out every negative (pun intended) mood with dirty chat. 

      In a way or another you'll get rid of that damned neg sign, for sure.

  2. Getting much BETTER now! Relaxed at least!

  3. Oops! Never been so turned OFF like today! 

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. PozTalkAuthor


      Impregnating you, my chaser! You belong to me from now on! 

    3. Rawpig84


      You turned on now, Sir?

    4. PozTalkAuthor


      A little better than before! But not yet completely as usual. 

  4. should I give you... A hug, or a bug? Choice is yours ☣️🎁🤗

    1. Rawpig84


      I choose the latter: poz me up Sir!

    2. PozTalkAuthor


      GLADLY!!! Horny as fuck. As usual. 

  5. Aching to have my balls abused today 👊👊👊👊

  6. Thanks 4 follow!

    Fuck, the innocent ones are the more interesting ☣

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    2. PozTalkAuthor


      I have three - one still unfinished, I think two more chapters. It's called "we have to talk" and another still unfinished - one more chapter left- "the writer and his fan".

      The third is "keyboard warrior", you see them in the bugchasing section.

      They are more emotional than sexual though, a gifter and chaser's life for me is more about their bond

      sex is just part of the journey.

      I'll message you if you're game for dirty chat


    3. Rawpig84


      I will definitely look these up! And I’m always down for a nasty chat! 

    4. PozTalkAuthor


      you know what turns me on? 

      The idea of an innocent guy who says "no, please no, pull out, I'm not on PrEP, it's the first time I play without condoms"... but his body tells another story. His hole twitching, his dick rock hard. 

      In real I am undetectable I'd never do something like that but with fantasy I can fly wherever I want

  7. I have not cum in over two weeks, my balls are so full!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rawpig84


      Lol there’s a thought-can’t bust until it becomes poz seed

    3. PozTalkAuthor


      @Rawpig84 it seems you have the intention to turn me on!

    4. BlkFire22
  8. cool thanks for following me

  9. hi very sexy profile indeed and ASS PIC!!!

  10. So thirsty…could chug a gallon of nasty piss right now…

  11. I’ve been to Dirty Dick’s, can confirm, it’s a very good time!!!
  12. hey amazing profile and pic:-)

  13. I can easily fill a glass with my own, chug it, and crave more. Filled up an ice cube tray the other day, threw it in the freezer, and had fun with it. I’ll lick it off the toilet, I love the taste of my own!
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