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  1. 6'4 210 here. I'm all about getting weird ha ha
  2. Hi - Email me if you want it’s in my profile now

  3. Hi - the site won’t let me send private messages for some reason! Sorry!

  4. hit me up on kik or wick r if you want to chat jockinpa78
  5. sorry about that. I would just enjoy if the chat was more interactive. it's almost just like a news feed the way it is now
  6. honestly this chat is very hard to use. would love to see some improvements made
  7. Dawson was amazing! Keep hoping he will make a comeback!!
  8. 4 to 5 times a day major bate freak when I'm alone
  9. Love that. I love putting a piss soaked jock in my mouth
  10. be great when travel opens again . Bare Bottom  and looking 

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