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  1. I would echo getting the Hepatitis shots. Definitely one of the best things I did so I could bareback.
  2. On the rare occasions when I bottom, I fully expect the top to unload in my ass. I will take the consequences, whatever they may be.
  3. Just fresh from dumping my second load in a 24 year old twink, my cock is still cum slimy from working the first one. I met him on Grindr about two weeks ago, we chatted off and on and finally he drove to my place. He has a daddy fetish which I easily could handle. I must say hen he walked through my door he did not disappoint. Smooth, 5'7", about 185. A little chunky for some but perfect for me. He instantly kissed me and we moved on up to the bedroom where more kissing ensued followed by him undoing my shorts and pulling on my thong to reveal my growing cock. In no time he had it in his mouth and it felt so damn good. He was amazed at how thick it was from the pictures I sent. I just think its average. Anyhow, I moved us over to the bed to lay down and make out some more as my cock grew harder. He leaned into me and said he wanted to get fucked now, so I happily rolled him over, pulled aside his thong, and ate out his hole which sent shivers up his spine from all the moving he did. Later when I asked him about it, he said it was unexpected but felt great. I ate him out, making his chute nice and slick for my cock which I lubed up and speared him. He jumped up literally and tried to escape me but I was too big and powerful over his frame and he moaned as I continued to slide all the way in, him needing time to adjust to my thickness. It did not take me long to pump him and I was shooting my first load and he felt it and smiled. I fucked him some more with my cock and then pulled out to reveal a slimy covered cock as I was pushing around my four day load inside him. We cuddle for awhile and made out some more, all the while my cock was rock hard and he caressed it once again and looked at me with his eyes and I knew he wanted it again. So he rolled onto his back and pulled up his legs as I stuck my pole in his hole and began to jack-hammer him again. He moaned in sheer bliss. My cock was doing the job, all the cum from the first load was leaking out around it and then I shot my second load in to him and fell on him kissing him passionately. I pulled out and we lay together cuddling and making out for the next fifteen minutes before he dressed and left. Funny thing, he has a partner, so I asked how is he going to explain two loads in his hole when he gets home (?) He just smiled. Second, he asked when I as free tomorrow so he could come back. I said anytime. Until tomorrow..... same bat time, same bat channel!
  4. Thanks for the follow!

  5. Met up mid-week with a traveling 22 year old twink passing through my area via Grindr. He was nicely built, I was in a rare mood to suck cock and his was exceptional. He arrived and wasted no time in stripping and let his thick member out. it was soft and magnificent. I engulfed it immediately and began a nice slow cock sucking that took about ten minutes until I felt him tense up and then he shot several gob of cum down my throat. I left no drops out of my mouth, swallowing all of it. It tasted good and I could tell form the look on his face he felt spent or at least he liked it. I tossed him over and decide to rim his nice hairless hole using some of the leftover cum from his explosion in my mouth to slick up his hole. Shortly thereafter, he had to leave. All in all, not a bad hookup. I usually like to fuck, but a change of pace is nice every once in awhile.
  6. Yes, I have swallowed my share of loads. Probably he best ones were a former boyfriend because his always had a slight sweet taste to them. I enjoyed those hitting the back of my mouth from his 8 inch cock.
  7. I echo that Grindr statistic; same in my area. When I hit up a guy I want to meet or he hits me up, I let everyone know upfront I only bareback and its non-negotiable. Sometimes I get a no, most times there is no problem and only occasionally I get a block. So be it.
  8. Recently I have been conversing with a 24 year old twink a who wants to experience domination. He wants to be locked in chastity, bred, and treated like a sissy basically. I will be carrying this out later this week with him. The chastity will start out short-term and gradually grow long-term as is possible. He has never taken a cock before so the breeding part will be fun. He claims to be bi, but I am surmising he is finally acting on some pent up gay feelings and desires. I was hoping to possibly find some advice or encouragement from the community here about some steps to take (or not take). Also, I have known the twink for several years, but neither of us knew of the others kinks. I expect this to be quite fun. Thanks in advance!
  9. My first lay during the pandemic. I connected with a bottom boy who I was on and off messaging on Grindr. I was out running errands and I was in his neighborhood so he pinged me to come over. I drove over to his home in the country. I met him at the front door. He did not disappoint. Solid build, 5'7", and nice smile. We proceeded to the bedroom where he immediately kissed me and started a very heavy make out session. We stripped off our shirts and rolled onto his bed, only stopping to get comfortable. I removed his skinny jeans to find a nice pair of blue string bikini briefs wrapping his package. I remarked how I liked them and he smiled and kissed me more. He then unbuttoned my shorts to find me wearing a thong to which he smiled and proceeded to suck my cock through the fabric. We rolled around on top of each other and made out some more, until he rolled me over and pulled down my thong to release my enlarging cock. Like an expert, he began to give some great head (its been awhile!) and he left me moaning with delight. I told him to keep it up since all he was doing was making my shaft rock hard. We would need that since he said he had a tight hole. And he was not kidding. After some pleasant oral and more kissing, he reached for the lube and lubed my cock and his hole. He mounted me cowboy style and slowly slide onto my cock - a tight fit. I just kept pulling him down as he tried to get up, trying to open his hole. After a few minutes, I took the advantage and rolled him onto his back and pushed his legs up over his shoulders and drove my rock hard cock deep in his boy pussy. He moaned with delight as I pounded him as hard as I could, making the bed squeak and knock against the bedroom wall. Since he was shorter than me, this works perfectly as my favorite breeding position since I can be in full charge thrusting into him while kissing him and watching the torment and pleasure in his eyes and on his face. After about ten minutes, I erupted and fired off several shots of cum deep up his hole as he pulled me in closer. Once I had finished my orgasm, he pulled me in tight to keep hi hole filled and asked me to continue fucking him until he jerked himself off and fired several shots of his own cum across his chest. We rolled apart and made out for a few more minutes before we each got dressed. Three things made this a hot encounter; 1. It had been three months since my last breeding of someone, 2. I have no idea his status - we never discussed it, 3. He is a bad boy with an ankle monitor bracelet - so he is going nowhere soon and sked me to come back again :) .
  10. Yes I do. Strangely enough I was 34 when I lost my anal cherry as I met with a couple at the time (20 and 21). We fooled around awhile with a lot of kissing and body contact before I was mounted by the one. He had a nice long and girthy cock (prob 10 inches) and he just pushed it in, I yelping of course until I was comfortable. When he shot, I felt him hit me deep inside. I was rock hard and when he pulled out, I spun his partner around and mounted him not taking long to fire off my own volley of jizz inside him.
  11. Been there, had this happen to me as well. More than one occasion. Had me stymied for awhile, especially since all the test came back negative. My doctor's office suggested I see a urologist to sort it out. That's when I figured it out.
  12. Honestly, I have never paid any attention at all to this. It is quite possible that I have been filmed breeding and seeding bottoms, since I have frequented a few group sex/gangbang type events. I guess I should feel flattered, hehe, if someone thought I was good enough material to film fucking someone else.
  13. There is one for me to check off. Since I live near the interstate, several truck stops are near me. I frequented one on an evening because a daddy brought his boy with him and was whoring him out to anyone in the area. Not a lot of room is right, but we managed to load his boy up several times and he enjoyed it. So much so I got to take him home wit me overnight as long as I brought him back the next morning before he left (which I did).

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