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    Partnered 58 year old man. I think BB sex is hotter than hell. I fantasize about being unable to say no to anyone that wants to breed my holes whether that is from being bound and completely unable to say no or from being drugged up.
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    Tops with dirty minds and able to express themselves.

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  1. Your story hits every one of the things I love about taking a cock in my ass. Great writing.
  2. Holy fuck. What hot writing.
  3. Really hot story. I hope you will continue writing if your adventures.
  4. I love reading this over and over. Excellently told.
  5. I like deluxe hotels but I’d love camping with these guys.
  6. Thanks for the hot jack off fantasy. I hope there will be another chapter.
  7. So fucking hot. I need a dad like that.
  8. I know I’ll keep this as a favorite and return to it often.
  9. Super horned after reading this.
  10. Love the story. I want to hear more about this hot top stud.

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