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    Partnered 58 year old man. I think BB sex is hotter than hell. I fantasize about being unable to say no to anyone that wants to breed my holes whether that is from being bound and completely unable to say no or from being drugged up.
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    Tops with dirty minds and able to express themselves.

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  1. swrdswlr

    The One

    Holy fuck that’s not.
  2. swrdswlr


    Thanks for an awesome story. I need to have my roof worked on.
  3. swrdswlr


    Love it. Love to read more.
  4. swrdswlr

    First cheating confession

    Oh yeah, you need to publish your progression to cum slut for us.
  5. swrdswlr

    The All-Natural Massage

    Great stuff. The last massage I got ended with me swallowing his huge cock and sweet load. I hope he will breed my ass next time.
  6. swrdswlr

    Hotel Hookup Turns to Cumdump - Part I

    I hope you got a third load mixed in that hole
  7. swrdswlr

    Top Only into Cum Whore

    Hot story. Thanks for sharing
  8. swrdswlr

    New Owner

    I got sidetracked from the story a while ago. Glad to see that it continues to get my cock rock hard and dripping.
  9. swrdswlr

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    What a hot fucking story. My cock is ready to explode.
  10. I want to know how many of Wally’s buddy’s have teased your hole?
  11. swrdswlr

    Crazy Breeding Daddies

    Hot story and well written
  12. swrdswlr

    Caribbean Cruise Spa Day

    I’ll bet Shane is going to well used by the end of the cruise.
  13. swrdswlr

    Caribbean Cruise Spa Day

    Shane is about to get a good fucking.

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