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    Partnered 58 year old man. I think BB sex is hotter than hell. I fantasize about being unable to say no to anyone that wants to breed my holes whether that is from being bound and completely unable to say no or from being drugged up.
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    Tops with dirty minds and able to express themselves.

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  1. swrdswlr

    Caribbean Cruise Spa Day

    I’ll bet Shane is going to well used by the end of the cruise.
  2. swrdswlr

    Caribbean Cruise Spa Day

    Shane is about to get a good fucking.
  3. swrdswlr

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Omg. Incredible story. Thanks
  4. You will be a long way from a swamp tour and I don’t think they will do a pick up. Beach, Swimming Hall of Fame, City bus tours, the water taxi system is a great way to get around, also Adventure Zone at the Children’s Museum, Hugh Taylor Birch park. The Goodyear blimp is in Pompano Beach and has a small info center. Lots of good restaurants, 17Street Fisheries, Carlos and Pepe’s, used to be one called Bimini Boat Yard but the name changed, a couple of Italian places too. Have a great time.
  5. swrdswlr

    Towards Zero

    Hot story. It sounds like this boy is going to be a cumbucket for a bunch of hot men.
  6. swrdswlr

    POZ Massage... a semi-true story...

    I had a massage session with a beautiful man in Miami a couple of years ago. He was Very professional in his approach and told me he was positive and if that was a problem I was free to leave. After I was naked on his table with my face in the ring support I kept feeling what I thought was the bottle of massage oil brush against my hand. It was happening so often and my mind was going wild imagining that this hard object was his cock I finally opened my plam the next time he was at my side. Damn, it was the bottle of oil. But I was able to turn my head to the side he was working on and I saw that he was naked and his cock was awesome looking. It had to be about 9” standing straight up. I asked if I could feel it and he nodded and worked his way up to my mouth and slowly opened my lips with his fingers and then slid his cock in. OMG I swallowed as much as I could and he laid down beside me and started sucking my cock. We blew our loads into each other’s mouths and it was one of the sweetest tasting loads I have ever swallowed. I would have taken that load up my ass if he had offered. I want to go back but have held back because I know I’d be his cum bucket anytime.
  7. swrdswlr

    My Boy Wanted Big Dicks

    I have been reading and stroking to your stories all day. Great writing.
  8. swrdswlr

    My Week In New York City

    Oh fuck yeah. More please
  9. swrdswlr

    How I met my daddy, pre-game

    Fuck yeah, great story. This boy is going to be the halftime show.
  10. swrdswlr

    Cell Block

    Great direction from Sir.
  11. swrdswlr

    I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    Great story. You had me bone hard from the start.
  12. swrdswlr

    Oh So Naive Alex

    Great story. Got my cock rock hard. I’m going to get a new bottle of poppers and do some serious stroking while reading this again.
  13. swrdswlr

    The Guy Who Turned Me

    Holy fuck that is a hot story. Poppered up and stoking my cock.
  14. swrdswlr

    Gay Guest House

    There is nothing better than feeling a fuckers ball sack banging on your ass as he drives it all the way home
  15. swrdswlr

    First post - 5 loads in

    Glad you got what you needed. Looking forward to your accomplishments.

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