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  1. Mail me used condoms for video

    Very hot have the same fetish" hate to see cum get wasted
  2. Thanks 4 the follow there.


  3. Thanks for the add... love the profile... very nice! 

    1. BBcumdumpPIG


      One hot guy there... love that profile of yours as well

    2. ATLSexyGuy


      Thanks BB

      let me breed you to show my appreciation

    3. BBcumdumpPIG
  4. Thanx for following piggy

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  6. Thanks for the follow man!

    1. BBcumdumpPIG


      Back at ya guy

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      are you interested to watch me ? 

    2. auman1977
  8. I'll bet you're the type who likes to hang around in a sling. Maybe I could breed your ass and afterwards give you a sample of what your impregnated hole tastes like.

    1. BBcumdumpPIG


      Hell yes! N please More the better! Use these holes tilll your drained dry n then have others join n breed me as well 


    2. AdamKY
    3. TravelGuy1956


      Thanks for following

  9. thank you for the follow cumpig!

    1. BBcumdumpPIG


      Thank you Sir!!


  10. Most Sickening, Extreme Fetish In Your Opinion?

    have to agree... scat and not my thing here... although as the saying goes shit happens sometimes but not on purpose...
  11. Useless, soft, flaccid cocks on the bottom boys

    mmm ouns like me as well.. my kind of sir!! be a pleasure to be allowed to be used by you for your total pleasure n serve you for sure
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    have done it a few times as well... love putting the loads in my ass for lube for another top as well as sometimes slip em on my cock n jack off with the cum in the condom sliding around my cock... feels fantastic n hot as hell...
  13. Mailed Another Hot Load

    wouldnt mind a few anon cum filled condoms myself... fucking hot as hell
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    hot as hell wouldnt mind a few mail anon loads myself

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