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  1. TakenItHard

    Farming for condoms

    Wouldn’t mind receiving a few myself n even post Pics here
  2. TakenItHard


    Takes a full week to be at proper blood levels ful the most effective prevention
  3. TakenItHard

    I can’t get Truvada through my insurance. Options?

    There is no legal way to get it with it being a perscription controlled drug without going through the proper channels and paperwork and if you did manage to get it otherwise and get caught there are very serious consequences and in some cases and states even considered a felony it it just makes more sense to go through the proper channels to get the drug legally refrain from higher risk sex practices and use proper protection otherwise
  4. Why did you choose to follow me ?

  5. Hey sTud -- thanks for the upvotes

  6. TakenItHard

    Mail me used condoms for video

    Very hot have the same fetish" hate to see cum get wasted
  7. Thanks 4 the follow there.


  8. Thanks for the follow man!

  9. are you bug chasing?



      are you interested to watch me ? 

    2. auman1977
  10. I'll bet you're the type who likes to hang around in a sling. Maybe I could breed your ass and afterwards give you a sample of what your impregnated hole tastes like.

    1. TakenItHard


      Hell yes! N please More the better! Use these holes tilll your drained dry n then have others join n breed me as well 


    2. AdamKY
    3. TravelGuy1956


      Thanks for following

  11. thank you for the follow cumpig!

    1. TakenItHard


      Thank you Sir!!


  12. TakenItHard

    Most Sickening, Extreme Fetish In Your Opinion?

    have to agree... scat and not my thing here... although as the saying goes shit happens sometimes but not on purpose...

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