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  1. I84SexSlave4All


    Not necessarily, besides the billing won't say PrEP, it will use the really long pharmacology name of the drug. They will know you are taking a medication, but nothing will say PrEP usually. Voice this concern to your doctor or their billing specialist. Also, if its an outing you are worried about tell them heterosexuals use it too . If you are still on your parents insurance yell them you decided to go on PrEP, because 1 in 6 men are sexually assaulted before they graduate from college. And you wanted it just in case
  2. Complete submissive cumdump cub for you to use as you see fit. I cannot refuse you no matter what. 1 541-709-1443. I can take any cock rough or sensual, Groups, DP, WS, gangbang, restraints , massage, bdsm, ff, toys, rough trade, no permanent damage. Do whatever you want other wise. I dislike scat, but I can take it. MOC I will serve completely. I -84 by rhe Love's Truck Stop. Love Truckers and sleepers. Hitch hikers welcome. Outdoor sex is great.
  3. I84SexSlave4All

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    The only reason ACLU has been quiet is that they need a plaintiff
  4. I84SexSlave4All

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    Documentary "Meet Jane Doe" is a doc about it. Netflix
  5. I84SexSlave4All

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    Amen brother. #Resist I have been in activism since HS. This is the scariest time in my history. The US Constitution is under threat from many.
  6. I84SexSlave4All


    What if the person you are writing about is a jazz vocalist. They are scatting all tbe time. Some scat is integral to vocal jazz. Of course, I kid. Scat outside of jazz and Weird Science are a giant NO.
  7. I84SexSlave4All

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    So this is a cheap political move to make at least something seem bipartisan after the backlash regarding the GOP gun fetishists. 1. Its not going to be enforced, because they know that its unconstitutional. The ACLU willl be all over this.. I wouldn't delete anything, just unlink it and store it unspidered in the Deep Net until it blows over Unlink and store in deep web. No sharing the link.
  8. I84SexSlave4All


    You can call your local or county health department foe current infection rates. Neither condoms nor PrEP are affective against syphilis. Condoms will protect you from anal Gono but not oral.
  9. I84SexSlave4All

    Time between PreP, take any load?

    If gou do give in, don't panic. Within 72 hours of exposure, you can go to a clinic or large city ER ans request PEP.
  10. I84SexSlave4All

    I wanna stop prep

    Always assume everyone is poz unril you get resullts from a licensed reputoble Sti Clinic or a specialist. https://preplocator.org
  11. I84SexSlave4All

    I wanna stop prep

    Thanks for the information. Cheers
  12. I84SexSlave4All

    I wanna stop prep

    So if you are going to stop; stop. Don't skip doses and help the chances of developing resistance to PrEP for those who want it. Once you are poz you are poz and the thrill is gone. Then the monotony of being forced to take more tests, more pills, more paperwork, stigma in smaller communities, blah, blah. It has its perks. It has it drawbacks. Maybe talk to a counselor first to make sure it isn't depression, a big life change or something else causing you to make this very serious decision. Once you are sure your choice is solid knock yourself out.
  13. I84SexSlave4All

    Adding Me As A Friend

  14. I84SexSlave4All

    Why Do Republicans Hate Gay People?

    It is fun to note that only one mention of homosexuality man lying with man) is mentioned in Leviticus . Donald Trump has broken 60+ rules in Leviticus and the Religious Right are still praising their Predator in Chief.
  15. I84SexSlave4All

    Why Do Republicans Hate Gay People?

    Basically using a demographic that is smaller and historically disliked to focus the anger and discomfort of your base is something that has been around since the beginning of time. Gays, Muslims, and people of color are easy targets to rally against given that the GOP base is relatively untraveled and hasn't explored too much outside of their comfort zones. While their are some GOP Leaders like Michelle Bachman (yes, guilty of promoting murder and hate crimes) whose campaigns in Africa have led to very serious "Kill the Gays" bills in places like Uganda, the majority of GOP leaders probably don't think to much about GLBTQ except when they need to score political points. A backlash is happening right now in Christianity where the people who believe in the Golden Rule laid forth by Jesus Christ are challenging the very Christianity of false churches and evangelicals. Basically stating, that if they do not honor the teachings of Christ which commands Christians to treat others as you would like to be treated, they should not call themselves Christian. The more gay people are known in communities the less the GOP will use GLBTQ as a battering ram.

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