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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    I love being tied up and forced to take random bizarre and extreme objects in my ass. Love finding used condoms and playing with them and I love riding big thick cocks. I am a dirty slutty bottom
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I'm sissy cum whore and love all cock and cum and looking for the gift
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    hot poz guys that will fill my hot ass with hot toxic poz loads and STD loads. Also into eating spit and drinking piss and love tops that will shove anything up my ass too no matter what it is

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  1. Neg bottom in Fresno CA looking for highly toxic hiv/aids or stds tonight at my place. will give you gas t come to me. Message me please I have a brush in my hole ready to take your load.

  2. Wow, just moved from your area.  I use to know a C/D that wanted to make the change.  He knew he was a girl from early age.  A really sweetheart.  Wish I would have known you when I was there.

  3. Looking for toxic loads the week of my birthday. My bday is June 27th and I want to become poz with HIV and other std's Hosting in Fresno at the the whole week
  4. I am looking for request on what to insert into my sissy pussy. I have basic household stuff and things in the garage. I want extreme and bizarre stuff. I have brushes, sand paper, dead nettles, a few pieces of fire wood etc. I have today to play so send me request and I wil take pictures and try to film it.
  5. I love chastity . My first one was to big for my little cock so I had bought 2 small ones. lost one but now I am trying to find a guy that will epoxy and rivet my cage close before he breeds me. I am looking for long term chastity
  6. Yeah and all the sites and apps are a joke. the only guys that reply are neg and safe sex only.
  7. Seems like CL was the on;y thing true poz tops would message me from and everything. So far I have had no luck with any site or app.
  8. I am in desperate need of poz cock today/tonight. I am located in Fresno on the north side near Madera. I have posted on many different sites and apps and no luck. I will take any toxic load, HIV/AIDS, any Hep and any STD. I just really want a toxic load before tomorrow. You can come and fuck me all night till morning and dump as many loads as you can in me. I am very kinky as well Please message me I know its a drive from the area I am posting in but I promise you it will be worth it.
  9. Sissy bottom neg in fresno looking for poz loads. can be completely fem or not. Hosting all next week. PM me
  10. I have this same toy and doesn't really help me. I have a small horse dildo that the head is about the size of a golf ball and gets bigger as you go down. I have a dog dildo with a knot I haven't been able to get pasted yet which is the size of a tennis ball. I just start with my small dildos and work up. When I was in high school I could take a fist and it felt great. Havent done much since because of my job so hoping to try and get back into it. Just keep working and little at a time.
  11. Okay so I know the best way to go about getting castrated is by a doctor and all that. I have bought a few castration tools which are. I just ordered these ( Burdizzo Castration Forceps 16" ) I also have a 9" pair of those. kinda hard to use, a double crush emasculator 8" and a Elastrator which I love to use. My question is has any one used a Burdizzo forceps to do a castration and what was the pain like or did you use a pain med etc. Because when I use my 9in burdizzo I can have the jaws closed to about 1/16 of a inch before the pain hits. Would love some feed back and if this is in the wrong area please move. Thanks
  12. I love to play with a willing experienced hole ... it just opens up a whole new world!

    2 metres.jpg


    Black and beautiful.jpg

    Easy cum, easy go.jpg

    Red Tail.jpg

    Sky blue.jpg

    Specialite du maison.jpg

  13. Ya I am hoping that this weekend to go as long as I possibly can. Might put a band on tomorrow morning and just go out and do things around the house and see how long I can last. I heard 12 to 24 hours when it starts to do damage to the balls. Would love to keep a band on till there is no turning back lol. I will also take pictures maybe every 15 mintues of it tomorrow
  14. Okay so I just started to get into Castration play. I bought my self a elastrator and bands and been doing it about 3 to 10 times a week for about 10 mintues each time. besides tonight and the very first time I used the tool I have came before I could even get the band off the tool. Anyone else have the problem or anything? Also how long have you left the band on? This makes me very horny. Just wish I could keep it on longer

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