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  1. Fuckin'Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your adventures and your pics. Thanks for following me and the reps. XOX

  2. thanks for the follow

  3. verscub88

    In Aus Over December

    sounds fun, let me know if your in Melbourne
  4. verscub88

    Melbourne Jan 21 And 22

    very keen here too, hit me up
  5. verscub88

    Looking For Hot Young Sluts

    I'm looking for a recharge
  6. thanks for the add ;)

    1. verscub88


      My pleasure. Youre a very sexy man

  7. verscub88

    Melbourne Nov 20 To 25

    I'm keen, on meds, but that arse looks amazing.
  8. verscub88

    After getting the Biohazard Tattoo

    ditto here
  9. Hi Im in Melbourne

    1. verscub88


      Great man, send me your deets ;)

  10. http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=1URlG-G269- in-fucking-credible
  11. I've been circumcised only very recently. Stats in Australia for guys in my generation are basically 50/50. I remember awkward family discussions from my childhood with my dad proudly proclaiming he didn't want me to go through the pain he did, even if I didn't remember. So with every 2nd guy having a foreskin, I never felt "different" or "weird" but I developed a massive kink and fetish for cut cock. I used to perform elaborate tape-tucks to make it look and feel cut, but they always fell apart from the raging boners I got from it. I finally took the plunge about 3 months ago, I wanted to experience "both sides" of the equation. My only regret is that I opted for a "low and loose" style rather than the "high and tight" I always found incredibly hot. I wanted middle ground so it wasn't as abstract for me. I still have a bit of 'foreskin' left when I'm soft, but the head is completely exposed and a little bit of "give" remains on the shaft when I'm hard. My partner had a similar fetish and also had an adult circ, high and tight but with his frenulum intact. Its incredibly taught, like a piano wire, which is irresistible to me! I am SO very grateful my parents made a wise and informed choice (although my mother, a midwife, was for it) and unless its for strict religious (most Muslim and Jewish families in Aus. are fairly liberal about it) or medical reasons I'd prefer it only be done if necessary. As for the experience, I enjoyed the sensitivity and the subtle feelings on and around the foreskins edge as well as the head. I HATED that it was constantly in the way when fucking, it would roll back and forth and I'd get no stimulation. Now I still fell the same sensitivity on my glans as I did before, but its less 'abstract' to feel it CONSTANTLY. I will admit I miss the gentle sensations of playing with my foamy precummy skin, but I can just indulge in another guys, right?
  12. Very sexy pics, mate ;)

  13. Hi, are you in Melbourne?

    1. verscub88


      Yeah mate, yourself?

  14. Received today: 1 at 1230am, after a 4 hour and a further 4 hour meth edge session, another from a mate that loves being vocal about me taking his seed, and another at a cruise lounge, from a man MOUNTAIN (~2m tall, 120kg, all working-mans muscle and a HUGE, tree truck of an uncut dick). I came on my belly as he prodded his massive load into my guts. I hadn't cum since my meth edge, so it was stupendous. I dropped my pasts as son as I got home and started eating the clear sweet goo from my arse and will use it as lube for another wank after I post this.

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