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    Canoeing, hiking, camping.
    cbt, chastity, risky sex
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    Semi new bottom. This is something I have fantasies about for years but haven't acted on it a lot. I bottomed several years ago for one guy bare.
    Have sucked several at glory holes. And recently have bottomed for another guy but he wears a condom.
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    While I don't have a lot of experience having only bottomed for two guys this is something I would like to change. I am already having trouble with getting hard so I think it is time to start persuring my fantasies of being a sissy bottom. I would like to find someone willing to email and discuss fantasies with. I am in a relationsip with a female but for several years I have had a desire to submit to a guy .

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  1. My few post about my experiences with a guy are true as I haven't had a lot. I do have a lot of fantasies and reading the stories and post helps me realize I am not alone with some of my fantasies. I know currently I will not act on them due to relationship status and not sure I will act on them if my status changes.
  2. I have a chastity device but haven't worn it yet when I have bottomed. The first guy I bottomed for was before I got the device and the guy that I occasionally bottom for now isn't interested in me wearing it.
  3. Peterjones, I am glad to hear your first time was enjoyable. I also understand the not wanting to kiss or hug stuff with another guy. I have only bottomed now for two guys and would also like to again but finding a guy who is into the things that turn me on is hard to find. Since I don't find myself physically attracted to guys just the act doesn't turn me on enough to bottom successfully. I also like you want to take the guys load in me.
  4. This is something that I have thought about doing but haven't so far. The thrill of being exposed is a huge turn on to me but haven't yet taken the step. I have thought about doing it and having my face covered.
  5. I occasionally self cage,. I admit that it is hard to keep it on knowing I can take it off at any time. The longest time I have worn it for has been about 14 hours.
  6. I can relate to this. I have now only bottomed for two guys so not a lot of experience and actually haven't enjoyed the physical act of it. I have a desire to be a bottom for guys that being in a relationship with a female plus not actually enjoying the act doesn't make sense to me.
  7. For myself I don't physically enjoy the act of bottoming it is also more about submitting myself to another guy. Unfortunately I have never gotten to experience as it is mostly in my fantasies at the moment as I have only bottomed for one guy and attempted with another. Neither guy was really into what I have fantasies of. The first guy was more interested in trying to give me pleasure and the second guy was also kind of the same mindset.
  8. I chatted with a guy several years ago who wanted to set up anonymous meets for me in a motel room. I was tempted but with my very limited experience I was sure I couldn't have went through with it.
  9. I still wish I knew if he was or not. I haven't bottomed since then because I don't want to catch anything but knowing if I did take a poz load would be exciting.
  10. I haven't been bred yet in which I knew I was taking a load. If I knew the guy was going to cum in me I would love to be on my back looking up at him to see the pleasure on his face as he left his load in me.
  11. I have only been with two tops. Neither have been interested in chastity. The first one wanted to stoke me while he was fucking me. The second hadn't really heard of keeping a guy in chastity. I chatted with one top who wanted to keep me in chastity. Most don't seem to care one way or they other at least with the guys I have chatted with.
  12. I got stealthed by the first and only guy I have bottomed for. The first time we had agreed on safe play. During the act I realized he didn't have a condom on. He didn't cum in me during this time at least not that I could tell. Our second time he talked me into bb to start out with and left a load in me but told me that he didn't cum in me. I found out he had after I got home. I didn't catch anything from it but realize now he was probably poz and trying to infect me.
  13. As a new bottom I would love if the top took my underwear afterwards.
  14. I also wish there was a way to let others know that I was open to being a bottom when out shopping. I chicken out with posting CL ads but think it would be easier if I was out looking and a guy came up to me and hit on me. I also suck at telling if someone is or not so in the past I think guys have but not sure so haven't pursued it.

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