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    Cincinnati, OH
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I have been castrated (no testicles or scrotum) by choice and on testosterone replacement.
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    Possible ltr.
    Relocation possible.

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  1. I remember chatting with you on another site quite some time ago. You really got me thinking about doing it.............it's something I really get turned on to wanting to do it. I think I would if I had someone to be with me then.................


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    2. ronchipig


      I've been poz for at least 30 years. I go in phases on meds. Long time on then slack off for a while. I'm going to be in Indianapolis and Knoxville in about 4 weeks. Will be going through Cincinnati. Maybe we could meet then?

    3. eunikrik


      Yes    lets stay in touch and I hope we can meet.  


    4. ronchipig


      I would really like that.

  2. have you published how you became a eunich

  3. Hello Slitcock



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    2. methslamjunkie


      Fuck meds. my vital load 1 million coopiee. knowing my balls are carrying toxic seed feels filthy

    3. Bottomtom


      Mmm very nice


    4. RawIsLaw85


      Fucking hot

  4. fucking horny... i need to imagine a cock insidemy ass

  5. Good to see other around my age that love to be cum whore like myself 

  6. i love being a slut


  7. thanks man

    you too!

  8. Nice profile pic, man

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