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  1. Mal 2017

    I may be rhere
  2. I am a white sub boy seeking a dom or master in DC. I live near Dupont Circle. I am white, 5'7'', brown hair, 130 lbs, slim, and 7 cut. I am very submissive and love to be used. I am into bdsm, ws, public and more. Make me your bitch and your property. Thugs++ Frat Guys+++ Jocks+++ Skinheads+++ I have pics and will send them in response to you.
  3. Cumunion

    Hey all, I'm thinking of going to my first cumunion on Monday the 10th. However I get off work late 9 at the latest 8 and the earliest. Do they sell out of lockers normally and any other tips? Message me with cell numbers to chat further if u wanr
  4. Cruising Parks or Bars in DC

  5. What are the good cruising bars or parks or other spots in the dc area? Black dudes are a huge plus Whiteboy here who loves bbc and has few limits
  6. Yo were any of you at 2120 this past Saturday night? I was but only have vague memories and was wondering if anyone could fill me in what might have happened lol, I was in the sling a lot of the night
  7. youre hot af.... interning in DC this summer. know any good places to get loads?

  8. Mal 2017

    Also very interested in getting slammed and partied up and slutted out
  9. Mal 2017

    I live in dc and def wanna take as many loads as I can none refused my kik is msb940 and u can message me for my cell n
  10. Good Bars or Clubs in DMV area?

    Any other good places?
  11. Does anyone have any advice on good cruisy bars or clubs in the DC area? Bonus points if it has many black guys too since I love BBC.
  12. Definitely interested in a NYE party or advice on where to go for NYE too, white bttm here
  13. White Slut Visiting for Thanksgiving

    Definitely interested
  14. Tumblr acounts

    Mine http://twistedwhiteboyslut.tumblr.com/

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