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  1. whiteslut4u

    Corrupting a Little Bro at the Bathhouse

    I love this story
  2. whiteslut4u

    Are you on twitter?

    Add me whiteboycumdump
  3. whiteslut4u


    Hey all, I’m thinking of trying to webcam and maybe make a little extra money through it possibly. What sites do y’all recommend? Cam4cam, chaturabate, dudesnude, Pornhub(I think), xtube, and whatever others
  4. whiteslut4u

    The Intern

    Fucking hot
  5. whiteslut4u

    Black Thug in the Grey Morning

    Fucking hot
  6. whiteslut4u


    May go this week
  7. whiteslut4u

    Use me

    Looking to be used as a Cumdump but you must be able to host
  8. whiteslut4u

    Sup tonight

    No load refused
  9. whiteslut4u

    Sup tonight

    What’s up tonight hosting on south side (202) 594-9426
  10. whiteslut4u

    My New White Boy

    Would love to have something like this happen to me, my fav story here
  11. whiteslut4u

    Tumblr acounts

  12. whiteslut4u

    Public Cumdump

    Anyone down for public? I love taking anon public loads in bathrooms, parks, back rooms, alleys, abandoned buildings, and any other public spot
  13. whiteslut4u

    Cumunion tonight?

    Anyone going to cumunion tonight? I’m thinking of going
  14. whiteslut4u


    23 yo twisted whiteboy on the southside of chicago here yall looking for loads hmu

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