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    I love the beauty of AIDS.
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    I’m looking to groom and exploit a poz, toxic or AIDS man for profit. Love to find a sleazy whore who gets off on the idea of being pimped out as a poz/toxic Trophy boy/man. Let’s make our fortune off your HIV status.

    You should be an over-sexed, lean to muscular man of any age or race. Great if you can look both high end, as well as down and dirty. I will control how you dress, present yourself, all of your sexual decisions and activities.
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    What do you get? A safe harbor. I am a good looking, well built, respectable, total straight-edge. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. I will always be in control and know just how far to push your limits, while still preserving a sense of home and safety for you. I envision you as my boyfriend, as well as my sex object to market. Together we will share a life and build a business where we can share the profit

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  1. Who wants to get totally disgusting on the phone tonight? Message me.  

  2. An poz toxic AIDS men want to have some valentine's day fun?

  3. Hi Twisted Friends. I have a birthday coming up this week. Nothing would make me happier than to hear from all the glorious poz, toxic AIDS men on this site. Feel free to message me and/or send me your phone number if you would like to chat. Be as sick and twisted as you like!  

  4. A friend just set me up on a date with a guy he described as having a huge black poz cock. I'm excited! 

  5. Feeling twisted. Who's up for some phone chat?   Totally into guys who cheat, racial stuff, arrogant poz men, guys with "the look", etc.. Poz, toxic AIDS men and then men who love them should message me.

  6. Wishing you all a Poz-itive New Year. Keep pushing the sexual envelope and celebrating all the beautiful poz, toxic AIDS men out there!  

  7. Who's up for phone chat tonight? Looking to talk to guys with the poz/toxic/AIDS look or guys trying to get there.  If you are lean, vascular, sunken cheeks, wasting, message me.  

  8. Looking for a sexy  lean, vascular poz man to be my boyfriend and eventual husband. Who's interested?  

    1. toad2


      i would love this

  9. Any poz/toxic/AIDS men in Chicago  who would enjoy connecting tonight?  Let's have some fun!  

  10. Looking for some AIDSbone phone tonight. Message me.  

  11. My idea of fun tonight would be going to an AIDS fundraiser and connecting with all the poz looking men over 50.  They have what I crave!  

  12. Any poz/toxic/AIDS men in Chicago who would enjoy connecting tonight? Let's have some fun!

  13. My boyfriend is dieting so he can get slender and (to quote him) become "more poz looking" It's hot and it's working.  He's down to a 30" waist. 28" is his goal.  

    1. toad2


      man he sounds great

  14. Just spoke to a friend who is contemplating cheating on his husband and taking some poz BBC tonight.  He asked if I wanted to watch!

  15. Looking to get into some phone chat about all things poz, toxic AIDS related.   Very verbal and twisted here.  Message me.

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