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    I love the beauty of AIDS.
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    I’m looking to groom and exploit a poz, toxic or AIDS man for profit. Love to find a sleazy whore who gets off on the idea of being pimped out as a poz/toxic Trophy boy/man. Let’s make our fortune off your HIV status.

    You should be an over-sexed, lean to muscular man of any age or race. Great if you can look both high end, as well as down and dirty. I will control how you dress, present yourself, all of your sexual decisions and activities.
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    What do you get? A safe harbor. I am a good looking, well built, respectable, total straight-edge. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. I will always be in control and know just how far to push your limits, while still preserving a sense of home and safety for you. I envision you as my boyfriend, as well as my sex object to market. Together we will share a life and build a business where we can share the profit

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  1. Looking to get into some phone chat about all things poz, toxic AIDS related.   Very verbal and twisted here.  Message me.

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