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  1. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bottom-taking-my-first-positive-load-and-serving-the-top-34438461 Bottom taking my first positive load and serving the top bb bottom sub serving and obeying the top's demand to fuck his dirty load into me . very loud cummer
  2. Agreed... I love overflowing with cum, but also love the feel of a cock thrusting in me, searching for my prostate... but when I'm the bottom, it's up to the top to do what they want.
  3. Anybody know what happened to this guy? His videos seem to have all disappeared and they were hot!
  4. getting bred deep by the TOXIC friend of mine my mate is upto vl850000 now, really strong cum. he is so horny to be breeding me he cums really quick, and a tiny bit dribbles out my hole at the end. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/getting-bred-deep-by-the-toxic-friend-of-mine-29726561
  5. Search google using xtube and poz. What xtube has censored will show up there.
  6. mspchaser

    total bottoms and their cock

    I almost never cum when getting fucked. It pisses off some tops, but most don't care. Some feel like they're not doing a good job if I'm not hard, but in reality I'm usually loving it. I only cum if I'm on top leaning backward... I guess my prostate isn't what it should be but I love getting dick no matter what!
  7. This guy has lots of hot videos! The most recent has a good verbal bottom begging for his cum and already has loads in him!
  8. Well my so called "fb" flaked again. Oh well, I got bred by a 21 yo Latino who sure knows how to use it! 

    1. mspchaser


      I should also note, he got to my hotel and pulled out condoms... never touched them

  9. I don't know information weighed in or not, but at the moment, Josh or Noel from Sean Cody https://www.seancody.com/tour/model/860/joshua/ https://www.seancody.com/tour/model/978/noel/
  10. mspchaser

    Scorpion Tattoo

    What's the link?
  11. Tonight might finally be the night! A friend who stopped meds two years ago is planning to come by my hotel in Orange County tonight to drop off a few loads of charged up cum!

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    2. mjkuhl


      My kind of luck.  I stick with the bars and CL

    3. bbjockload


      Exactly.  That's why bathhouses sex clubs etc are better -- the dudes are already there!

    4. mspchaser


      Bars and bathhouses aren't my scene.

  12. Yet another flake... this time while on business in San Antonio. He messaged me on Grindr, I told him my room number, he got to the lobby (from what I could see on Grindr, he was the guy closest to me), then never came to my room. The door was propped open and he never came in to drop a load. Ugh.

    1. Read1



      I was starting to fuck a younger bottom on a fuckbench at Steamworks Toronto. About a minute into the fuck, he promptly got up and left. Like you -- UGH! and WTF! What did I do or say? I don't really know. I said to myself, "Time to move on". More raw fish in the raw sea! Keep lining up your raw sex dates. Don't get discouraged. Flakes are a part of our bb life. Time to move on...

  13. mspchaser

    Bottom bred and recorded

    Can't wait to see the vid
  14. mspchaser

    Trying to find specific video

    It's this same couple: https://www.xvideos.com/video16063977/black_and_asian_stairwell_fuck
  15. mspchaser

    Trying to find specific video

    Sounds like this one to me: http://barebackbastards.com/23062/black-top-poz-bottom/
  16. mspchaser

    Paul Canon Biohazard Tattoo?

    I'm sure he knows that it's the symbol for biohazard, but he wouldn't be the first gay or "gay" man to get it without it symbolizing HIV status.
  17. mspchaser

    150.000 Vl want to fuck me

    If you don't want it, I'll take it!
  18. Will be in OC July 13-17. Would love to get your toxic, poz cum in my neg ass!

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    2. Chargedup


      typical unlocked  my private and goes silent... next 

    3. mspchaser


      I was at the gym. ;)


    4. mspchaser


      I sent you a message and you never responded. :(

  19. I've had plenty, I suppose. Here are my top two: Fourth of July Night Before Camp By the way, both of these stories, as fantastical as they sound, are 100% true. If I'm lying, I'm dying.
  20. mspchaser

    What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Neg in 2015. Hopefully next time I test it's poz but I have no plans to test until it's absolutely necessary...
  21. It's been  a day since I was bred and now all I can think about is getting more cum in me... next time I hope it's poz cum... unmedicated poz cum.

    1. jaybird


      that's how it works .. the more fucks ya get - the more fucks ya want!

    2. lkngrnd


      Poz cum is addictive too. 

  22. mspchaser

    Not seroconversion

    Been there... had an encounter a few years ago with an unmedicated poz guy. A few weeks later I was down for the count, same symptoms, for almost two weeks. When I went in and was tested, it came back neg. in the since my previous test, I can't even count how many cocks and cum in me. I've been taking poz dick for 17 years and I'm amazed I'm still neg. a bit disappointed, too, if I'm being honest.
  23. mspchaser

    Not seroconversion

    What's your reaction to finding out you aren't seroconverting?
  24. mspchaser

    Poz tops at a bathhouse

    I'm the exact opposite: I'll tell a poz guy I'm already poz just to get his load.
  25. After a weekend at the cabin with my family, and having to sleep on the couch in the living room, I was horny as all get out when I got home today. I'd been texting dirty things on Grindr with random guys also at their family cabins but at least an hour away. When I hopped on Grindr when I got home, an old fb messages me and asks me if I want his load. I jumped on the opportunity then his rock hard cock. He pumped two loss into me without pulling out in between. It's making me want more...

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