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  1. Thanks for the rep :*

  2. Hi slut. I've got HIV HEP SYPH GONO & CHLYMIDIA to breed into you and mix our dna. You on WhatsApp or Kik or Skype?

  3. baregeil

    The Cobra's Bite

    great story!
  4. baregeil

    My Boyfriend

    Great story so far!
  5. baregeil

    Twinks of Helixstudios

    I am a fan of Dalton Briggs cock
  6. I saw porn star Paul Canon with a biohazard tattoo on his body. He does bare porn. Does somebody know if he is poz?
  7. baregeil

    Armond Rizzo

    Didn't know him. But he is really hot! He could fuck my ass any day!
  8. baregeil

    First porn star fuck -- true story

    Who was it?
  9. baregeil

    Fuck roulette

    Too bad this story was never continued.
  10. baregeil

    Condom Roulette

    Oh this is great! I love these roulette stories!
  11. baregeil

    IML 2014 - Looking for a Cumdump

    Did you do this already before with a young cumdump? How old?
  12. baregeil

    fucking black 21yo muscle boy raw (stealth)

    Hot boy! Would have loved to be him
  13. baregeil

    Let fate decide

    Please continue this story!

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