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  1. If you’re ever in Vegas, I’d love to get your loads in me 

  2. love to play toxic with you 


  3. In my day to day living as a ‘clean cut’ responsible Paramedic. No one has a clue that behind all that I’m a raw sleazy Poz pig who chased toxic charged loads online from random strangers, told them I took all loads regardless and when they were deep inside me ploughing my hole, I loved the thrill of looking straight into their eyes and asking for their DNA strains deep in my guts, told them to make me the nasty bugged up dirty cunt I was meant to be. I love it !!! So yes, definitely worth it!
  4. Would be absolutely awesome to have that beautiful toxic cock deep inside me,,,
  5. Is amazing how quickly I’ve allowed myself crave as much nasty disease and strains as I can and infect every part of my body with it.


    1. bugRyan


      Did you dump the meds yet so your strain and grow and become the toxic bug you need it to be?

  6. I encourage a verbal top by saying I was always born to be bred Poz and that I love my nasty holes, and that my sole purpose now is to take as much disease in them as possible. i’m then often told what a nasty diseased faggot I am, such a dirty aids chasing pig. I absolutely fucking love it
  7. When I’m laying on my back, legs in the air and being fucked, I can stare closely into the eyes of the guy with his raw cock in my hole and at the same time proudly whisper to him that I absolutely love my poz status and It’s my purpose to beep taking as many dirty bugged up strains of DNA and disease deep inside my nasty holes and mixing them all around.
  8. I’m a proud bottom slut and even more proud now that I can tell top guys I’m Poz too. It confirms to them that I’m a true take all loads dirty cunt with no morals whatsoever.
  9. I love this site, and it is amazing how much it has helped me in the journey I’ve taken in the last few years since, knowing I’m not on my own with my thoughts and desires, and also the enjoyment of achieving my bugged up poz status last year.  BZ is great.

    But because of its success and the support from all of you on here my journey has now gained rapid pace and the next stage of me wanting to become toxic and even more bugged up, achieving a full blown status is all happening far too quickly and causing me other conflicts and issues in my life, my job which I love and my friends and family. 

    I’m still so happy and proud of my status but need to take some time away from BZ to give me breathing space to think properly about the choices I really want that I won’t be able to change once made, ones I would never be able to go back on if I made the wrong decision. 

    So for now Hillboy is signing off here for a while, I’m not sure how long I will need to properly think these choices though, but must take responsibility and do things this way, at least for now  

    I love you all my friends. X x x x

  10. I’ve always been a good cumdump accepting all loads, but it's only since turning poz last year and having my sex drive rocket shy high that I now feel sleazy. Because as soon as a top finds out i’m a cumdump who is also Poz it adds to my role of being sleazy and accepting all loads regardless. I tell them I love it and ask them to bug me up completely with whatever they’ve got to offer
  11. Thanks for the follow!

    hail s-a-t-a-n

    fuck Xrist 

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