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    Nr Gatwick, UK
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    There is no greater role in life than pleasing a top, they are all that matters.
    I will literally beg for their cock and take all fluids in all holes. Love a guys DNA inside me.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    100% bottom, luv sucking a cock to completion or feeling a hard cock unloading in my guts.
    More recently this year I've been seeking out raw loads like a true cum dump, started in the sauna's and have now moved on to Craigslist Ads and Grindr with great success.
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    Only videoed in small groups
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    Luv the anon scene, really into fuck n go sessions, no chit chat. I just drop my Calvin's and offer my hole to total strangers, accepting their load with full appreciation.

    Told multiple times by tops that I’m the best cock sucker ever. Why not invite me over and try me out.

    Whilst I still really enjoy poppers I’m now parTying and loving every moment!!

    Am always up for horny meets so do get in touch

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  1. I love this site, and it is amazing how much it has helped me in the journey I’ve taken in the last few years since, knowing I’m not on my own with my thoughts and desires, and also the enjoyment of achieving my bugged up poz status last year.  BZ is great.

    But because of its success and the support from all of you on here my journey has now gained rapid pace and the next stage of me wanting to become toxic and even more bugged up, achieving a full blown status is all happening far too quickly and causing me other conflicts and issues in my life, my job which I love and my friends and family. 

    I’m still so happy and proud of my status but need to take some time away from BZ to give me breathing space to think properly about the choices I really want that I won’t be able to change once made, ones I would never be able to go back on if I made the wrong decision. 

    So for now Hillboy is signing off here for a while, I’m not sure how long I will need to properly think these choices though, but must take responsibility and do things this way, at least for now  

    I love you all my friends. X x x x

  2. I’ve always been a good cumdump accepting all loads, but it's only since turning poz last year and having my sex drive rocket shy high that I now feel sleazy. Because as soon as a top finds out i’m a cumdump who is also Poz it adds to my role of being sleazy and accepting all loads regardless. I tell them I love it and ask them to bug me up completely with whatever they’ve got to offer
  3. Thanks for the follow!

    hail s-a-t-a-n

    fuck Xrist 

  4. I’m up for this too
  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. Seems we have a tremendous amount in common 😛

  7. I so wish I’d have embraced being the total BB slut I am now when I was around 15 or 16. In those days I was too scared because of the Aids epedimic and dying. Was also too picky , only wanting good looking guys around my age Now I’m so jealous of younger lads on here and on porn videos, lads who are fit and toned who have embraced their slutty side around 18 years old and let absolutely anyone breed them. They have no issues about converting to Poz and proudly get a biohazard tattoo for all to see.
  8. Over the last few days I coming to the realisation that I’d rather be highly toxic and poz rather than being undetectable. 

    I’m thinking about it every day and feel I’ll then be the bugged up toxic pig I was born to be.

    1. bugRyan


      A decision not to be taken lightly, much like the decision to man up to POZ up.  I made the decision to POZ up so it would kinda silly to take meds to kill the bug that I wanted.  And it's disrespectful to Breeder who knocked me up.  Let us know when you ditch your meds, change your status to POZ, not on meds, and start letting the bug do what it's supposed to do...make you toxic!

    2. hillboy


      I think that the more toxic, nasty, dirty and bugged up I become, Will help me become the true person I’m meant to be.

      Am still undecided though 

  9. I actively seek out highly toxic poz loads. I change filters on websites before searching and where possible even avoid undetectable guys and go for ones who just say they are Poz. Its the hottest bug swapping sex ever!!
  10. Own my own place but have 2 lodgers, one female and 1 male, both of them are straight. We all work shifts so more often then not there is often one of them at home too and although we all have our own space they would hear me having people over plus I prefer totally anon hookups a lot of the time so I would need to leave my front door on the latch and they might bump in to a total stranger coming in to breed me Although it’s my place and they both rent from me, we are like a family, so when whoring my holes out on Grindr (and previously Craigslist) I always say “have car and travel” or “c’mon guys, invite me over’ and this way takes any hassle away from me that I would definitely get from them as we all are quite respectful to each other. That said, if I did live on my own then my door would be on the latch for anon loadings 24/7
  11. thanks for following

  12. I see myself as a dirty poz pig.
  13. The feeling is awesome!!! Am always proud to tell a top guy I’m poz, I think it confirms to them that I really am a bugged up cumdump who accepts all loads.
  14. hillboy


    46 yr slut lad here. Love all bugs

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