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    POZ undetectable tops, being a cum dump, BB, ws, group bottom, being whored out.
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    Being bred. Anonymous breeding. Being used.

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  1. rawhide50

    Dirty Uncut Cock? Dick Cheese? Smegma?

    Love the smell of smegma laden foreskin but very hard to find in the Dallas/Fort fWorth area. If anyone is willing to share their cheesy foreskin I would be willing to clean it for them.
  2. Just ordered some chem tubes with caps from Amazon for the sole purpose of making cum suppositories. Saving my seed for lube. Anyone else do this? Heard it's called "devil's dick"?
  3. rawhide50

    Bbrts Profiles

    bbrts: rawdesire DFW area. Always interested in meeting.
  4. othrsidenowhere on kik

  5. I like holding it inside to let it ferment. Anyone notice the smell after a few hours?
  6. Went to Club Dallas for the first time. Very pleasant experience. Took a couple loads and enjoyed watching the action. Wished I had gone long ago. Will be back there soon.
  7. Same guy I had met CL but contacted each other on kik. It was very late night early morning but we were both wanting it. We started off dogging but soon I was flat on the bed with him pumping my ass on top of me. He doesn’t cum quickly so it it was alternate pound it hard/slow for what seemed like an eternity. He nutted in me twice so it was certainly well worth it. Jock was wet with cum leaking from my well used hole. Definitely slept well the rest of the morning.
  8. Guy answered a CL ad I posted looking to be bred. He likes darkroom action and so it was. Dropped a nice load after 10 minutes of non-stop fucking. He insists we do it again. Looks like a regular thing.
  9. rawhide50

    Mailed Another Hot Load

    Any willing cum providers contact me. Will provide condoms for shipping. Thanks.
  10. Received a load from an online 29yo looking to bareback. Gave address and he was there in less than 5 min. Pumped me full of his cum in a matter of minutes and was on his way. Been carrying his seed since. Nice morning.
  11. Took two loads Sunday. One from a guy answering a post on CL. Showed up at his place and he promptly bent me over in his home office. Left with his seed leaking into my shorts since I don’t wear underwear. Few hours later answered a hit on BBRTS and picked up hot young Latino. We drove down the street, parked and walked along a sidewalk beside a golf course. It was dark so we went off the path a few feet where I bent over behind a lardge oak tree. He proceeded to fill my ass with his load. We pulled up our pants and headed back to the car. All in all a good Sunday.
  12. rawhide50

    big black cocks

    Can’t get enuff BBC. Love the girth and the length. Love when they get it balls deep and fill my hole.
  13. Put a CL ad up looking for tops to breed my ass. The word “breed” is magical. Started getting reply’s almost immediately. Took one load from a hung black guy. Next black guy deposited two loads one of which after he had cleaned his dick off to leave but decided to leave another load. He liked churning the cum and kept commenting how hot it looked. He wants to setup up a small gangbang with his buds and me for next weekend. Will see what that leads to if anything.
  14. Local vid store. Took two loads from complete strangers. Second top loved fingering the load from the first top and loved hearing the splashing noises made from cum load. All in all a good day at the vid store.
  15. A4A hookup. Dude contacted me wanting to spend time in my hole so who am I to refuse a load. Fucked my ass for a good long while and wasn’t interested in a quickie. Word my ass out but finally deposited his seed. Was fun to play with the aftermath.

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