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  1. i got a load yesterday at my friends (occasional FB) workplace - popped in to see him for a cpl of hours and then he mentioned he hadnt emptied his balls for 10 days.........luckily id douched my hole in morning when i showered.......feeling nawty i was in the staff/kitchen area pulled my trousers down,leaned over worktop and shouted on him............when he came through he knew exactly what to do........i drove home in car with his spunk inside me and kept his load inside me for 5 hours afterwards.
  2. My first time paying for black dick

    why oh why would you expel cum from your ass into a toilet........id have went and layed on my bed to stop rest leaking out.......you dont waste nectar
  3. Too Late to Pull Out

    more strains the better ...........i d take yours x
  4. zinc supplement and drinking plenty water is all you should need and not pills making all sorts of claims to empty your wallet.
  5. Oh well that was silly of me ........ive been chatting to a nice twink (25 yr old) guy for a cpl of months - he lives about 18 miles from me........we agreed to meet last night but as he cant travel and didnt finish work until 10pm i agreed to meet up with him outside his work (i knew he was genuine and would be there)........i then drove to a secluded place he knew of in countryside.......i sucked and rimmed him good and gave him a good deep kissing which we both loved..........we both stripped fully naked and he then pumped his 8" dick up me and filled me up with his spunk load.......he then fisted me deep as i layed on back seat of my car and almost reached his elbow.....i also asked him to punch fist me (this was his first time fisting but he was very very good) ........i then went on allfours as he wanted to give me a second load of spunk which he then fisted deeper into me as my ass opened right up for his prefect sized arm.......this is the first time i have been fucked or fisted outdoors and i have to say it was brilliant as he was a lovely twink............the silly thing however was my back seats werent covered so i spent most of today cleaning greasy lube of my leather seats LOL......if they stay stained slightly it will be a permanent reminder of my first outdoor fuck and first fisting outdoors LOL..........i will have to go buy a blanket to keep on back seat as id love to do it again outdoors very soon with him but id really love to get him back to my place for an overnight or weekend visit.
  6. tonight i feel i relived my youth with a beautiful Taiwanese twink........this gorgeous young man fucked for 1 hour non stop without a break and filled me with the biggest load..........as he wanted to try fisting that is what he learned.......his first time 1 hour without a break...........he fisted me deep and punch fisted me until my rosebud bloomed and he then gave me a second cum load........then followed by more fisting until we were both knackered and sweaty.........i think we will meet again this weekend so fingers crossed............im stinking of his spunk right now and love it.......he had to leave before midnight as he stays in student accomodation.
  7. Straight Dude Rapes Me

    i absolutely love it when someone pushes all the way into me balls deep without hesitating on the first stroke and then fuck me very hard for how ever long they want before breeding me with their spunk.......this is what makes me fall instantly in love with someone.........all the rest is just pussy footing about..........i love rough,raw and a creamy ending.........then repeat

    dont you just love it when a weekend comes along and you get bred multiple times by someone who is young,hung and full of cum?.............he isnt full of cum anymore as i took every load he had to give for past 2 days........i lost count after load number 6 but mustve taken at least 10..........i wish my hole could smell like this all the time.
  9. I have absolutely no objection to anyone taking clips or photos.....I was barebacked a d fisted yesterday so the 3 hour session was entirely filmed.......I also love close ups of my huge hole
  10. A question for bottoms on chastity

    i would do anything to please a top and not just chastity.........a top usually knows he can do stuff with me whatever he wants and use me to his full satisfaction whatever that may be - he does not have to ask as the answer is YES each and every time.
  11. beautiful pics - id love to take your loads up my ass sexy man ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Patrick


      You have great body and a divine hole that needs a lot of goody in it lol

    3. fisterm8


      take me on a trip anywhere you want....and your loads sound like just what i need - sexy man ;)

    4. Patrick


      Here to serve and to satisfy your needs stud

  12. Merry Christmas ............ i,d love a gift from you ;)

  13. you lucky slut getting all that lovely black cock,cum and fists.........i love T up my arse followed by a HUGE punch fist to make me nice n loose then raw cock and multiple spunk loads up me all night - heaven ;) ......im looking for a filthy blk boyfriend but im in the UK and not many in Scotland (cries)





    1. TallChiBBBtm


      Beautiful arse you have.  I love Tina up my arse too followed by all the Black dick I can find flooding me with their loads.  Love being a cum whore.

  14. im accomodating any BB tops..........poz unmedicated with high VL,poz undetectable or neg........any age or looks welcome and from anywhere worldwide - no loads refused.......can host for extended weekend or whole week for insatiable breeding tops........i am in Scotland UK with a greedy hole that needs well used.

  15. i,ve wanted your loads up me for a long long time - HOT man Gx
  16. Any San Diego guys on here?

    i get to SD now and again from Scotland........any GREEDY INSATIABLE - BB tops willing to host & breed me for 1 week during future visit or share me with your friends or other BB tops (upto you) - POZ (preferred) or neg okay - i can return the favor if you wish to visit Scotland. Pic attached of myself a few years ago in SD & LA.
  17. dude Stealth poz me

    text him and say THANKYOU
  18. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    any gay saunas near clapham common,brixton,clapham or balham areas?.....or any bb tops in these areas willing to accom me and share me out at saunas to other breeders?
  19. some pics......im looking for a poz partner & poz tops to breed me 24/7


    hole 1.jpg

    hole 3.jpg

    pt 2.jpg

    aw 5.png

    crisco hole.jpg



    geoff selfie 1.jpg

  20. id love a LTR husband like you to breed my rosebud everyday and let others use me.

  21. Thanks for following ;) 

    1. Fistulike666


      Would love to explore that beautiful cave ...

  22. wish i was in Houston........my hole would be flooded 24/7

  23. Bareback group, Edinburgh area

    im Dundee.........if i could tidy the crap out my spare bedroom it would be ideal for a scottish breeding group to use whenever or fortnightly or monthly. im a btm so would welcome getting a few different loads up me.

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