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  1. love this to get POZCUM from more PIGS

  2. yea i think you would have to arrange something in a hotel for this kind of thing. never fucked a woman before but it is fantasy of mine to do so with other men!
  3. Is Tim Jumping The Shark?

    TBH that kind of statement is nothing new from Paul Morris. I remember reading an essay he wrote back in the mid 2000s. He was talking about the American male attitude - the rugged individualism and defiance etc which he seemed to equate with masculinity and saw TIM as part of that. He equated the dangerous/reckless nature of skateboarding videos of that time with the risk of gay bareback sex. I didn't 100% buy it, but it was a fascinating read. I tried to find it to post a link, but the site it was on seems to no longer exist. I also read a queer theory book called No Future - Queer Theory and the Death Drive by Lee Edelman which I think Paul Morris bases/shares his ideas. Again, from a similar period, the mid 2000s. Basically the idea that homosexuality is inherently transgressive and "dangerous" to the meaning-making hetero majority. But in many ways I feel we have moved on from this in the west and this latest piece by Paul seems to me just an extension of stuff he has already written, pushing the shocks a little further and at the same time raising his often quite boring (nowadays anyway) porn into mythical status. Where else can he go from here really, if not to pozzing porn,. blood etc. Stuff which would shock the majority but is just this side of legality. Although I was quite surprised when Liam was able to release Slammed and the British censors apparently passed it. For me his best work was when he found HOT cumdumps and filmed them taking lots of cum back in the mid 2000s. The scenes were always lit well (i.e you could see it all - unlike Liam's videos where it's hard to actually see many of the people in the room because they weren't lit by Liam's on-camera light), the cum kept flowing and the men were generally hot to look at. Nowadays with PREP and PEP and meds, and a generally more sexually liberal culture, a lot of the allure/shock value of what TIM were doing back then is gone. For me tho, the genuinely HOT and extreme nature of taking annon loads up your ass from multiple strangers never loses its appeal. That's really all they have to do. Find new Dawsons and Christians and film them doing what they love to do! It was a simple formula that their new stuff struggles to recapture quite often, but there are certain scenes which manage to get it very right!!! To praise this latest writing from Paul, I do think it is still good to see someone - a porn maker - make a stand for gay porn and gay sex and the delights and thrills it offers - remember in America and around the world, there are many people taking away our rights or slaughtering us. ISIS as an example is a genuinely scary prospect for us here in Europe. Who knows how long our liberal 21st century Weimar can last!! Where I may take issue with Paul is that (whatever ones fantasies may be) I don't necessarily see pozzing porn or blood play as the best form of defiance to fascism. lol
  4. Goliath Video

    anyone know what happened to this guy? he is/was fucking HOT!!!
  5. Anyone Like Tall/Slender Top Guys?

    Interesting. I'm 33 I have always been slim/slender and up until recently, i was always a top. I didn't have any problems finding bottoms but usually they have been older guys who are happy to be fucked by a more twinky slim looking guy. Let's face it, proper slutty bottoms aren't bothered as long as they get a dick inside them. Also, i am blonde. So i think maybe i have been lucky to find guys (especially darker skinned guys) who like the white/blonde thing. At a sex club once i saw a hot bottom in a jockstrap who i sooo wanted to fuck. But he ignored me all night. My mate got chatting to him and found out that he assumed i was bottom. When he realised, i was able to load him up! :-) so maybe its that people assume you are bottom because of stupid ideas about how a top and bottom should look. For me there is NOTHING hotter than topping and loading a hunky muscly older dude! I've been surprised over the years how many have let me do it, but i had to be upfront with them and make it obvious I was a top, or they would have just over-looked me. Go to some saunas and clubs and show ur dick off. Don't wear jockstraps as that gives wrong impression (lol) make it obvious you are top by feeling up some holes to show u r interested in topping, and not bottoming. Also, people actually SEEING u being a good top will make it obvious to others around you and make them want you to fuck them too. That has often worked for me. Haha. Then u shouldn't have any problems! :-)
  6. AlwaysOpen. I an a firm believer in the power of positive (eh hem) thought. The mind and body are linked - stress and worry affects it terribly. So I believe your hypnosis (which is just changing your unconsious mental state) is very likely to help keep u well. To the poster of this thead, mental health and positive affirmations need to be part of ur future as well as physical treatment! Oh, and just so ppl know, i had a neg result on monday - another surprise. I swear i must be resistant to the bug. Lol. So on Wednesday I went out and took 2 poz loads! ;-)
  7. Raw fuck with 2 undetectable tops. Safe?

    PREP is a good option BUT, even with PREP, it wont reduce your risk of getting HIV to 0%. I know a guy on PREP who was taking his meds as advised and recently seroconverted. It happens. PREP is still in a "study" "trial" period for its effectiveness. It most likely works very well, but wont reduce your risk to 0. The hard line of the matter is, if you really really really don't want HIV, don't bareback. It's really that simple. If you can handle the small chance you may become poz, then do what you can to reduce the risk (serosort, fuck undetectable guys, take PREP or stick to topping) but none of these guarantees you will stay neg.
  8. Berlin day1

    Sounds like either food poisoning or gut bug? Did u get better in time for any more fun in Berlin?
  9. Berlin day1

    Oh God I miss Berlin! LAB was the horniest experience of my life apart from Coffee and Cream which was the poz party at New Action (think it still happens but dont know where it takes place now). I must go back in the Spring!
  10. Side Effects of PrEP

    Just out of curiosity, is the Prep medication any more toxic or heavier in dosage than a standard poz medication would be? Or are you put on a similar dosage to someone who is already poz?
  11. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    Id love to know if anyone has fucked Armond Rizzo! He does bb renting and based in San Diego. If I had the money i'd fly to American just to raw fuck his beautiful hole!
  12. HIV+ Celebrities

    Ive often wondered if George Michael was poz because of all his highly publicised antics and recent illness. Maybe he isnt but i wonder: if he did come out as poz, would that be a good thing or bad thing for poz visability? I only say this because to some extent George became a public laughing stock and I'm not sure if he does turn out to be poz, it would be much of a help. :-/
  13. perv/taboo chat

    What would be considered taboo on this site? I guess it would have to be monogamous sex in the missionary position with your long term husband! Now thats the sickest thing I can think of!! ;-)
  14. Internal Cum Shots

    Porn producers think that if the cumshot is internal, then the viewer may think it is fake! So to proove that the cumshot happened, they have to pull out. I agree with most here that I prefer for the guy to cum inside (genuinely) and then to see it running out. One of the most annoying things is to see otherwise hot scenes (such as from Big Daddy, Raw Strokes and Machofucker) with good bb fucking end up pulling out to cum in the bottoms mouth. Erggh!!

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