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    BRITISH, young, good looking, sleazy & twisted

    Can be DOM rough top or SLEAZY submissive bb bttm
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    Hung, sleazy, IN SHAPE, filthy minded and either dominant or submissive

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  1. Do you like unmedicated lads who look sick and have big toxic cocks 

    someone genuine who will do everything bad to me for ages and in places I’m known 

    love your raw cock and any bugs - slam your blood in me every hour 7DCA86CC-24D7-43C1-ACE4-6EF8E7B9A45A.thumb.jpeg.ecef63c4e52af746c824b7c72029be89.jpeg5277606A-F579-4D96-A058-BAA05D87A107.png.a947f149705f781f8ec7dc63141d1b8a.png7E63C0B0-D9E5-471F-9032-6187AA815DB7.jpeg.96d8b12da13dbb03674c77c831c2e478.jpegimage.jpg.00bbaf2851b671b1ae4b14e2b524b0ab.jpg84FCC805-B7BD-4B71-B714-6A328B5F9D8C.jpeg.40bb09acc75e17bc0d68aa2b7ffdef46.jpeg4A346D94-16E8-41BD-93CB-2D0BCD5DDB94.png.f607246f6612ed1e22df5bad71c57667.png45E22FC3-528A-45B8-88E5-73CECF328561.jpeg.e3ccca3585bd53497c18fb550a3d6fd3.jpeg78DC7E37-3A1A-45D0-9CBB-81A3F7FD1135.jpeg.838d25c2a88a77fbb8cb05edca404175.jpeg


    1. ronnie4u


      O.M.G. !   Wishing I was there or being like you - " Born to Service ALL "    doing anything to Service - HOT !     :)

    2. poshtoxiccock


      Where are you 


      not one guys showing interest 

  2. SayHello! I am new to the field. Looking to go to MAL 2018. Can use all the help I can get in knowing the ropes there...Looking forward to being a pup and taking BBC! and can also give BBC! WE should link up and experience MAL together

  3. Sleazy_Brit_Boy

    Question for the Tops!

    I'm not taking about appearance. Things like... They push back on your dick, or suck you every few minutes in between pounding their hole etc...
  4. Sleazy_Brit_Boy

    Question for the Tops!

    So often see & hear tops complaining about lazy bottoms, "they just lie there and moan" etc. QUESTION: What can a bottom do to satisfy you when you're a top?
  5. love ur profile and pic  where in the uk are u ?  i was wondering if you where interested in a bloke who got a tight  neg virgin arse to brake in  no lub  no condoms  you can used  tooth brush on me first so am bleeding  then  just  ram  you  cock  str8  up and  fuck me good and proper  and  unload al your well toxic cum  in my  arse make  me a very toxic poz  am in Leicestershire  let me  know if your interested   victor or  vic for  short xx


  6. Just looking into coming to MAL for the first time in January 2018. What do I need to know? Lots of BB?
  7. Sleazy_Brit_Boy

    Predators And Prey

  8. Sleazy_Brit_Boy

    Dungeon in the Hollywood Hills?

    End of July/Aug
  9. Sleazy_Brit_Boy

    Dungeon in the Hollywood Hills?

    Hooked up with a guy in LA a few months back, he said theres a guy who lives in the Hills that has some really hot n'nasty fuck parties in his huge dungeon, my hook-up said that I was the type of sleazy pig the dungeon guy likes. He tried to contact him, but appears he was out of town. Anyway I've lost touch with the guy I hooked up with. So anyone know the guy with the dungeon? or a profile? I'm back in LA soon. Private message me with any details pls.
  10. Ur hot!

    1. ronnie4u


      HungryHole22 so Fucking , Beautiful and Deliciously HOT !  Love and Adore his Cunt Hole !  :)

  11. Blood slam is hot

    Done it a few times 

  12. Sleazy_Brit_Boy

    Loudest & Longest Orgasm

    This is a hot cum shot. Top is so loud! http://barebackbastards.com/25254/seed-me-daddy/

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