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    cum, cumdumps, slutty twinks, jock & daddy tops, dom/sub, pups, bondage, poz, piss, fisting, toys, anon, gloryholes, bathhouses, slings, traveling, spit, felching, snowballing, verbal, incest, public, group, sex parties
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    An otherwise shy and down-to-earth midwest boy with a wild and dirty side. Been used, abused and humiliated all my life - love and crave that kind of attention. Have a bf who loves the fact that I'm slutty and sub to his desires. Love to be whored out to service all his friends and random guys he finds to invite over. Crave the feeling of raw cocks throbbing as they unload in me, feeling my hole loosened up and sloppy, dripping cum down my leg.

    Also love sticking my dick in slutty cum filled twink btms after they've been used by a few guys before me. I shoot huge loads!

    I'm a cuck and my bf cheats on me but I get off on it!
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    Amateur xtube stuff is all at this point.
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    Love being whored out as a cumdump for any and all loads. Just into anon or NSA sex. Love swapping loads with like minded young twinkish btm sluts as well. Up for perv and taboo chat. See my interests.

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  1. Deviant_Angel

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    Hot and twisted! Love it when it involves cheating bfs!
  2. My bf and I will be back in Chicago over the holidays and are celebrating piggy style by opening our hot asses up for loads at the Heart of Chicago motel! Pump, dump and go style. Fuck and breed either or both of us. I'll have bondage gear on too if that's your thing. No drugs, but yes to poppers! Party ad is up on my BBRT profile DeviantAngel if you want to sign up or message me here.
  3. Deviant_Angel

    Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    Most of my friends are whores and sluts too so we all do it together. Why would I want to be friends and hang out with prudes anyway!?
  4. Deviant_Angel

    Palm Springs resort with bf

    My bf and I go to PS every Feb and stay at All Worlds too. It's so much fun to get away for a slutty weekend vacation.
  5. Deviant_Angel

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    This def sounds like my type of event! I've been blindfolded and fucked raw by 20+ guys in one night in a hotel room a couple times before, so I'd say I'm ready
  6. Deviant_Angel

    Have you or would you like to be bred by a BBC?

    While I have found hot guys of all races, I def have a lust after BBC - several of my regular fbuds are black and they're at the top of my list of best fucks. Not only are they big, but they tend to know how to use them, with rhythmic moves. One of my most memorable experiences of all time was getting DPed by 2 nearly foot long BBC in Chicago for my bday a couple years back!
  7. Deviant_Angel

    Started MEDS after for the first time....

    I'll be back in SoCal in Feb. Hope I can meet up and swap loads before you go on again!
  8. Hot fucking pics! Nice cock and hole!!

    1. negversbbvirgin


      hastings trav accom


  9. Back in Chicago next week!  Big hotel pump-n-dump party planned for the 6th.  Both my bf and I will be taking any and all loads from as many regulars and anon strangers as possible!  Fucking love the nights we get to be total cumdump pigs together!!

  10. Deviant_Angel

    BF and I visiting

    We'll be back in Chicago and NW IN the week of the 4th of July! Taking any and all loads. Will fuck or swap with younger twinks too. Hosting a hotel pump-n-dump party on the 6th near downtown. Also planning on whoring out at SW one night too, date TBD. Pics are my creamed ass, me creaming my bf, and my bfs creamed hole.
  11. Love waking up and fucking my husband when he comes home early morning with a stranger's load in him!  Still stroking my cock with the stank of another man's seed on it mixed with mine.


    1. Subchemfag69


      oh man that sounds very hot indeed Sir....just wish I was there to lick you clean when your done and then eat him out Sir

  12. Deviant_Angel

    Letting another guy control who fucks you

    I often let my bf whore me out and control who fucks me. My 1 night record was 21 loads from I dunno how many guys (I was blindfolded but I'm guessing at least 15). It was a bbrt party in Chi hotel room.
  13. Finally took my first fist all the way past the wrist in my hole.  He was a hot latino boy who fucked me raw too!  I shot a load so huge while he had his fist inside me I used a large bath towel to wipe up and still had to finish cleaning up in the shower!!  Felt fucking amazing - like nothing else - not mention well on my way to turning my tight man hole into a fag cunt.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. boybottom4use


      awesome babe! I'm still working up to a fist.

    3. Deviant_Angel


      Yeah, I'm already hooked and can't wait to do more!

    4. Fistulike666


      Thats the way! Onward and upward

  14. Hi ... thanks for the rep. Good w/end so far? :*:drool:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fistulike666


      That's ffantastic Angel ... now maybe a good idea to concentrate on getting some width before starting to get further in. The width will be important later on when you manage to get further up the arm, not only because of the muscle bulk but also to allow your Top some room to manoeuvre 

    3. Deviant_Angel


      Yes, I agree, I need more width to stretch my hole out more and get comfortable getting a fist in.  He had fairly small hands and even then took a bit of time to get him in.

    4. Fistulike666


      Don't forget that getting your breathing right is a good technique.  Take a deep breath in ... hold for a count of 10 ... then get the top to start pushing and working as you SLOWLY let out the breath (again on a count of 10 if you can)

  15. Ran out of lube the other day.  My ass is sore after getting raped several times with only spit and cum!

    1. boybottom4use
    2. TTFN


      But cum is the best lube there is.

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