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    Leather, smoking, cigars, skin gear. 7” pierced cock, hairy all over, bearded, bareback only, internal breeding only, rough sex, giving and taking loads
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    5ft 8in, very open minded, vers for fucking, top for fisting, always been a strictly cum-in-arse kind of guy, don’t mind oral just as long as the load ends up deep in the arse. Love smoking cigarettes and cigars during sex, been top a long time but up for taking loads up my arse as well as giving them, would enjoy being forced to take a very big cock dry without any lube while mutually cigar smoking

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  1. For me it depends on the situation. If I am out cruising there is a good chance more than half the guys out there haven’t douched and just want to be fucked, so I carry a pack of antibac wet wipes in my pocket and just fuck, dump, clean and move on to the next hole. If it’s a session with a bottom who I know then there’s rimming, fingering and then fucking. I normally use my fingers to play with his prostate while using the tongue around the outside of his hole - I love getting a bottom close with rimming and prostate play, stopping, repeating and then finally fucking him when he is desperate to cum.
  2. My first ever sauna visit in my 20’s was an experience. I was wandering around and this tall muscular guy took an interest, turns out he had modelled on the sauna’s calendar too. Well we went into a cubicle and he proceeded to eat my hole, when he stood up he had this massive cock, bigger than any I had taken at that time but because of how relaxed the rimming made me he just slowly slid in balls deep. There was some pain when he got 3/4 inside, it felt like he had forced something open but he kissed me and started pumping slowly. After half an hour he started pumping faster and harder and, without any discussion from either of us, he shot balls deep inside me and just kept pumping back and forth for a few minutes afterwards. I didn’t ask his status, he didn’t ask mine, but he shot so deep I didn’t have any leakage and I proceeded to fuck and get fucked by a few more hours with other guys after he left. Whenever I went back I looked out for him but we didn’t cross paths again.
  3. I once, against my better judgement, met someone blind. I was in my 20’s got chatting on one of the AOL chatrooms and he sent me a file which was meant to be his picture but was corrupt. Well I parked in the car park of a services and a car pulled up next to me (we swapped car details). When he wound his window down he looked nothing like he described. He was about 20 years older, much heavier set, awful combover hair and missing teeth. I quickly tapped SOS to a friend which triggered a phone call. I answered, made my excuses, and left. I may have been a highly sexed 20-something but for someone to blatantly lie about their age, build and appearance was not okay with me.
  4. I was sent up to Manchester for a training course, had to catch the train up from South Wales actually on my 21st birthday. It was a week long, staying in what was the Ramada on Portland Street, with the training course in a building across the road. My biggest regret was not having the nerve to ask someone where the gay village was, since Queer as Folk was on TV back then and I wondered where it was. It turns out the gay village was about a 2 minute walk from the hotel and I have kicked myself ever since as I would have been fresh meat for breeding. Years later and I have been back to Manchester so many times it’s almost a second home. Also had lots and lots of bareback sex up there, but still need to find a well hung top to breed me senseless during a visit.
  5. I have only downvoted once and that was when someone posted something very disparaging against something another user had posted and they way they did it was uncalled for, aggressive and rude.
  6. Thanks, that’s good to know for future reference as it’s a pain being stuck in non smoking for the duration of a trip away.
  7. It looks like the poll may be a little badly put together as, if you don’t wear cock rings and leave the other 2 sections blank as not applicable, then you can’t submit your vote. Personally I have never found a cock ring that fits particularly well. As a child I had to have an operation for an undescended testicle and neither of mine are particularly low hanging so I find either the rings pull too much on my balls or are too loose and my balls pop out.
  8. And the blank profiles amongst others are why I ditched Grindr, Gaydar, Recon etc. in fairness Gaydar has died a death and Recon is mostly guys looking at pics and complimenting, so they aren’t really hook up apps any more. Grindr however is the most evil crap inflicted on the gay community, so many keyboard warriors, trolls and bots (can always tell a bot as it messages you to visit them on some external site). Over the years I have had many profiles basically owned by cunts on Grindr. One time when I was partnered and said on my profile we were looking to meet people not for sex a guy messaged claiming to have been fucking my partner, he knew the rough location but when I asked about tattoos said my partner didn’t have any, yet he had over 10 of them and not small - basically some lonely troll who liked splitting up couples. Another time a blank profile messaged and was all complimentary and wanting to meet, when I said no he was suddenly calling me ugly and that I probably had AIDS, when I pointed out I was recently tested he turned round and said he hoped I got AIDS and died - obviously so low an IQ that he didn’t take rejection well and also didn’t have a clue about HIV and the progression. Then there were the persistent trolls, one in particular used to message me to meet and I said no, he didn’t accept that and went on and on until I blocked him. Next day he was back with another profile trying again and got blocked again. In total before I deleted Grindr I had blocked him over 80 times on different profiles. For a lot of us where there is no gay scene and very few to no gay bars to meet people, even if trying to make friends, we turn to the apps and, even though there are categories for friends, people have the gall to have a go as “it’s a hook up app”, similarly they just seem to look at the photos and not bother reading the profiles. I think the app age has basically killed the art of being social. Sorry, that turned into a rant!
  9. Both my home town and my neighbouring city are boring as hell. Most guys in my home town are too scared of being outed to do anything locally, the nearby city (8 miles) has seen it’s gay scene implode from 7 bars and a couple of clubs to 1 bar and a drag bar that mostly caters for women and hen parties. The councils have closed most of the public toilets and all the good cruising areas were ruined by indiscreet strait people dogging in their cars during the daytime when dog walkers and families were about, so the police monitor them. For a decent night out it’s either Birmingham, Manchester or London and they have all been out since the pandemic started, plus they are between 3 and 4.5 hours travel from here.
  10. Hmmm, I was curious and went through the booking process, no mention of smoking rooms when booking via their website or booking.com
  11. I’ll have to note that for my next visit up there as it’s always nice to have the option of smoking a cigar during a session rather than having to step outside
  12. Used to have a couple of guys with private gloryholes round near me, was always an easy release, quick text to see if they were free and head over. The front door was unlocked, you’d walk up to this door with a hole in it, slide in and feel a nice warm mouth around your cock and sometimes some tongue action on your balls. One time I slid in and it felt really tight and quite dry so I had to force and could hear a grunt on the other side. Turns out he had his unlubed hole against the glory hole and it felt great with the tightness and resistance. He even thoughtfully left some wet wipes to clean any red or brown smears off afterwards. It was always hot having no idea who the person was or what they looked like, just using their mouths and arses to unload.
  13. Some people still seem to have issues with the concept of bareback sex, or at least like to give that facade in public. I’ve known a few guys who publicly state that people should practice safe sex, yet then have heard that they went to a party or a club and were taking cum up their arses. I don’t think it’s [banned word], more a case of some people just not wanting to admit to liking it in front of others.
  14. I used to stay in what was the thistle hotel and had lots of regular guests, I haven’t been there since it changed ownership to become an “Ibis Styles” hotel though. I did also stay at the Travelodge by Piccadilly gardens, they didn’t seem to be too concerned about guests having visitors.
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