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  1. I did know a married poz guy, but he was having guys cumming in his arse cruising 5 days a week after work for years
  2. Suppose it’s one way to try and ensure a pozzing if the top has a cock leaking blood and he makes the bottom bleed during the fuck. I suppose it could have been a neg top and a poz bottom, the top might have been the one trying to get pozzed
  3. Stumbled onto this while browsing thisvid, it’s very short but called guaranteed pozzing. The top pricks his cock several times with a hyperdermic before slamming it up the bottom. [think before following links] https://thisvid.com/videos/poz-guaranteed-pozzing/
  4. My first time being bred was a handsome married guy old enough to be my father, he did me hard and bare, went to town on my arse and bred me, never considered condoms after that either for giving or taking.
  5. I would add that if they get bigger or if they get sore or cause any pain or discomfort, see a doctor to be on the safe side. for now just ensure you keep the area clean and perhaps apply an antiseptic ointment to them just to see if that helps.
  6. I think they are just subcutaneous cysts, basically spots, they can happen due to sweat build up or clothing rubbing. I’ve had similar before now on my scrotum - popping it hurt like hell! I notice you are hairy, so am I. Be careful of wearing clothes that are too tight and rub, I’ve had quite a few in growing hairs in areas where clothes rub, they again look like spots but basically there is a hair inside growing round and around, longest I got out was over an inch.
  7. Thanks Nullo-sun-N8, that’s very kind of you.
  8. I was cruised once by a poz bearish guy at the STD clinic, he did some volunteer work for them and was sat in the waiting room smiling at me. He was good looking and very fuckable, but the clinic in question had a fairly small waiting room with a receptionist at the glass and the single toilet (for both male and female) off the waiting room was directly opposite the receptionist and in clear view of all the other “visitors”, it’s only when buzzed into the clinical area do they have decent facilities. When I came out from my appointment he had gone.
  9. I don’t mind being first up a hole, feeling it gripping my cock and encouraging me to shoot a big load inside it, just as long as I can also be last and churn those loads up with my cock.
  10. The only thing I don’t like about Knightbreeders is that a lot of the guys pull out, shoot over the bottom and then shove back in. For me I love internal cumshots and watching the cum start to leak out before the cock pushes it back in deeper.
  11. As a top I love doing A2M with a bottom, having him suck his juices and cum residue off my cock, I’ll keep dipping my cock back into his arse to give him more to slurp off me. Also love doing F2M with fist bottoms, having them suck their juices off my fingers after I have been deep inside them.
  12. Well I’ve had one guy decide to bug me off and on for months, saying he’d seen me out and how he’d like to do things to me. When I declined as I don’t do blind meets he got abusive and ended with him telling me “I’ll see you around”, now that was creepy so I blocked him. A week or so later, same type of thing again as he just created a new blank profile. I’ve also had a 16yo on the same street as where I live nagging me to let him blow me or for me to fuck him. Again no idea who he is as no picture but frankly you don’t shit in your backyard so declined (yes he is legal, but would I reall
  13. For me it’s always deep inside, then keep fucking to work that load into the arse. it’s been a long time since I last bottomed and I need to find myself someone who can get really deep to inseminate my hole, only three times have I taken a cock over 9” and I want to see just how good something even bigger feels when it shoots
  14. Having a threesome years ago with a couple, neg bottom and poz top, the bottom insisted that condoms were used. I was fucking the bottom when the top rubbered up to fuck me and I reached forward, grabbed the end of the condom and forced my finger through the rubber before pushing it down so the top’s cockhead was fully exposed. I think he enjoyed breeding my arse as the next day, while his partner was working, he picked me up from my hotel and we spent most of the day fucking loads deep inside each other.
  15. Lots of people don’t consider themselves handsome or attractive (myself included), just because you think you are “butt ugly” doesn’t mean other guys would. To be honest for me the person and connection is more important than looks and if a guy is a horny fucker with either a great arse or a nice cock then it more than makes up for looks. From experience, some of the really handsome and fit guys make the worst fucks as they are more preoccupied with themselves and their pleasure than the guy they are fucking with. I’ve had some of the best sex with average looking guys as they seem more con
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