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  1. Please be careful about acting on the “sparkle” as you can’t know for certain whether it means the same for him as it means for you. Also be careful about divulging any details that could severely alter the dynamic about the 2 of you. If he doesn’t know you are gay then he may be staying over in the way straight guys do, to talk, drink and just relax, if you drop a bombshell about your sexuality and he really isn’t expecting it then that will alter the dynamic. Have you ever mentioned homosexuality in a conversation with him (not about yourself but just generally), to see what views he has on the subject - this is just about protecting yourself and not making him uncomfortable or potentially angry about a situation.
  2. Hi Alchemist, please don’t take this the wrong way but it does seem as though you are lonely (in the respect of longing for a partner). It reads as though you may be taking friendship and familiarity with you as more than it is and are pinning your hopes on a guy suddenly falling for you. Whilst romantically this would make a lovely story, in reality if you aren’t careful he may pick up on the fact you want more than a friend and he may not be comfortable with that fact. Whilst a lot of straight men are comfortable having gay friends, having a gay friend who you suddenly realise wants more than friendship can be uncomfortable for a straight guy and rapidly end the friendship, sometimes with unpleasant words or actions. The fact you aren’t “out” makes things even more risky as it’s not just the fact that he may be uncomfortable that you have feelings towards him but if he has no idea you are gay then he may also take issue with that. My Gaydar is useless, I can’t tell a gay guy from a straight guy by just meeting them and unless something is said in conversation that makes the fact blatantly obvious then I just assume a guy is straight. Even if your friend was curious, it wouldn’t necessarily be any more than that, some straight men do fool around with other guys, but they would rather be in a relationship with a woman. You will eventually find someone who is also gay, become friends and things may well develop from there. If there are any clubs or groups for gay men where you are, perhaps start going and chatting to people, see what develops. You will have far more success and far less heartache if you don’t allow yourself to allow a friendship to become an infatuation, whether that be with a straight man or a gay man. Treat friendships as friendships, don’t start imagining and fantasising about what you could have with the other person and then try to turn the friendship into more than what it is - if things are going to happen, let them happen at the speed the other person is comfortable with and, if they don’t happen, you still have a friend. Trying to rush a friendship into being more at too quick a speed can scare people away. I’ve had friends who have met people, got on well and then it’s ended as fast as it began, all because they rushed things and scared the other person off. Please don’t take any of this as me trying to dismiss your feelings, we all have them, it’s just having those feelings with the appropriate person and, unfortunately, most straight men are just that (straight) and falling for someone you can’t have will hurt you emotionally.
  3. Hi, I see from your profile that you joined in April 2019, so have been lurking around for a couple of years. I take it you have heterosexual encounters but have a desire to try sex with a man after using toys or is your sole sexual experience just with toys? If you want sex with a man you could always get PrEP and if you are still scared of catching anything use condoms whilst on PrEP. Whilst there are ways of minimising risk, bareback isn’t for everyone and whilst this site is predominantly frequented by barebackers, there’s nothing wrong with people lurking just to have a read of the stories or some of the useful informational posts. I would suggest however that you don’t get overly hung up on barebacking, it’s easy for an interest to become an obsession, especially if it’s something you feel you feel you can’t do because you are worried about the risks - you could end up beating yourself up over it and that wouldn’t do you any good. The context of your title is a little unclear though, as to whether it’s the sexually transmitted disease risk itself or whether you have family/religious/cultural or financial reasons where contracting an illness such as HIV would cause you issues, some clarification could be helpful when it comes to people offering advice.
  4. Well I wasn’t always a top, from my teens to mid 20’s I seemed to attract tops (and straight/bi/married) and bottomed for most of it. From mid 20’s to mid 30’s I started fucking but was still getting fucked too. From mid 30’s I only started getting bottoms showing any interest and so basically have been a top for 10 ish years. I can’t say I made a conscious decision to be a top, it’s just what happened. The only real constant was that bottom or top, it was always bare.
  5. I understand your perspective but even as a top I enjoy the feeling of a tongue along the perineum and circling my hole, there are a lot of nerve endings round there and getting it worked is one of the fastest ways of getting me hard again after I have bred a hole. One session with a very good bottom resulted in my cumming inside his arse 11 times over 6 hours as, as soon as I cum, he would be sucking my balls and licking my perineum before rimming my arse. I’d warned him my cock head gets sensitive after I cum so he avoided sucking me until after he’d worked me hard again.
  6. I’m almost exclusively a top (used to be versatile but for over 10 years have only seemed to attract bottoms). I do however love a guy shoving his tongue up my arse and going to town, rimming as deep as possible and stretching my hole with his hands and tongue. How many other tops love being rimmed deep, even if not into getting fucked?
  7. Could be worse, a friend of mine decided to spice up his fisting lube with a little chilli, thinking a mild heat would be pleasurable. He totally misjudged the amount, poured in half a bottle of chilli oil and first time he used it, there were definite tears in his eyes, and they weren’t tears of joy!
  8. I had the full quarterly sexual checkup so did a urine sample, rectal and penis swabs and blood tests so couldn’t tell you which detected it sorry.
  9. Definitely go see your doctor, the only STD I ever had was a case of gonorrhoea which showed up on my regular check up, I was totally asymptomatic. From memory it was a jab and 4 tablets to clear it up for me. I then unfortunately had to contact everyone I had sex with between check ups to tell them to get tested. Your symptoms do sound like classic gonorrhoea so see a doctor and they will soon clear it up.
  10. When I was younger and first started having sex I discovered a public toilets with a couple of holes between the cubicles, usually stuffed with tissue paper. Used to love quietly removing the paper to catch a peak at the cock on the other side, sometimes I would remove the paper and the guy would be stroking or would be looking back, then either he would put his cock through or I would. That was how some of my first sexual experiences went, less risky than standing at a urinal wanking. From there I discovered the foot under the partition trick where the foot would come under slightly and, if you moved your foot to contact it, if the person reacted by tapping your foot back it typically meant he was up for sex. Most of the glory hole action was sucking, although I did fuck and get fucked a few times through the hole, it just depended how thick the partition was and the height of the holes. Unfortunately they then started attaching stainless steel plates on the lower half of the partitions on both sides so people couldn’t create glory holes and these days you only find them in saunas or sex clubs.
  11. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 11, used to pinch the odd cigarette off my parents when they weren’t looking and had my first cigar when I was 12. I’m now mid 40’s and still smoking cigarettes and cigars and still have a massive smoking fetish. I’ve always found the site of a good looking guy smoking gets me hard, I love smoking before, during and after sex too.
  12. Personally I think it’s the person that’s important and the disability shouldn’t be the focus. There are lots of people with disabilities in life and unfortunately a lot of us see the disabilities and go out of our way to over accommodate it, to offer help and assistance or to make adjustments without being asked. I’ve had quite a few friends who have found this infuriating as many of them just want to be treated as normal human beings and, where practical, not let the disability have an impact, especially sexually. I’ve had friends who use canes or crutches and in some cases a wheelchair, who just want a guy to lift their legs onto his shoulders and pound the cum out of them, I’ve also known a couple of wheelchair- bound tops who love nothing more than a guy straddling them while they use their hands and arms to lift him up and shove him down on their cock. Obviously there will be some situations with a disability where you may have to go a bit easier or do it in a position you wouldn’t normally do, but the same can be true with an able-bodied partner, they may find a position uncomfortable and want you to change. Just enjoy yourself and let them enjoy themselves too, if something isn’t comfortable or is painful they will let you know and you can do something to make it pleasurable for the both of you.
  13. Frankly I don’t do any of these “monthly trend” campaigns, I quite enjoy being an individual and not latching onto a particular trend for a month just because people are hashtagging it. I doubt I could abstain from cumming for a month, not that I would want to, I could see it getting increasingly frustrating and as a consequence my ability to self-censor myself in certain situations would be impeded (such as politely telling a colleague they are wrong rather than telling them they are a useless fucktard waste of space). Hats off to those who are caged and enjoy chastity, to each their own, I just know I couldn’t do it for long without leaving a trail of destruction in my wake!
  14. I have seen pozzing-related stories in the Bug Chasing and Gift Giving FICTION section which include some bondage, leather, CP, S&M and other such activities which could theoretically be considered as more Hardcore Fetish FICTION, however the story itself related to barebacking and breeding, so perhaps there is a slight leeway/tolerance that some bug chasing may take place in an environment which crosses boundaries, perhaps @drscorpio could confirm or give further guidance. I have been tempted to write some fiction myself, but have also been curious as to the boundaries as to when a story goes too far between 2 subjects. I guess in a chapter-based storyline there may be a situation where over a certain percentage of a chapter crosses the line, but then I guess it would be up to the author to split the chapters accordingly so that a chapter doesn’t become majority focused on a different path. For example: 1. You could have a chapter set in a leather bar with a guy bound to a fuck bench with a group of poz leather guys fucking mouth and arse, some CBT and TT but going into specifics of the poz tucking action and that would be permissible in the Bug Chasing and Gift Giving FICTION section. 2. You could have a chapter set in a leather bar with a guy bound to a bench being paddled or with CBT and TT but no specific bareback fucking by poz guys or specific mention of pozzing in the chapter and it would take it more into the Hardcore Fetish FICTION section.
  15. I’ve had no issues and I tend to check the site quite a lot for any updated fiction
  16. In the U.K., consensual gay sex used to be illegal, then it was allowed (in private) as long as both parties were over the age of 21 (if I recall correctly, sex involving more than 2 men was still considered gross indecency and sex parties/orgies were a bit-no, this was in 1967 except in Scotland where it was illegal until 1980 and 1982 in NI). The age of consent was then reduced to 18 in 1994 and finally the age of consent lowered to 16 in 2000 (17 in NI until 2008) Laughably whilst the age of gay consent gradually, over several years was reduced to 16, heterosexual sex was legal from 16 and up, so you could have a 16 year old girl and a much older man having sex with no issues at all, however before the final lowering of the age, gay men of 16 would have been illegally having sex and if the other person was older then they would have been convicted of sex with a minor. Even more laughable was the fact that while gay sex was illegal until at least 1967, the age of heterosexual sex prior to 1885 was 13, when it was raised to 16. Apparently the “logic” was that girls are more mature than boys mentally at 16, so could make their own decisions. There are a few topics on here which discuss underage sexual encounters, I can’t say I have read them but hopefully they are complying with the rules and are factual rather than sexually gratuitous. If you do spot any posts which you think may be sexualising underage encounters or rape then please alert the moderators so that they can investigate, remove and reprimand where necessary. Posting a general rant using strong terms such as “fucking disgusting” isn’t constructive and will generally result in people downvoting you whilst not achieving anything positive, as I said, if you see anything you think breaks the rules then report it. Personally I have never used chems, it’s never been something I have wanted to do, I enjoy sex and don’t need it “enhanced” with booze or drugs. Other people however do enjoy sex whilst under the influence of chems and, that’s entirely their choice and I won’t criticise them for it, I don’t come into the forum shouting “there’s too much fucking chemsex, it’s disgusting” as I have no experience of chemsex, have no interest in chemsex and I tend to avoid criticising others for their acts unless it is harmful to others, in which case I would just report the post quietly and move on. You tend to find a respectful argument gets you further than confrontational rantings, if you take issue with certain things then either don’t read them or report them, if you can’t do that then maybe this forum isn’t for you.
  17. It’s having sex in public toilets, so similar to cruising but in a toilets rather than in an open space
  18. Cottaging and cruising were my main source of arse and cock from my teens to my late twenties, until the straight doggers became less than discrete, started playing in their cars in the car park during the day and attracted the attention of the police, ruined most of the local cruising areas.
  19. Happy Halloween, wish I had a horny hung devil breeding me right now
  20. If you are on mobile, you go into your profile and there should be some buttons next to where your profile pic would be, one looks like a pencil, click that and you can edit your profile.
  21. Wales has some nice scenery but is the land that time forgot when it comes to being gay. Our second city has 1 gay bar remaining when there were 7 at one point and Cardiff’s scene is imploding where the council is trying to “gentrify” areas and as a result the gay sauna is gone and so are some of the bars and clubs.
  22. For me it depends on the situation. If I am out cruising there is a good chance more than half the guys out there haven’t douched and just want to be fucked, so I carry a pack of antibac wet wipes in my pocket and just fuck, dump, clean and move on to the next hole. If it’s a session with a bottom who I know then there’s rimming, fingering and then fucking. I normally use my fingers to play with his prostate while using the tongue around the outside of his hole - I love getting a bottom close with rimming and prostate play, stopping, repeating and then finally fucking him when he is desperate to cum.
  23. My first ever sauna visit in my 20’s was an experience. I was wandering around and this tall muscular guy took an interest, turns out he had modelled on the sauna’s calendar too. Well we went into a cubicle and he proceeded to eat my hole, when he stood up he had this massive cock, bigger than any I had taken at that time but because of how relaxed the rimming made me he just slowly slid in balls deep. There was some pain when he got 3/4 inside, it felt like he had forced something open but he kissed me and started pumping slowly. After half an hour he started pumping faster and harder and, without any discussion from either of us, he shot balls deep inside me and just kept pumping back and forth for a few minutes afterwards. I didn’t ask his status, he didn’t ask mine, but he shot so deep I didn’t have any leakage and I proceeded to fuck and get fucked by a few more hours with other guys after he left. Whenever I went back I looked out for him but we didn’t cross paths again.
  24. I once, against my better judgement, met someone blind. I was in my 20’s got chatting on one of the AOL chatrooms and he sent me a file which was meant to be his picture but was corrupt. Well I parked in the car park of a services and a car pulled up next to me (we swapped car details). When he wound his window down he looked nothing like he described. He was about 20 years older, much heavier set, awful combover hair and missing teeth. I quickly tapped SOS to a friend which triggered a phone call. I answered, made my excuses, and left. I may have been a highly sexed 20-something but for someone to blatantly lie about their age, build and appearance was not okay with me.
  25. I was sent up to Manchester for a training course, had to catch the train up from South Wales actually on my 21st birthday. It was a week long, staying in what was the Ramada on Portland Street, with the training course in a building across the road. My biggest regret was not having the nerve to ask someone where the gay village was, since Queer as Folk was on TV back then and I wondered where it was. It turns out the gay village was about a 2 minute walk from the hotel and I have kicked myself ever since as I would have been fresh meat for breeding. Years later and I have been back to Manchester so many times it’s almost a second home. Also had lots and lots of bareback sex up there, but still need to find a well hung top to breed me senseless during a visit.
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