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  1. If you walked around in a pair of leather chaps that show off your ass I am sure you would have a place to stay in no time in some leather daddies sling getting fucked all night. Rooms sell out fast I know but there are usually guys looking to share.
  2. Hey thanks for the follow!

  3. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun.

  4. He is poz he tweeted that he was not too long ago. Here's the tweet
  5. I believe that is Michael Anthony who was/is an exclusive for the studio Zyloco.
  6. He is poz he tweeted that he was not too long ago.
  7. It was just announced that Ace is the newest exclusive model for Lucas Entertainment
  8. This is one fucking hot story!
  9. Thanks for your rep on my Fucked by Dad/Son Black Dudes. Cheers!

  10. Seattle has great healthcare for poz people and is a nice city but rents are rising fast and gentrification is happening all over. Our state has medicaid expansion so that is something to consider if your out of work but who knows what will happen with the GOP set to dismantle Obamacare thought the gov of WA is a Trump antagonist so hopefully things won't be awful here once the dust settles.
  11. I might feel that it should be taken down if it was damaging his reputation but I don't feel that it is. I remember him for his music. So someone filmed a porn at his house, it is a nice house so it was a compliment of his good taste in decorating. And being it was done without his knowledge why would anyone look upon his reputation negatively? If they choose to do that then they are not a fan in the first place. BZ is a forum for free speech which is exactly what this is.
  12. This has also been answered extensively before so do a search for terms like applying to be a porn star or similar.
  13. This has been covered before and is very easily found go to whatever studio or production company you like for sleazy porn and they will likely have a model application you can fill out.
  14. Anyone know for sure what studio it was and what movies? I suspect Treasure Island as they use locations like apartments, hotel rooms, etc and often include some of their American stars when they film on location in London.
  15. Add that to the list of Xtube flaws

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