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  1. with a furnace repairman like that I would be making my furnace need service all the time.
  2. If they were tweaked you would not be seeing the boners they get unless they are taking erectile enhancements, plus you would see other signs like dialated pupils, inability to focus on fucking, and clenched jaw or grinding of the teeth all signs of someone using meth. Most producers are not going to want to take the risk of giving models drugs because while it sounds hot it would likely lead to a longer shoot and that means more money spent.
  3. is one I recently found.
  4. He's TwinkFeet on NastKinkpigs
  5. remember whoever left you that note was also on Xtube so they are not innocent themselves.
  6. Maybe he travels often going through Love field so you might run into him again??
  7. I look for them on and then see if they have any clues posted in thier escort ads indicating that they parTy.
  8. Moved from the enhancements forum since it was not the appropriate one for this question.
  9. An interview he did with Squirt where he talks about that "fuck me" tat on his ass
  10. As soon as I saw that post I was checking him out. It made me an instant fan that he was not ashamed of his fetishes and what turns him on and he is hot too. His bareback debut with Lucas Entertainment comes out 12/23/16 here's the preview
  11. It used to be that if you did bareback porn then the condom studios would not hire you. It was basically a black list but as more and more studios went BB that seems to have gone away or is not as widespread because so many studios are BB now. So was earier for some guys to keep their barebacking on the down low so they would still work for the condom studios.
  12. Sorry you had such a bad experience with that fucker. Why the hell did he squirt it in your mouth, that is fucking weird.
  13. Glad your going to continue, love reading about your hot fucking times while in Berlin.
  14. I have lusted for that big fat cock of Rob's ever since I saw him the first time in his gang bang bareback video.
  15. Would love to get tag teamed by Anton and Peto, spit roasted as well.

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