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  1. I have so many but My top few are Champ Robinson, Ray Dalton and Armond Rizzo.
  2. Just seeing that you were posting a new story 1981virginia made my cock jump with anticipation because your stories are always so good.
  3. How rude to say you're ok with bareback then when he is about to stick it in ask for a condom. He's lucky you didn't send his ass packing right after he asked for the condom.
  4. Do tell more ;-)
  5. 20 yr old breeding a sloppy pozz hole
  6. Raw barebacking a furry muscle bear
  7. Two dudes with biohazard tats barebacking
  8. His profile has been updated in the last 24 hrs so he still rents but on his profile he says safe only ;-(
  9. I have been watching this hot fucker lately. He posts clips on Twitter and Tumblr lately he has been posting Hampstead heath vids where he is servicing guys at the park and gets a load all over that beautiful face. His Xtube amateur vids are worth the price in my opinion. This guy is so damn sexxxy I would bend over for him in a heartbeat.
  10. Guys have complained about the host hotel cracking down on sex parties on its premises so they had security guards wandering the halls and looking for doors ajar or slightly propped open which was a sign of a sex party. If they found one then they shut it down and could kick the person renting the room out. Just what I have seen mentioned more than once regarding IML over the past few years.
  11. The guys who are totally pro converting and anti prep are always quick to weigh in on stories like this but never have any facts to back up the claims. If it can't be backed up then it is fake news or alternative facts.
  12. Especially if he is taking loads at Club Z. I wonder where he lives to not know about PrEP you kind of have to be closeted or from some small town where anything gay is a no no still. You did the right thing, I doubt the guy is wanting to get pozzed.
  13. Great review and I agree I tend to put it like this Steamworks is more corporate and Club Z is the independent that does it's own thing. Things are a little less stuffy at the Z but then that has it's drawbacks being the tweakers. I don't mind guys who are partying but when you get tweaked out messes who are so fucked up they can't fuck that is no fun. But they usually will kick out the guys who get that bad.
  14. He's at the top of my list for porn star escorts I would hire if I had the extra money.

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