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  1. Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Which pig are you if we were to watch that video?
  2. He's active on DudesNude still looks fucking hot as ever.
  3. https://gizmodo.com/this-guy-just-injected-himself-with-a-diy-hiv-treatment-1819659724
  4. XTube user botmatt23

    He's not back that I know of but I found one of his vids http://m.holediary.com/playvideo?id=47 There are two additional vids of his on this same site posted by the same person who posted this one.
  5. XTube user botmatt23

    He's not back that I know of but I found one of his vids http://m.holediary.com/playvideo?id=47
  6. Getting a few loads

    Fucking hot slut thx for sharing your breedings.
  7. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/07/health/california-hiv-bill-signed/index.html
  8. cumunion seattle

    You can view the list of those who say they are going on BBRT in the party Section for Seattle.
  9. https://www.gaypopbuzz.com/man-charged-sabotaging-condoms-hiv/
  10. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    I meant that it's not often a porn star continues to be an active escort so many years after they stopped doing porn. Kevin's longevity is must be a testament to his skills. You're right variety is the spice of life, and often you pay more for the "big names" when hiring escorts but that does not mean you get anything better.
  11. Sex For Money

    rentmen doesn't cater to pimping out bottoms it is where escorts who top, bottom, or are versatile can advertise their services.
  12. Sex For Money

    There is a typo in the URL it should be https://rent.men/CalebRogersXXX
  13. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    He is still escorting too.
  14. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    Kevin Slater knows how to fuck, I bet that was a good one.
  15. That is who I was going to say too. One thing I like about Owen is he is not a total bottom, he can top too, and does. He is a proud pig as evidenced by his social media posts ;-)

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