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  1. Jarod Steel (poz porn star)

    Alaska is where his family lives I think but it also was the place he went to when he left porn and wanted to get clean. I always figured it is also harder to get party drugs up there. He is married now to a cute guy and they seem to be in wedded domestic bliss.
  2. Cock Ring Chafe

    Not Usually but the other night I fell asleep with my metal one on and woke up with chafe along the top of my shaft.
  3. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/04/man-deliberately-infected-others-hiv-just-got-life-sentence/
  4. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    posting a short video on xtube does not make someone a porn star, like they think.
  5. I thought that looked like a german flag so I looked for german models didn't find him ;-(
  6. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Pulling Out gives some guys the false sense that they are not going to get HIV if they don't get the load in their ass but that is not true Precum contains the virus and if you were getting fucked bare you got precum fucked in your ass. So why waste a load since you have already had exposure, might as well take it all.
  7. Not Erik Grant for sure. The guy in the video has a yellow tattoo on his right shoulder, Where Erik has a Dark Blue one.
  8. This one I believe is not made up. Now if I saw it on a tube site then I would be skeptical I see vids all the time that are titled with things like Poz conversion party and stuff like that when the video is a scene from a BB porn video that was not as the titles claims. As for tats on the cock it's not Tony Bishop or Chris Neal two other BB porn guys with tats on their cocks.
  9. So here is a link to the full video but you have to be a paying member to view it https://www.nastykinkpigs.com/mobile/m_allvideos.php?vid=102910
  10. Tried to find the video again but I think it might have been removed cause I cannot find it now. It was posted on NKP.
  11. I know he is poz because the guy who posted the video on NKP said he is poz. I don't like to assume anything because like the old saying goes that makes an ass out of you and me. I also do not have time for games, I have too little time to play games like that.
  12. I am not a fool thank you. The video was from Nastykinkpigs and you have to be a paying member to watch the vids on that site, so I did not post it for that reason.
  13. Wondered where that hot vid went.
  14. Anyone recognize who this top guy is? He is a former porn star. Has more tats than are shown in the screen shot but it shows his cock has a tattoo as well. Trying to ID him.

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