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  1. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Anyone who has done scenes for Treasure Island is definitely worthy of being called a star in my book.
  2. Fuck would love to have been there to watch.
  3. Danny Roberts who became famouse when he appeared on the MTV show The Real World New Orleans in 2000 and was dating a guy in the military forcing MTV to blur his face because of don't ask don't tell has announced he is HIV positive https://ew.com/tv/2018/11/20/real-world-danny-roberts-living-with-hiv/
  4. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    He does the vids that they film during Pig Week so for some that is an easy way to get into porn. He seems to have good rapport with his stars many keep returning like Ray Dalton.
  5. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Michael Phoenix has a cock I would love to play with. Big but not too big fat but not too fat perfect for filling you up in more ways than one hopefully.
  6. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Owen Hawk has always been on my list of guys who turn me on but I have noticed that he seems to only be doing vids where he is doing oral or getting fucked for his justfor.fans site I want to see him topping some more. Makes me thing he is getting more submissive as he get's older. Thought his hot and hung younger BF would probably have me bottoming all the time too.
  7. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Victor Cody films his videos in the Fort Lauderdale area and he prefers poz models his site states, since he does not test.
  8. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Well it sounds like the condom was worth it if it allowed you to do the video but keep the bf. I didn't really pay attention to how he put it on but was that by accident do you think?
  9. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    You must be the homeless guy then. You cleaned up very nicely,and Michael's cock looks like it would be great to take in the ass I just wish he hadn't put that damn rubber on in that scene.
  10. seaguy

    Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    You're a hot fucking porn star. Hope the new scene goes well and ends up being really hot and popular with viewers. Can you say what site or studio it might be?
  11. I have always really liked Luke as well. I found him on Twitter and Facebook under his real name and he seems like a genuinely nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. Porn was just something he wanted to do is the impression I get and he has a kinky side so it helped fullfill that as well.
  12. seaguy

    8 Days, No PrEP, 33 Loads

    who was the pornstar?
  13. Dillon is fucking sexxxy he was in the marines too.
  14. Excellent picks I agree with you.

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