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  1. Hell yeah and video some of it to share.
  2. First CumUnion

    There is no rule saying BB only. Heck the one in Seattle is held at Steamworks and they have been known to kick barebackers out in the past. But being that Cumunion is sponsored by and produced by BBRT one would have to be stupid to think it was a safesex event. Guys asking for condom use are probably going to get turned down and will be in the minority curing Cumunion that is for sure.
  3. Open relationships question

    Would you consider hooking up with your ex if he moved to your city and you were in an open relationship?
  4. Norfolk Naval base

    Why bother sharing if you're not going to include details. The whole point is to share the details.
  5. I don't watch condom porn but I do read porn blogs so I see some of the condom guys are some I would love to see go raw but many don't. But recently I came across some vids from Austin Wolfe's onlyfans account. If you are not familiar Onlyfans it is a new site where anyone can post private vids for their fans and charge them a monthly subscription fee. Lots of porn stars are signing up and then sharing private vids and Austin's https://onlyfans.com/austinwolfff?ref=376251 are fucking hot bareback for the most part and often with other porn stars. I would gladly pay his $9.99 monthly subscription price but the site has some issues with the credit cards they can accept and security in how they are processed so my cards so far have not worked. Austin shares videos of himself barebacking Armond Rizzo and shows the action from a few different camera angles. It is hot. Especially considering his porn work is all condom with Hot House, Falcon and other condom only studios.
  6. I read many of the porn blogs and it is similar on them. The condom nazi's love to harp on porn stars who do bareback. making shit up about them being druggies and speculating that they are poz, but not in a nice way. When people go online they don't have to worry about being polite or getting pushback from others if they say something that is rude, or insensitive so they are more prone to being mean and hence we have the terms trolls and haters and sometimes in the gay community we get ones that are even worse when the target is also gay. Sad really that they don't stop to think maybe if I instead focused my anger and hate towards those who are against my community (alt right) I might help to make things better in my life too. You have to learn to ignore them or maybe not be so open about things that they can then use to attack you. Use tools like blocking them too.
  7. Antonio Reyes-Minana jailed for infecting men with HIV http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-40940281
  8. I didn't know he had been around that long. If only Marine Crucible 2 was bareback it would be so much better. Kind of funny how many of the stars in it went on to do lots of BB videos.
  9. Reminiscing

    Condoms make anal sex become a less intimate act and more of a clinical emotionless act.
  10. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Mungo87-makes-me-cream-all-over-his-dick-27808591 at one point the top Mungo87 says "you like that black poz dick don't ya?"
  11. That is one pierced dick.
  12. Dad's Basement

    So fucking hot I've been rock hard throughout each chapter.
  13. Cumber.....its Uber for sluts

    Hot story. This app would put Grindr out of business.
  14. Does anyone Keep a FUCK Diary?

    I have kept all the phone numbers and notes I have gotten while out at the bars over the years in a little box and a few years ago I went through them it was a trip down memory lane cause many of them were part of a hookup.
  15. I was wondering if now that Chuck Renslow has passed away there might be some changes since he was the founder of IML and maybe they might have some more realistic and less anti BB people making the changes and running things? I mean I understand not wanting some of the stuff that TIM does that is a little controversial but pretty much all (good) porn anymore is Bareback so it is time they acknowledge that reality.

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