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  1. click on the check your prep score link at the top of the page.
  2. Some Timfuck scenes will show a gar of vaseline in the background I can't recall which ones exactly though. I follow Ray Dalton on Xtube and twitter and he has posted vids of him fucking using vaseline as well. I use it, it's cheap, lasts a while and is good for other uses. My only complaint is it's a little bit of a bitch to clean it off when done.
  3. Fire at the Steamworks Club bathhouse in Berlin
  4. One is porn one is Hollywood of course Hollywood gets a pass but porn doesn't that is the fucked up reality.
  5. Often with companies that process payments insinuation of an illegal activity is enough to cause them to end doing business with someone. The banks and Visa/Mastercard are very careful when it comes to doing business with porn businesses.
  6. CCbill might not work with them again because payment companies often will not process payments related to illegal activities and since the videos show users engaging in drug use but not using actual drugs that might be close enough for CCbill to say bye and there is not much the studio can do. Just like when Chase started closing the accounts of escorts leaving them with no recourse.
  7. Found this twitter account
  8. Echoing what the others have said I always find your stories to be the hottest.
  9. Yes it was probably because someone reported him for the poz talk stuff and xtube found that to be in violation of their terms so they kicked him off. Just my guess. Hopefully he returns under a new name and is easily found.
  10. I would love to see the whole vid too. I suspect he was also parTying.
  11. with a furnace repairman like that I would be making my furnace need service all the time.
  12. If they were tweaked you would not be seeing the boners they get unless they are taking erectile enhancements, plus you would see other signs like dialated pupils, inability to focus on fucking, and clenched jaw or grinding of the teeth all signs of someone using meth. Most producers are not going to want to take the risk of giving models drugs because while it sounds hot it would likely lead to a longer shoot and that means more money spent.
  13. is one I recently found.
  14. He's TwinkFeet on NastKinkpigs
  15. remember whoever left you that note was also on Xtube so they are not innocent themselves.

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