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  1. The BBC in the UK is airing a new three part documentary titled "The Man who used HIV as a weapon" about the UK Hairdresser sentenced to prison for deliberately infecting and deceiving guys he met off hook up sites https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p071xjg7 If your in the USA and want to watch you probably will need to use a VPN to make it look like you are in the UK.
  2. His victims are now speaking out https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/Why_Did_Daryll_Rowe_Use_HIV_As_A_Weapon
  3. You took the time to fill out your profile if they choose not to read it and are concerned about your status then it is on them. They are doing you a favor blocking you because who would want to hook up with an idiot like that again?
  4. I watched and have come to the conclusion that Michael Jackson was a child molester. I like his music but I do not like what he did to those boys. I place some of the blame on his father Joe who beat him and forced Michael to perform and make money for Joe to pocket. I also blame Jackson's handlers his maid, driver and others who were basically aiding him in grooming and molesting those boys by not reporting what they later testified that they saw to authorities. When Wade Robson described Michael trying to penatrate him analy the first and only time I really could empathize with him because it reminded me of my first time only I was with a guy who was just a couple years older than me and I was a teen. The mothers were also a little too trusting and naive when it came to allowing their sons to sleep in MJ's bedroom.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. Commenters on some of the mainstream gay porn blogs were making it out like Topher was desperate if he worked for Treasure Island since they look at TIM as being bottom of the barrel. But they don't know real fucking sex if they did they would rank TIM as the top studio and realize Topher made a good decision to finally work for a studio that produces real men fuckling raw.
  6. There is actually two parts so if you go to his profile there is another part with that same bottom they hooked up a second time for the bottom to take another poz load. He must want to make sure it takes.
  7. I have social anxiety so I can be kind of shy as a result in situations like that so I understand. I hope that you are able to tell him and that he is totally for some sort of non committal relationship where you two hang out fuck he whores you out and things like that but no committments other than hooking up to fuck. He sounds like a fucking hot stud, and the fact that you did meet him that way just adds to the excitement I am sure. Have you two ever talked about that night like has he said that he does it regularly or was that just a one time thing or does he do it often cause it excites him. You might be the first guy he has brought back to rape that actually liked it so he's seeing where things go with you because you two obviously are compatible sexually. So maybe you could be the guy who becomes more than just a one time rape him and never see him again thing?
  8. https://str8upgayporn.com/george-mason-gay-porn-london-underground-hung-young-brit/ I saw the video before it got pulled it was pretty hot but the tube was not very busy so it wasn't like a ton of people were able to see them fucking. I would love to see them fuck on my commute light rail train 😉
  9. You should just tell him how you feel that you don't want a relationship but you want him to be your master and whore you out. Do you get a sense that he would be open to a situation where you two were fuck buddies with him being the dom you the sub? When you say that they raped you did they like fuck you so hard your ass was bleeding or were they careful not to take things too far so that you were not injured?
  10. There is an old saying "you can't rape the willing".
  11. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/the-p0z-breeding-of-the-negative-furry-otter-bottom-begins-38729021 THE P0Z BREEDING OF THE NEGATIVE FURRY OTTER BOTTOM BEGINS!
  12. Yeah meant you both not that it is bad your first return work is condom. I just don't watch condom porn much at all, prefer BB so I was speaking my preference and well it does sell better too 😉

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