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    Please breed me! I am submissive, bottom, perv that likes to get 2 the point. Also into leather, jocks, bathhouses, sex clubs, audiences, video making, picture taking, older/younger and traveling because it's more fun to be out of town than at home when truly getting wild.
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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    99% Submissive
    98% Degradee
    97% Rope bunny
    93% Experimentalist
    92% Exhibitionist
    90% Non-monogamist
    89% Slave
    82% Primal (Prey)
    80% Voyeur
    69% Girl/Boy
    60% Masochist
    59% Ageplayer
    41% Pet
    36% Brat
    14% Vanilla
    4% Daddy/Mommy
    2% Degrader
    1% Brat tamer
    1% Dominant
    1% Owner
    1% Primal (Hunter)
    1% Rigger
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    Would love to be a porn cum slut!
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    Lovense @asianbbbtm

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  1. You guys sound like perfect couple! Hope many years of load taking for the two of you together! Cheers!
  2. This is a great topic, thanks for posting. I'm years away from this decision but I'm a planner and property isn't getting any cheaper. I'd say other aspects to think about (although you mention many of the most "important" 😉) are of course financial (tax situation, etc. as the idea of landing in a state w/o income tax is very appealing but i know that 1) they get you other ways and 2) you get what you pay for) which brings me to access to quality, affordable (for you) medical care. I LOVE FLL and the TPA/PIE areas, and could see myself living there but tying my comment into the political mix, the whole state of play in FL leaves a quite a bit of uncertainty and I worry when it comes to health care. I mean, they attacked Disney after all . . . I didn't follow story super closely but seemed like a cutting nose/spiting face situation there. And, FL is already known for health care waste, fraud, and abuse, if we're in for a time of "austerity" with the debt ceiling fight, medicare/medicaid waste if FL is a great place to go looking under the couch cushions and if that ever happens it likely won't be painless for patients. That's of course all pure speculation so take it FWIW :-). I also love, Love, LOVE PS, but CA is kinda politically a disaster in its own right. The whole citizen proposition style of government has shown itself to be more problematic than beneficial, and as people seem to get crazier, so will the ideas that land on ballots. Any other warm weather options? Cities near Las Vegas? Phoenix area? What about NM?
  3. hot! would love to slam on cam with you some time

    1. CumNMeDC


      I want to see iT!!

  4. Very hot story. Hope it continues and hope you share some of your real experiences too.
  5. Chose sauna, but my record was at a sex club in Cologne, Germany 😈😈😈
  6. That's a crappy situation. Can't stand it when the bathhouse clerks try and stroke their egos like that or whatever. Although that Chicago Steamworks is really nice (nicest in the USA, perhaps?), they've really got to check the attitude and stuff. And, I highly doubt that Steamworks are connected in terms of a billing/membership tracking system. They certainly do not recognize your blue or yellow card from another Steamworks, I found out. Maybe now they are connected but I guess I kinda doubt it. Guessing you never went back to test out if that clerk was telling the truth which is the unfortunate outcome, really, if you got turned off and didn't go back. The last time I was at Steamsworks Chicago, I got denied entry. Traveling through on my way home driving from Idaho to DC in 2019. I have my backpack (yes more stuff than needs to be in there but still, nothing "banned"). The clerk pulls out an ancient ibuprofen bottle that I've carried around for years (I think i've had this thing since college actually) that has ibuprofen and zyrtec and some tylenol PM in it (all combined for traveling) and he asked if I had a prescription for them and I kinda balked. He then said, you can't come in, he turned to his colleague at the other register and said, don't let him in, he took my bag and walked away. I'm like, hello????? So i then went back to the counter where I was getting checked in before the bag check began and the clerk zipped up my bag there, then we had to walk back to where he checked my bag to actually hand it back to me. The weirdest situation ever. I asked to see the printed rule about needing an RX, becuase it's not listed on the poster of rules and he just said I wasn't coming in and when they get on their power trip, I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of raising drama so I left.
  7. I'm also at 16 hours. An 8 hour room renewed once. I've renewed at other bathhouses as well, but some I've left before my first time has expired. From like 2015-2018, I decided I needed a naughty goal so I started trying to hit every bathhouse in the USA (and wherever else I traveled), So, I've had lots of weekends like you're thinking about doing. Definitely recommend. Those were fun times 🙂 Being a bottom, I prefer private space so get myself ready so the stars had to align in terms of time of day for crowd, how i was doing internally, and then like having enuff stuff to make it thru 😉 But, I loved how slutty I felt when I would go to bathhouse 1 in a city, check out, hit bathhouse 2, check out, and hit bathhouse 1 again and have the same guy check me in. Almost a whole day passes and I've spent it all trying to get fucked.
  8. Def not the only one thinking that!
  9. Super hot! Tell more about the guys who fucked you please!
  10. Great work. Very imaginative. Please, more, sir.
  11. I've had 2 MP doses and 4 total covid shots. Also looking forward to the covid shot with the ba4 and ba5 (as @read1 noted). Before pandemic I was a traveling slut. I'd fly 15-20 times per year visiting places for hook up purposes. I miss that life lots. That came to a screeching halt and then I changed careers during pandemic and am starting over at entry level so not only don't i have time to travel, but I also don't have the $$$. At home here I have a few regular buds which has been nice with regard to MP and COVID concerns, but I am planning a couple nights in the Philly area during Labor Day as my "summer vacation", and I'm hopefully going to get a small group together at my motel and have some fun at Club Philly and some of the other quality establishments in the area. I've never been the type to draw dozens and dozens of tops, and there's a ton of bottoms, I'm not greedy. I'll be satisficed with a few loads each day, and I'm hopeful that guys will follow the "if you're sick, stay home" rule which includes any signs of the MP.
  12. Hi guys. Active-submissive bottom will be hosting at motel near PHL airport, Saturday - Monday (until checkout time), September 3-5, 2022. Looking to be pretty slutty and get used and bred. I’m 5’8”, ~115#s, slim, naturally smooth body, and I love to get men off with my holes. Into lots: leather, jocks, role play, making vids groups/gangs, bathhouses, anonymous, theaters, video booths, gloryholes, outdoors, public and more. Into confident, dominant, decisive guys who know what they want. No age or race hang ups. On Saturday night, I hope to head up to Cumunion at Club Philly. And for Sunday, was thinking I’d post an ad maybe on BBRT, Doublelist, and Sniffies. Otherwise, generally will be hosting and looking to get my holes filled.
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