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    Please breed me! I am submissive, bottom, perv that likes to get 2 the point. Also into leather, jocks, bathhouses, sex clubs, audiences, video making, picture taking, older/younger and traveling because it's more fun to be out of town than at home when truly getting wild.
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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    99% Submissive
    98% Degradee
    97% Rope bunny
    93% Experimentalist
    92% Exhibitionist
    90% Non-monogamist
    89% Slave
    82% Primal (Prey)
    80% Voyeur
    69% Girl/Boy
    60% Masochist
    59% Ageplayer
    41% Pet
    36% Brat
    14% Vanilla
    4% Daddy/Mommy
    2% Degrader
    1% Brat tamer
    1% Dominant
    1% Owner
    1% Primal (Hunter)
    1% Rigger
    1% Switch
    0% Master/Mistress
    0% Sadist
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    Would love to be a porn cum slut!

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  1. Always enjoy reading of your experiences . . . very horny! TY!
  2. That chapter made me so fucking hard.
  3. Definitely prefer quicker at a bathhouse or video booths/theater or outdoors, but not gonna complain if the top takes a while UNLESS he breaks rhythm to prevent himself from shooting. That's the worst. To know you were that close to getting that load, combined with the break in the moment, really messes with my head, because I ultimately will think something is wrong if the top says all of the sudden, "oh, wait! stop!!"
  4. Great post! I don’t mind small or average sized cocks, so long as they’re hard and breeding my hole.
  5. London was to be my big trip in summer 2020 until everyone's favorite pandemic. Hampstead Heath being one of the main reasons for my trip, along with the bathhouses and other fun venues. Hopefully 2021! Love to be a traveling slut!
  6. Yeah, its been open for a few weeks now. I was also surprised, as I thought for sure the place was never gonna reopen. Sadly, at least in my view, as you'll see when you go there, they removed the portions I liked best. No more glory hole spaces, no more dark areas, and no individual spaces to rent. Essentially, it's now just large open rooms, with the outdoor stuff unchanged (save the parking lot). Website says rooms will be rebuilt, but who knows how long that will take if it in fact happens at all. Of course, the parts that I liked may be the portions that most disliked, so who kno
  7. Agree with everything already said, amazing writing and truly addictive story. Looking forward to the rest, and thank you for contributing!
  8. Yes, but it’s far away, north of Baltimore by quite a bit. It’s like an hour and 10-15 minute drive from DC w/o traffic. Maybe a bit less. Hope that helps.
  9. Nice! Love to stop at Bush River after spending a weekend up in Philly hitting the bathhouses and vid/theater/ABS joints. Have had great luck at Bush River and sometimes it’s been very late when I would arrive like 1-2 am in Sunday night/Monday morning. I usually hit the video booths first and then head over to the theater part, then back and forth until I have to race home to shower and get ready to be on time for work Monday morning.
  10. I would love to get fucked up and fucked hard.

  11. Great read on all accounts. Can’t wait for next! Thx for taking the time to share this with all of us.
  12. Great post. I’ve been to Bull a few times but haven’t been able to relax enough to let loose. Hopefully there’s a next time for me, and that all you guys make it there one day! Thanks for writing. Very hot!
  13. Thanks for following cutie

  14. Bottom in my hotel room in Post Falls, ID (near Spokane, WA and Coeur d'Alene, ID) needing to submit my holes for the pleasure of men. Submissive, pointed, and face up/ass down in jock with porn on in darkened room. Hit me up, stop by, I'll get you boned, then use my holes and cum in my hole or second best is on my face. I'm azn, 5'8", 115#, smooth all over, 35 yo. Although this is about tonight, Saturday, September 14, 2019, I'll be in this area until about 9/27 so hit me up if you want to get together but tonight doesn't work.

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