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    I love to get fucked bareback, cumm inside me bareback, I also would love to swallow warm sperm for him. i love being a pussy for black men
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    im a gay bottom, I only get fucked bareback, I love mens cocks. and love being filled with warm sperm. i want it to run down my legs.
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    none, but if anyone wants to video them fucking me bareback I would say yes to it. even 20 men, bareback.
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    I want to meet tops and be filled with sperm, no sperm refused

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  1. if any one wants to fuck me bare back let me know. in chicago or near . we can get a motel room. cumm in me all you want. i would love a black man.

  2. i love to lay on my back accross the bed, my head hanging over the side. that way he can stand there and slide his entire cock down my throat. i love having my lips around the very base. i love feeling him get very hard right before he unloads in my mouth
  3. i love sucking any size cock, i love swallow sperm
  4. im bottom only, i have never used a condom, i love feeling men cumm inside me. no load refused
  5. my dick is little, i dont care because im a total bottom, i dont use it. i only want gay top men. so they dont care about my little dick, they want my pussy. im a woman in bed, i will enjoy any size cock. i love feeling a man cumm, big cock or small. i love pleaseing a man
  6. i am terminated from bbrt, i mention something about viagra, it was a mistake, i wish they would let me back, but they wont, i met a few men on the site, it was the best bareback site, does any one know other bareback hook up sites. please let me know. im ready to meet some one any time. i love feeling a man cumm in me.

    1. rawsatyr


      WOW, terminated from bbrt! I guess that is like getting 'warning points' on here. makes you a BAD BOY a rebel... well I can see how spamming 'product endorsements' and 'commercial hustling' would get you on the shit list. Guys on grindr typically use code words like blue pill or G N R S when they talk about that...

      I like bbrt; typically very uncomplicated hookups. on any given day when I look at the number of guys that are on be it 16, 20, or 25 (locally) as I scroll through them I see 3, 4, 5 or 6 I have already fucked so it's typically a quarter. Gives me a RUSH of accomplishment and being a virile slut... I wonder if I can ever bump the number up to 1/3 or 1/2.

      The other half I'm comfortable to pass up on: poor 'marketing skills', or the 300-lbs negative BOTTOMS... or sketchy, stand-offish druggies... I'm not picky though. I have taken the seed of at least one top who would 'score' a 1 on the 1 to 10 scale...

      And I don't feel like a 'woman' with a load of seed in me but rather like a bareback warrior, fearless and an accepting disciple of the bareback brotherhood as I retain the DNA to full absorption...

      There are other venues for bareback tricks though. Half of mine came through grindr. Harder to 'filter' though and keep your 'business' from the frightened, generic crowd of hypocrites and condom-preachers.

  7. i would love to recieve your sperm.

  8. i want to meet a man at super 8 in river grove. fuck me, cumm inside me. get back to me and we will set up when. i love to be fucked

  9. wow. That's what i want. i need some one to take me to steam works some time, i would love it. any one in chicago that will show me the ropes there. please get back to me
  10. Hi, thanks for your comments, hot ass. Looks very fuckable :) - I can imagine deep breeding that sweet asspussy.

    1. slideinmedeep


      i wish you would breed me. 

  11. are there any men in millwaukee or chicago that want to breed me. im very horny. 

  12. im total bottom, i have never been fucked with a condom, for me its all about a mans sperm, i love feeling men cumm inside me, i love feeling wet and sloppy with his sperm. i dont feel like we had sex unless you cumm inside me.
  13. i would love to be gang banged at steamworks. bare back.
  14. i feel like a slut, there is nothing i love more than when a man ejaculates inside me, i love it, no sperm refused, ever

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