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    I love to get fucked bareback, cumm inside me bareback, I also would love to swallow warm sperm for him. i love being a pussy for black men
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    im a gay bottom, I only get fucked bareback, I love mens cocks. and love being filled with warm sperm. i want it to run down my legs.
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    none, but if anyone wants to video them fucking me bareback I would say yes to it. even 20 men, bareback.
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    I want to meet tops and be filled with sperm, no sperm refused

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    squirt.org (imatotalbottom)
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    gaysgodateing (imawomaninbed)

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  1. im a total bottom, i only bare back. i think it is more intamet when his cock is inside me bare. and i dont feel like we had sex unless he cumms deep inside me, i love feeling wet and sloppy with his warm sperm. i love laying in each others arms and kissing when im full of his warm sperm, it makes me feel like a real woman in his arms.
  2. does any one hookup on this site.  im available

  3. i would love to go to steam works on a fri or sat night, get a room and lay face down ass up legs spread, and take all loads bare back
  4. i would love to get together with you. im a total bottom, no loads refused. i will take care of many tops, bare back. i will be a woman in my little nighty for all.
  5. im trying to get in touch with a man from bbrt and gaysgodating. his name is, Totaltoplati55. i want him to make me a woman, fuck me bare back missionary style. and cumm inside me just like a woman. im in love with him and havent been bred by him yet. im so horny thinking about him. some one help me contact him with my number. thanks  someone that goes on bbrt. message him and tell him im the one that has a fantacy to be fucked in my nighty. i cant get on bbrt. 

    1. slideinmedeep&cumm


      i made a mistake with his screen name. it is totaltoplatib57.  if anyone can go on bbrt and tell him i am trying to get intouch with him, we were going to talk on wed and meet on friday but i got nocked of bbrt and i didnt have his number.  he said since it was my fantacy he would fuck me bare back in my little nighty. i am also on gaysgodating.  i left him a few messages on that sight, he is on there but he may never sign on. i want to lay on my back in my nighty and spread my legs for him, missionary style just like a woman. i want him to make me a woman in his bed, by cumming inside me . i will feel very intamet with him after he pulls out and im flooded with his sperm.  i will enjoy laying with him after and being a woman  in his arms with his sperm inside me. please help me out. im in love with him.

    2. slideinmedeep&cumm


      he is in chicago.       i hope he signs onto gaysgodating soon. he will see i  want to get together.

  6. i need a black man to fuck me bare back.

  7. fuck me bare back any time. love gary

  8. i can be in chicago any time. super 8. 6133 north river road, river grove. its the rosemont super 8. 15 min south east of ohaie. i can get the room then text you the number when i check in. its very descrete, outside room doors, you come right to our door. just come in, lights will be low, i will be in my nighty laying on the bed, ready to be a woman for you. just come to bed and fuck me bare back, cumm inside me, then we can lay and talk when my pussy is full of your sperm. love gary
  9. i wish you were in chicago, you sound perfect. im a bottom and i only bare back. your cock is wonderfull. wow.

  10. im bottom only. i would love to meet a gay top at a motel. heart o chicago, or super 8 on river road in river grove. i can check in, then message you the room number. just come in and lock behind you. i will be naked on the bed ready to be a woman for you. bare back. cumm inside me. just get back to me and we can get together. you will enjoy cumming inside my pussy.
  11. im total bottom, i have never used a condom. once a man penatrates my pussy, i am all woman, i am so turned on when he slides inside me bare back, that i get excited waiting for him to pump his sperm inside me, i will take any mans sperm bare back. i dont feel saticfied unless his sperm is inside me when he pulls out.
  12. im a total bottom. i would love to meet with you at a motel any time. your cock is beutifull. you can breed me bare back all night. i will be moaning with pleasure when you cumm inside me bare back. love gary

  13. im a very horny bottom. i would love to please a man with my pussy.  bare back only. i want to meet a man at a motel room. super 8 or heart o chicago. i can get the room then give you the number. i would love a nice gay black man. maybe go to a bar near the motel and have a couple drinks after we make love. your sperm will be running down my leg. then when your ready we can go back to the room and make love the rest of the night. when you leave, i will be laying there with my legs spread and my pussy will be full of your sperm, i will have a smile on my face knowing i pleased my man. please let me know. we can set it up any fri or sat night.

  14. oh my. im a total bottom,i only bare back. i would love to meet you for a weekend at a motel some where between here and your place. we could lay naked in bed friday night and saturday and night. i would suck you all you want, i get excited thinking about feeling your cumm inside me. it is like you are making me yours when you fill me with your warm sperm. i would love to swallow your sperm for you to. .  im masculan, but when we turn the lights down low and get in bed naked, im a total woman for you. . love gary.  i love your cock.

  15. im a total bottom. i love interacial porn. black on white. i would love to meet a gay top. a black man. older preferably. at a motel. super 8, on river road, river & belmont. river grove. outside room doors. descreet. i can text you the room number when i check in then you come over. please contact me and we can arainge it. bare back only. pump your sperm inside me deep.

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