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    cock, cum, cock, cum, beer, smoke, cock and cum and piss and poppers. and cuddling and kissing
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    1.80 - full salt and pepper beard - bearish - bit hairy - 19cm cock - like to be fucked good, suck, piss, poppers and get stoned sometimes.
    And... lately i fuck sometimes too. Don't like, no experience with FF, blood and scat.
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    )) No, but never say never))
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    guys who know how to fuck and make fun like just drink a beer in the bar. and a cuddle and a kiss

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  1. I would probably had the same face-look. Had a cut-off/shorts jeans down- was fucked and seeded and felt the warm piss flood my hole too. Fastened my shorts/jeans and felt it was completely wet. Loved the smell - went upstairs to the bar and asked for a beer ..... CigarBear, come fuck me!
  2. Thanx for the follow bro - hope we meet some time. Amsterdam here. x

  3. love your posts and tumblr. Hope your dick will flood my fuckhole some time. Tried to pm you, but that is not possible.

    1. dickluva


      Thanks for the kind words. Seems my mailbox to too full. Wish my cumhole got that much pozitve attention too.

    2. dickluva


      BBBeard you woodn't wonder if you neg when i got done breeding it. :drool:

    3. BBBeard


      Deeper, deeper, my fuckhole wants you - my fuckhole is yours

  4. love that sleazy pic, Randy! Wish i could lick the cum from your beard one time

  5. Seems a good idea. I am in (i would like to be in))
  6. Thanks for the follow, BBBeard ...

  7. Thanks for the follow!

    1. CumdumpSi


      your more than welcome

  8. Thanks for the follow, i am gonna follow you - hope we meet some time

  9. thanks for the follow, mate! 

    1. Sarif98


      My pleasure.  You're one VERY woofable guy to follow!

  10. Awesome vids Saturn - Love the bottom scream and beg for cock and cum (like me). Would love a wild session with u
  11. You look awesome, bud! Wish you were not that far ......

  12. thanks for the follow, buddy - hope we meet sometime!

  13. you got a real hot profile and pics. If i ever come to LA, i'll hope we meet and ... mmmm

  14. Thanks for the follow, bud - fucking hot profile. 

  15. Fuck yeah, bro, thats the way - love to suck a load from a hole too and get cum in my beard. All the smells of men in me and around me. Pig out!

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