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  1. I've stopped all (most) activity on my Jaybird account. I've opened a new account - Puphawaii - and I've refollowed everyone. I ran a small test this morning - and only 1 notification went out for each gallery picture I posted. So I'll only be posting from Puphawaii going forward.
  2. Punaman - so this has been going on for awhile?
  3. I've stopped posting the pictures .. hoping one of the moderators chimes in soon ..
  4. sorry for the inconvenience everyone .. i won't post any more gallary pictures until it's fixed .. i want to bone guys up - not piss them off ..
  5. A couple of things have happened on my profile page - 1 - I can't post a status update - the box doesn't appear .. when i look at others' profiles - I can post on some but on others their box is missing too .. 2 - Yesterday, 10/08/2018, I started posting some of my tumblr posts in my gallary .. I got a message from someone on here today saying his notifications are blowing up .. he got 100 from the 10 gallary posts I made yesterday - and 260 from the 13 gallary posts I made today. I checked with another guy and he said the same thing. They both said turning off notifications doesn
  6. hope you saved that t-shirt .. kind of like a b&w tie-die .. ?
  7. gonna be a tight fit ?


    1. bjbottom


      If it does not fit, tear it up as you force it in

  8. the gangs all here and it's time to fuck!


  9. he needs to buy a bigger size ?


    1. RotzBBengel


      ...no, I think the sizes are just fine - his cock as well as that tiny piece of fabric. If I had a cock like his, I'd run around like that all day... :lol:

    2. jaybird


      if you had a cock like that lil bro - i'd hope that you'd take some time off from getting fucked - into doing some fucking'n'breeding! ;->


    3. bjbottom


      I would like to see him in a smaller size

  10. work that tongue!


    1. Monster5-8gPA


      Check out how dilated his pupils are

    2. RotzBBengel
    3. jaybird




  11. snowball!


    1. Monster5-8gPA


      The best kind of kiss??

    2. Slingin4u


      snowballin is so hot!!

    3. bjbottom


      Always loved a good snowball fight .... winner gets to pass it back

  12. squat so i can get my tongue deeper bro .. 


    1. Monster5-8gPA


      I wish my gym was like this!

    2. bjbottom


      Who left this load I am tasting

    3. bjbottom


      Sometimes only a younger brother knows how to eat your ass the way you like it

  13. wonder what's gonna happen ?


    1. Monster5-8gPA
    2. RotzBBengel


      Whatever it is, he seems to be looking forward to it... ;)

  14. when ya don't have a hole to fuck 


    1. Monster5-8gPA


      Again, why isn’t my gym like this!

  15. pisskiss


    1. bjbottom


      Waste of piss, they need to be opening their mouths to taste and swallow it!

    2. workmyhole


      I'd love to find some guys that are into piss play

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