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  1. jaybird

    Number of days without cuming

    hope you saved that t-shirt .. kind of like a b&w tie-die .. 😉
  2. jaybird

    Passionately Bred a Cute Twink

    fuckin hot DOC!
  3. jaybird

    Vintage Porn

    I can't find anything about that movie but have found bunch of Hot Desert Knight stuff Ah - I got the name of the movie wrong - it's "Like Honey" .. from 2001 - odd thing is I can't find it on their website .. you would think they would have it on there for historical reasons: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0924455/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt
  4. jaybird

    Vintage Porn

    I would check out Treasure Island Media .. a video I remember from the 90s is "Taste of Honey" .. the first BB vid I ever saw .. I think Hot Dessert Knights was also producing BB vids in the 90s ..
  5. I think it was called "xtreme" .. first bb message board that i was aware of .. from the early 90s .. to me it was like bb coming out of the closet ..
  6. jaybird

    Bottoms with little dicks

    sounds like a perfect TOP to me! ;->
  7. Hey brother, your material always gets me hard, hot and horny .... thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. jaybird


      awwwfuck .. THANK YOU .. i post thinkin about all you fuckers and fuckees boning up and jackin out a big fuck load .. or fuckin loads into hungry mouths and buttholes .. ;>


  8. jaybird

    Tumblr acounts

    http://puphawaii.tumblr.com http://puphawaiitoo.tumblr.com say hi .. tell me you're from breeding.zone ..
  9. That cover pic is so hot! I like my Top to eat my pussy....but I love to eat his Man asshole! I get my tongue soooo deep!

    1. jaybird


      Thanks LT .. here's a link to the video on one of my tumblrs that the picture comes from:



  10. Thanks for the follow 


  11. Nice profule pic of you jaybird

    1. jaybird


      thanks .. yours too!


  12. I do love a hairy chest.  Like to see that crotch.

    1. jaybird


      thanks man!   the only pix i have are the 4 in my album .. ?


  13. jaybird

    The Tattoo Artist

    reading it again .. ?
  14. jaybird

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    after you've quietly dropped your first load in them @Chargedup?
  15. jaybird

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    huh .. i would think if they let you in - they're gonna let you finish the job ..

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