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  1. A couple of things have happened on my profile page - 1 - I can't post a status update - the box doesn't appear .. when i look at others' profiles - I can post on some but on others their box is missing too .. 2 - Yesterday, 10/08/2018, I started posting some of my tumblr posts in my gallary .. I got a message from someone on here today saying his notifications are blowing up .. he got 100 from the 10 gallary posts I made yesterday - and 260 from the 13 gallary posts I made today. I checked with another guy and he said the same thing. They both said turning off notifications doesn't stop it .. help please!
  2. I've stopped all (most) activity on my Jaybird account. I've opened a new account - Puphawaii - and I've refollowed everyone. I ran a small test this morning - and only 1 notification went out for each gallery picture I posted. So I'll only be posting from Puphawaii going forward.
  3. Punaman - so this has been going on for awhile?
  4. I've stopped posting the pictures .. hoping one of the moderators chimes in soon ..
  5. sorry for the inconvenience everyone .. i won't post any more gallary pictures until it's fixed .. i want to bone guys up - not piss them off ..
  6. jaybird

    Number of days without cuming

    hope you saved that t-shirt .. kind of like a b&w tie-die .. 😉
  7. jaybird

    Passionately Bred a Cute Twink

    fuckin hot DOC!
  8. jaybird

    Vintage Porn

    I can't find anything about that movie but have found bunch of Hot Desert Knight stuff Ah - I got the name of the movie wrong - it's "Like Honey" .. from 2001 - odd thing is I can't find it on their website .. you would think they would have it on there for historical reasons: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0924455/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt
  9. jaybird

    Vintage Porn

    I would check out Treasure Island Media .. a video I remember from the 90s is "Taste of Honey" .. the first BB vid I ever saw .. I think Hot Dessert Knights was also producing BB vids in the 90s ..
  10. I think it was called "xtreme" .. first bb message board that i was aware of .. from the early 90s .. to me it was like bb coming out of the closet ..
  11. jaybird

    Bottoms with little dicks

    sounds like a perfect TOP to me! ;->
  12. jaybird

    Tumblr acounts

    http://puphawaii.tumblr.com http://puphawaiitoo.tumblr.com say hi .. tell me you're from breeding.zone ..
  13. jaybird

    The Tattoo Artist

    reading it again .. ?
  14. jaybird

    Double Conversion

    this is gonna be good .. :>
  15. jaybird

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    after you've quietly dropped your first load in them @Chargedup?
  16. jaybird

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    huh .. i would think if they let you in - they're gonna let you finish the job ..
  17. jaybird

    Ethan Wolfe returns to TIM

    nice .. always loved Ethan .. makes my hole itch!
  18. jaybird

    Positively on My Own

    fucking LOVE this story - let's bump it up!
  19. jaybird

    On The Job Training

    holy fuck .. my hole is fucking humming ..
  20. jaybird

    Creamy gift before chritsmas

    Jules - next time - get copies of the pictures .. ;>
  21. jaybird

    WS after a fuck session

    fuck me .. then hose me down .. perfect!
  22. jaybird

    Younger guys fucking older guys

    younger guys .. fucking me .. HELL YEAH! ;->
  23. jaybird

    Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    whoa .. hot choice .. ;->
  24. jaybird

    At a moments notice fucking

    that's really different for everyone .. there are times when i know planning isn't needed .. and there are times when i know planning is definately needed .. just depends on what's happening in your stomach .. and lots of things can affect that .. if i don't think my hole is ready then i don't take dick .. gotta be respectful of your top ..

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