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  1. Thanks for following

    1. hung87uk


      NP, hot profile mr

  2. Cheers for follow

  3. Your cock doesn't look that big.

    .... maybe it's just the tiny picture?!      😜

  4. amazing cock mate. I'd take that

  5. fucking amazing breeding tool you have there

    1. hung87uk
    2. Poz-Mcr


      you're very welcome! and any arse that gets it should consider itself lucky!

    3. cumloverjoey


      Hi, from Portland, Oregon. I like your photos and profile.

  6. I’ll bring it back to topic..... I did quite a few scenes a few years back!
  7. smack me in the face with that midget arm in your pants

  8. Thanks for the follow!

  9. damn that's a beautiful cock, wouldn't hesitate to offer up my hole for your enjoyment. ;)

  10. hello  wow thats a great  cock  i got a  nice tight virgin arse  i would love you ramming  ur cock  in me dry and braking  me in good and propper  if  your interester where in uk are you  ?

  11. thnx for the follow :)

    great cock

    1. hung87uk


      Thanks, would love to breed your hot ass

    2. BBJONNY
  12. Any Londoners around?

  13. sprinkle T on your cock and rape my hole all night - oink

    1. Aslan63


      Omg T makes me even sluttier than i already am!

    2. SirPhilippe


      someone should open a slut contest & post to find out who is being the most sluty & what sluts biggest needs & wishes are

  14. Pervy chat anyone?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mrmanbreeder


      Hi mate what filth you want to chat about

    3. mrmanbreeder


      Hi mate what filth you want to chat about

    4. Knotbttmbitch
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