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    looking to hook up for hot pnp sex and first time slam

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  1. Hot new photos Handsome 

  2. Hi . Ive never slammed, im a virgin neg hole, and i love older men. ???

  3. Love the profile pic still?

  4. Love to suck that old cock?

    1. lamby1959


      I'd Love you to suck my old cock to ;-)

    2. Willing


      Mmmm?Id kneel and let you slide on down my throat.? Fill my gut with your nut.?

  5. hot pics where are you based?

  6. nice profile pic x

  7. its all down to personel choice..I don't smoke or drink but do chems..again personel choice..but I would never consider telling someone who does smoke or drink that they shouldn't because again its personel choice..
  8. As I grow older I've come to realise that its not the Straight Homophobes we have to be concerned about but the Bigotry,Racial,and Other Prejudices from within the Gay Community that could harm us more.
  9. nice hairy chest x

  10. nice pic on barebackrt.com

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