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  1. Thanks Tallslenderguy. And *nods*.. And I am curious what happened to cuntboi in the ensuing three years....
  2. My personal policy is that i tell them my play was in a bath house in another state and I have no way of knowing who my sex partners were... If I really do know who, I call them so they can test, etc cluing them into my official story....
  3. Good posts above... I add only that heuristic is to stay on PrEP 30 days after last exposure...
  4. Work on just relaxing.... Our bodies can take much more than we think, but what typically holds us back is tension or nerves...
  5. In Wisconsin too...
  6. It occurs to me that we interpret the answers to our health questions wrong. If we're going to serosort (I'm not advocating it nor am I damning it); it seems more logical to select poz guys on meds. Several partner studies suggest to me poz undetectable tops would be the choice a man wanting to remain neg should choose. It is also true though that every guy who bareback's will catch one STI or another. It will always be less risky to test regularly and in proportion to how "trampy" we're choosing or able to be. And it is true that just as soon as we play post test, the results of that test are now in doubt. However, whether or not our test result is "neg"; it represents a prior point in time (weeks or months ago); so whatever we did during that window period WRT HIV isn't going to show up. Testing is valuable and a good idea for a man who wants to remain healthy (and really I'm thinking way more about other STI's than HIV when I write this). The window period for HIV is finally approaching the window period of HIV. I believe we do ourselves and our community a disservice when we conclude that Poz guys are unhealthy. As a rule, they're healthier than the general community... Health profiles for guys who seroconverted in recent years are considerably better than our brothers who converted in the 80's (and that largely due to the treatment of HIV more than HIV itself).
  7. Sorry for your coworkers' loss. Awful time for this, but bad anytime of year. Thanks for making a bad event a good PSA. Happy New Year..
  8. Very true lower_bucks_bottom. It almost sounds like OP was hoping a test just before sex was best way to be safe. And as you correctly point out testing, even best testing, will show status as of a prior point in time. If one wants a safer play, TasP or PrEP, or (ugh) less effective condoms.
  9. What I see in this thread, as it has evolved, seems to have failure to interact at its core. In some families the idea of consciously committing incest is abhorrent. And for a much smaller subset of these; a craving is burbling under the surface. So venturing into this territory when his gut is telling him "this could go really really wrong" is worthy of attention. I have no personal issue with m2m or f2f incest. And my only issue with f2m incest is risk of procreation and its impact on the gene pool. And really my opinion only applies to how I choose to behave. Given this as a starting point, The OP might very well be wrong, and maybe dad is just waiting for his son to say "how bout i give you that blowjob now?". But his gut is telling him something else. So a more predictable option might just be interacting in person. Do anything, fix something, build something, explore a challenge at work. Become a fellow human with dad - to a relationship closer to equal adults. Sex is only one dimension of being an adult. It is much the same as any other buddy.. If you have been friends for years and sex hasn't entered into it yet; maybe it just won't. Maybe there are other dimensions to the friendship... Some old friendships evolve into sex. Others off and on sex. But dad will always be dad; he's known you since the beginning. Somehow I think, if he had been Jonesin for your ass you would have seen him cruising you.
  10. Is PrEP an option for you?
  11. I would love a cumload mailed to me!  Contact me for address!

  12. You don't need to ask me twice... I would love cumloads by mail....
  13. Topstud127, sounds like you have your own story to share....
  14. Many of us would
  15. You're in New York in USA. No reason to not get on PrEP if you don't want to be poz.

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