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  1. JizzDumpWI

    Getting your ass more 'open'?

    I wonder if it has to do with water based on top of oil... That sounds like something i hve got to try... LOL
  2. JizzDumpWI

    Do you rim the ass of the Top you suck?

    LOL.... .and how is that a problem? If he cums harder when i get closer to his asshole and cums deeper and harder, i might be shoving a dildo in his ass as he fucks me...
  3. JizzDumpWI

    And the third case is here

    My thoughts on the case where they stopped PrEP on the compliant guy due to a poz result was probably a bad idea. He had HIV in his system, but there was evidence it was not taking hold. I wonder what would have happened had he stayed on PrEP for another month?
  4. JizzDumpWI

    Sexual Not So Healing?

    Thanks and let me assure you, no apology needed. Can you be submissive and not make it racial? I'm thinkin DaddyBear fantasy (or to be candid @bearbandit style treatment of subs, if you check out his daddy style. Lots of dom sub need not be racial at all, but rather more power play... That might allow you to experience subservience in a respectful way... Have fun here! Look around. This site is hugely diverse. Jizz
  5. JizzDumpWI

    Sexual Not So Healing?

    Wow, a rather intense "hello" to BZ community. This should be interesting, and certainly a discussion I will have to keep observant about as this could cross into challenging topics. What I infer from what you write, and acknowledging we haven't met in person (rather essential I think) - my high level thought is that seeking to repeat your childhood probably won't heal the man still struggling to find his way. You are articulate, and deep in your gut you probably know replaying your childhood won't heal the gaps resulting from your childhood. But all childhood's (or most anyway) contained errors and omissions by parents who have scant skills in childhood development. Certainly true for you. True for me. Likely true of the majority off those who will come across your post. But what I hope you will actually do is find the strength that is so clearly evident in you to grapple with those in uplifting ways. Now, saying this, I see no harm in seeking to be a total fuck pig. I'm simply struck that there can be very hot scenes which uplift your soul and humanity and which don't simply repeat your upbringing... I hope those relationships you form from now on are stepping stones to a happier adult life. Welcome to Breeding Zone.
  6. @bbinbpark I had similar experience... Once we were out of the closet as barebackers, it was sure easier for me. Yes I came across a few I knew. Sometimes that was good. It didn't lead to hooking up any more than it might have were we not on a bareback site. Mostly for me bbrt just cuts out the asking, cuz on other sites I am always clear about bareback only...
  7. Hey ... thanks for the rep Jizzdump, much appreciated :*:2thumbs:

  8. JizzDumpWI

    persistent health dept.

    I think it is important to note that the county health departments have an obligation to reduce what could become public health matters. Public health vs privacy rights is perhaps a legitamate debate; but eventually the costs for widespread health issues takes an economic toll. So most areas make it a rule to pursue new infections with an eye to limiting its spread. If I were to rephrase the OP it kind of reads "I don't like the health department calling me to see if I am healthy". Is that really a bad thing? Their job is to reduce the spread of disease. When I get those calls I am respectful, friendly... They're just doing their job; why be the unpleasant guy who makes their day sour? In my STI pretest questionaire all of my encounters are "anonymous" and I never have sex with people I know. That is my official story. But I do contact them if they aren't in fact, anonymous and I have been contacted similarly. So far those I've had to contact take it well; and appreciate that I phoned rather than report. I do get treatment for whatever appeared. So far that has never proven to be an issue when regular testing has revealed an STI.
  9. Of course in that scenario it would be possible that a top fucking a cummy hole might contract something. More likely for a general STI rather than HIV... This has always been the risk we take for play with multiple partners at once. This is true regardless of whether or not the bottom is on PrEP.
  10. Thanks Tallslenderguy. And *nods*.. And I am curious what happened to cuntboi in the ensuing three years....
  11. JizzDumpWI

    persistent health dept.

    My personal policy is that i tell them my play was in a bath house in another state and I have no way of knowing who my sex partners were... If I really do know who, I call them so they can test, etc cluing them into my official story....
  12. JizzDumpWI

    temporary Prep?

    Good posts above... I add only that heuristic is to stay on PrEP 30 days after last exposure...
  13. JizzDumpWI

    Getting your ass more 'open'?

    Work on just relaxing.... Our bodies can take much more than we think, but what typically holds us back is tension or nerves...
  14. JizzDumpWI

    Poz versatile in WI looking for Chicago friends

    In Wisconsin too...

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