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    Wheeling, WV
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    Fishing, wood working
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    Became addicted to m2m around 12, love raw sex and love feeling man seed being pumped inside of me balls deep.
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    Hung Tops that give big loads and don't pull out. My fantasy is to be blindfolded in a sling and have tops that are hung with thick 8”+ tag team my hole, I want to feel my hole loose and full of cum, a man can dream right!

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  1. bbncguy


    So, virtually everybody’s profile on Grindr says they are on Prep...how is this possible? A local place told me it’s like 1800.00 for a one month prescription...I see 18 and 20 year old dudes on prep...what am I missing? I can’t afford that! Or or is it just the trendy thing to say now?
  2. bbncguy

    Butt plugs

    Love this site! First I’m looking for a plug that is comfortable for driving, after being bred, I want to plug my hole so I can keep all the cum inside me. I normally travel, but the plugs are so uncomfortable while sitting in the car, any suggestions for one? imnalaoblooking for a plug that can be used for stretching my hole, like with a pump. Something I can open myself up before visiting the GH thanks
  3. bbncguy

    Norfolk Naval base

    I Spent 22 years in the Navy, I've been fucked by so many bb cocks I can't count. My favorite was a huge Coke can thick cock in Bahrain. Another sailor invited me over, shared some small talk then he fucked me, stretching my fuck hole, bred me balls deep. Then I walked 2 miles home with his load still in me, never liked to push it out. I like to let my fuck hole absorb as much seed as possible...after getting home I took my first Arab cock. He fucked me forever and was the first man to ever make me cum by just fucking me...he scooped up my load and fucked it inside me, so I ended up with three loads that night, the Coke can, mine and the anon Arab...how did I get on this tangent?
  4. Literally just got back in my truck from taking a Grindr load. Now I’m going home to do yardwork and keep this load inside of my ass as long as possible. I can’t wait to feel this come mix with my sweat .
  5. Looking for a huge cock and load in Pittsburgh...leaving town in 30 minutes and would love to have my fuck hole bred for the drive...
  6. bbncguy

    Moundsville Mock Riot

    Well I’m quite the knucklehead...that’s Moundsville/Wheeling WV
  7. Anyone in town for the mock rights and wanna fuck hmu. I’m into nsa, anon raw fucking, happy to take one cock or a group.
  8. bbncguy

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Bihairy agreed, as a bottom I never ask the top to pull out. I typically will tell them before meeting that they have to cum balls deep in me, then keep fucking all the hot cum inside me. After all, there is still some in the shaft...I want it all!
  9. bbncguy

    My best day ever

    Cman54, great minds think alike. Was thinking the same thing! Maybe add a couple more.
  10. bbncguy

    My best day ever

    Wanted to share an update, yesterday I started getting some flu like symptoms, sore throat, running nose etc. I wonder if I should get tested? Not sure if one of these 8 loads was poz or not...how long should I wait for testing?
  11. bbncguy


    I fuck bare because I want to feel that load inside me. I didn’t realize there were options, well for me I’m pretty basic. I only want raw cock so I can feel that seed flood my hole, I like it fucked inside me, prefer multiple loads in me and I disagree with a top pulling out until he is totally satisfied and all his cum is inside me. When you are finished, you can pull out. When I give my ass up, it’s all yours!!!
  12. bbncguy


    I agree, I bttm and take bb cock so I can feel that seed balls deep. I don’t comprehend the pull out, I like it fucked deep inside me!
  13. bbncguy

    My best day ever

    I wanna make more, I wanna be bred and fucked again by multiple hung dudes with big loads. Maybe in a sling, or wherever but filmed and uploaded to show my hole fucked and spread wide open with huge loads being fucked inside me.
  14. bbncguy

    Stranger fuck

    Waiting for an update!
  15. bbncguy

    I Made Him Stealth Me

    I’ve had guys ask me for a condom...sure here you go, one I’ve already prepared! Haha gotta get the seed!

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